Would you care to save the world? (Fantasy IntCheck)

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  1. I'm thinking of setting up a fantasy rp where our characters would each be newly chosen sacrifices/vessels for each of the four ancient elemental spirits; Efreet, Sylphe, Undine and Gorgon. They would have to struggle with the fear of technical death, their desire to save the world and thus anything they care about and try to control the growing pull they feel towards their respective spirit's sacred tombs while being led through a long and perilous journey from the Chosen's Temple and over the mountains toward their last destination by their ecclesiastic retinue.

    There would be dark themes and most likely a grim ending, given this setup, and I would like it to be of Adept to maybe Advanced posting expectation. At that level, I would thus like this project to be full of brainstorms and votes as to where the story goes and as to what happens.

    I need at least two solid interests before starting the signups, so feel free to ask anything about this before saying 'aye', thank you! :)
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  2. Looks interesting, but I don't have any questions for it until it is made so... aye? o u o
  3. Welcome, have you a preference for a specific spirit/element? :3
  4. Now that you mention that what does this elemental spirits posses? I mean, what element does each spirit posses?
  5. Ah! Yeah, I forgot to mention, as they are commonly used summons' names in video games.

    Efreet - Fire
    Sylphe - Wind
    Undine - Water
    Gorgon - Eath

    There you go!
  6. Hmm, tricky.. Very well, I shall go with Efreet if you don't mind :)
  7. Sure! I wouldn't mind any of them, really. You can do something awesome with any element with enough inspiration and effort.
  8. Ah yes, thank you. Please inform me if you made the sign-ups and all. Still new to this site tho >_>
  9. Don't worry, I'll post the link here when/if I put it up, so you should know pretty soon after if you're watching the thread.
  10. You're most welcome!
  11. Undine please! Aye! Even if there's a dark theme would romance, as long as it's not the main focus, be allowed?
  12. Yes, though I would like to restrict it to being subtle. Welcome aboard!
  13. I forgot to ask you this earlier,
    is the timeline happens in modern civilization or in old times?
  14. It's pretty much in your average pseudo-medieval era common to most classic Fantasy stories.
  15. Oh, I see. Thank you again.
  16. Happy to help! I'm starting to set up the signup now, so hopefully we'll have a brand new space to plot in earnest soon.
  17. Awesome, can't wait to rp.
  18. Apologies for the wait, the more detailed plot is a bit more challenging to write as I thought. Please bear with me until then, thank you!
  19. Please, take your time. Don't rush yourself with it.