Would you eat CUTE FOOD ?

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[DASH="deepskyblue"]When it comes to FOOD...How cute is TOO CUTE ?

So I've been working on BENTO Lunches for a while now, and CUTE BENTOS are my specialty :D

I love eating food that looks like this :

Would you ?




The Pokeball Onigiri is easy to make, but I've never tried anything beyond pokeballs and faces and grass or flowers with carrots or fruits. xD I'm not that great at it yet, but making cute food is fun!
I would NOM the Hell out of that kitty! Seriously though, I would eat it.
That kitty is adorable...

I wouldn't eat it.... just beg to be taught how to make it.
I... I don't think I could do it for the last one. Knowing the people that I normally eat with, they would be making screaming noises while I tried to bring myself to start eating...
I would SO eat that cat and laugh my ass off while doing it. o______o
.... Which part would you eat first, though?
Anything that looks that adorable must be eaten! But of course a picture first!
Yes of course, it's still food.

*munches on a reindeer-face*
No. I must gargle broken glass while watching Twilight.

Or they won't let me into the Salty Spittoon.

I would like to have CUTE FOOD, but I'm so American I can't stomach sushi. And rich gourmet courses that knock me off my feet for two hours comatose has made rice seem bland in taste. But I just might get into it for that.

*Feels it would be uncouth to make a pussy joke at this time.*
^^ I have an American stomach for the most part, too. I only ate Asian once in a while even though my family IS asian, but that's a different kind South and East Asian both have different styles of cooking :)

Anyways, you can use American-styled cooking to make cute food, too. You just can't get the sticky rice, but you can use cabbage or carrots, or meat and salmon and things like that to make the cutestuff :D
It's sniggle cute!

Do I get the right impression when I believe that this 'cute food' involves a lot of vegetables?

Because, if so, I'm a big fan of this initiative :)
That... is so adorable.. ._.

I would inhale it with no hesitation. *nodnod*
I ate those fucking sausage smiley faces when I was younger, which are supposed to be cute or something. In the end it always will wind up in my belly if I am hungry.
These photos reveal just how sadistic the Japanese really are.
I seriously applaud the art you've turned the food into. It looks really awesome to the point that I almost don't want to eat it because of that. The pokeball made me smile.



I'll eat it as long as I like the taste of it.

*Hasn't had sushi before*
I would love to make a fox out of food....