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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU&feature=fvw"]YouTube- The Guild - Do You Wanna Date My Avatar[/ame]

Welcome to the new game of Iwaku! From the makers of Julez' interview show comes "WOULD YOU DATE _____'S AVATAR?"

I think I would... Baphomet is like the god of sex magic and witchcraft and stuff. It would probably be the best sex of my life.

Sure, the goat-head is off-putting, but he/she has very nice breasts and plenty of curvy bits. Plus having the wings around you as you hump could be a nice feeling.

And you'd probably be at an orgy when you're fucking him, so there'd be plenty of other nubile cultists and virgins around to get involved. Plus wine and food and all the other stuff.

Oh wait... dating...


*imagines taking Baphomet to a classy restaurant*

Er... well, it'll be interesting. No doubt about that.
Hmm, while being ravaged from behind with a black demon sounds very entertaining, he looks like the jealous type. The type where if I even look at another girl, I'm suddenly bursting into flames....No thanks.
I don't know about dating Thor's Hammer but for the sake of discussion I'll go ahead and say I'd be banging and being banged by the god of thunder and become a part of his love square with a godess and giantess, man, that's gotta be some odd sex.

Odin as my father-in-law though? Count me fuck in, motherfucker has the best stories ever, I bet he'd go all like "HELLO, DID I EVER TELL YOU ABOUT HOW I PIERCED MYSELF WITH A SPEAR TO A TREE AND STOOD THERE FOR NINE DAYS FOR WISDOM?" or even like "HEHEHE, THE EYE STORY AGAIN? WELL OKAY, YOU SEE, I NEEDED MORE WISDOM..."

Even better though, I'd just tell the guy I'm gonna write a song and BAM! FREE BOOZE!

But you know what? I bet Thor digs Amon Amarth, and that is enough for me to love him.

I <3 Thor babeh

Oh man I wouldn't even need to pay the energy bills.

Oh yeah I guess I'd go ahead and have sex with Asmo's avatar, I even have the soundtrack ready for some hellish lovin'.

Oh hell yeah. I love Tulio and Miguel! Personally I favor Tulio, but Miguel is also awesome.

You know what. We'll just go on a threesome date. Yes!
Good, good, anyone else have a view on this?
English voice actors suck.

Major balls.

Besides that, uh, I think that was one of the last good Disney movies.
Except... it wasn't a Disney Movie! >:D

.... >>;; *Runs back to her animated movie fangirl closet!*
I'd date Miguel!!! Maybe not Tulio...but I do think I would take them up on a threesome. hehe

McCarthy/Ryker/Arsenal/Reirson/Hayden/Joseph/Moreno/Deimon/Archetype/Pliskin/Rosoft/Wombat/Sabotage/Recoil/Pincushion/Fennec/Scavenger/Road Rage/ Pile Driver/ Lone Star/ Steiner/ No Fear/ No Mercy/ Chimeras/ ISAF/Ego Rangers/ NPCs/ECT's Avatar!

Who would date this one?