Would you eat CUTE FOOD ?

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  1. When it comes to FOOD...How cute is TOO CUTE ?

    So I've been working on BENTO Lunches for a while now, and CUTE BENTOS are my specialty :D

    I love eating food that looks like this :

    Would you ?




    The Pokeball Onigiri is easy to make, but I've never tried anything beyond pokeballs and faces and grass or flowers with carrots or fruits. xD I'm not that great at it yet, but making cute food is fun!
  2. I would NOM the Hell out of that kitty! Seriously though, I would eat it.
  3. That kitty is adorable...

    I wouldn't eat it.... just beg to be taught how to make it.
  4. I... I don't think I could do it for the last one. Knowing the people that I normally eat with, they would be making screaming noises while I tried to bring myself to start eating...
  5. The sound of funiture being thrown around would come from Lucius' room.
  6. Anything that looks that adorable must be eaten! But of course a picture first!
  7. "...come in..." He called back softly.
  8. Yes of course, it's still food.

    *munches on a reindeer-face*
  9. Harmony walks to him and gently pull him into her arms and rock him comfortingly, "You realize that everything in here are things I got for you and her right?" She said light heartedly, trying to distract him.
  10. ^^ I have an American stomach for the most part, too. I only ate Asian once in a while even though my family IS asian, but that's a different kind South and East Asian both have different styles of cooking :)

    Anyways, you can use American-styled cooking to make cute food, too. You just can't get the sticky rice, but you can use cabbage or carrots, or meat and salmon and things like that to make the cutestuff :D
  11. in the end, are we not all nothing more than collections of sarcasm?
  12. Do I get the right impression when I believe that this 'cute food' involves a lot of vegetables?

    Because, if so, I'm a big fan of this initiative :)
  13. [​IMG]

    Okay guys, I get it, you don't like, Josh, lol

    inb4 "it's not about Josh"
  14. That... is so adorable.. ._.

    I would inhale it with no hesitation. *nodnod*
  15. Thats literally the defense used by the women who killed Kim Jong Un's half brother.

    I wish I was joking.
  16. Hmmm... actually, I have a question regarding Clark @Josh M. Besides the few cannon appearances of Kara on Smallville, is there anything preventing or blocking the theory that Supergirl's Kara might be the same Kara as the smallville one?
  17. These photos reveal just how sadistic the Japanese really are.
  18. "In time I would. But it's my choice and not because he gives me his half hearted apologies." Harmony frown.
  19. "You know where."