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  1. I take pride in the fact that I have eaten and enjoyed a wide variety of strange and delicious foods. Boiled pork blood? Delicious. Beef tongue and liver boiled with goat brains? Oh baby. Burger covered in ants? I heard ants improve your voice, so why not! The weirder the better.

    But today...today I have met my match. It's a meal I joke about devouring, but actually eating it? No. No way.

    What is it, you may ask?

    Chicken fetuses.

    God damn babies in their shells.
    I can't look at something like that without feeling a mixture of guilt and queasiness, let alone eat it.

    So this brings up the following questions...

    Would you eat chicken fetuses? What other weird and interesting foods do you want to eat? Do not want to eat? Have eaten?
  2. oh, balut?

    i eat it all the time

    i'm filipino, we sell it on the streets
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  3. @Razilin
    I'm Filipino as well, but I'm American raised. I am so unused to this, heh. How do eat this?!
  4. I would think too much about it and probably throw up. D:
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  5. With your mouth, ideally.
  6. No wonder I couldn't eat it. I was using my armpits!

    Everytime I try not think about, I end up thinking about it! Argh!
  7. Oh, I remember this. Have it all the time in Vietnam. It's usually duck, but I digress.

    You don't really think about what it is, I mean, it's food. The woes of being American-raised huh?
  8. I would never eat this. Like Never. Ever. >_>

    No matter what people say, about the taste or whatever- it's freaking disgusting and - on top of that- is basically an not formed yet Duck as is laying there like half dead and half alive ..

    Thinking that one day he could have been Alive and with featherS and such. But no, it has been decided to kill him in the middle of the a Growing up inside the shell Process so People can eat it ? Wtf ..
    I find it..- disturbing.

    I could never understand this. ;(. And that makes me sad.
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  9. Chicken Fetuses? We eat those everyday where I come from. Now, I have a bone to pick. Who would be willing to eat a dog? Or even a cat? Or a bunny!
  10. I've eaten it. I've eaten a bunch of weird stuff. Including bunnies. (Which bunnies aren't that weird to me.)
  11. Chicken fetus, chicken egg, same thing.

    Yellow and brown and.... unappetizing.
  12. Can you eat metal and glass?

    Show Spoiler

  13. @Archwar No I'm not that awesome nor do I think I will try to be.
  14. I'll try anything as long as it's dead... >.> And not human. And won't make me sick from eating it (not like eww-gross sick. But like...brainworms or something). And is actually edible and not lightbulbs.

    I have a secret desire to travel with world with Anthony Bourdain and eat with him. I'm just so fascinated.
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  15. Unfortunately, I cannot do that either. Allah didn't give me a epic digestive system. Though, I'm still getting my iron!
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  16. I once saw Josh Gates try this on Destination Truth. He and his entire film crew gagged horribly at it. And it looks and sounds like the worst possible thing you could put in your mouth. I ask this because I honestly don't know: is it even cooked?
  17. That's called balut. It may look gross and disgusting, but what the heck, have you seen tamilok? My dad's eaten it. That's even weirder since it's live woodworm that you swallow. Apparently it still squirms around in your mouth. At least balut tastes good.

    People usually say that balut should be eaten in the dark if you can't eat it while looking at it. Food is food :p
  18. I've heard in an Asian country, they capture a monkey, tie it down under a table and stick its heard up through a hole in the dining table. A diner gets a hammer and knocks the monkey's head to hard enough to create a hole in the skull. They either then scoop the brains out or eat it straight from the skull - usually with their fingers.

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  19. I worked at a German restaurant right after high school and they had rabbit on the menu. Some guy came in and ordered it on Easter. It actually looked pretty good, but I had a pet bunny at the time and couldn't think about eating anything like that.
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  20. That's ironic don't ya think? Eating rabbit on Easter. Wonder how certain kids would react.

    (Tried to find a video showing a kid's reaction to a rabbit being eaten, but could not find any. Help?)
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