Would You Care to RP With Me?

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  1. Let's get down to business. I'm on my Easter holiday for two weeks, and something has to help fill the gap. So, here's an idea, tell me if you're interested. Alternatively, you could tell me if you want things altered to make it more interesting. An RP only works if everyone can agree on something, after all.

    First, background info on the world. It's our world, but with added demons. These ones are basically like ghosts to people - can't be seen, can't be heard, can't be felt, you get the picture. Except these ones can interact with the world. That's right, undetectable monsters that feed on human souls to keep themselves alive. You'd think that someone would be doing something about it. You'd be wrong - multiple people are doing things about it. Demon hunters, scattered across the globe, are using specially-crafted weapons to deal with them. And I'm not talking silver bullets here - these guys are monsters, demons are just a collective and alternative term. Those who have been exposed to a substance that I am yet to name will be able to see these beasts, and by using weapons made with a specific metal I have also not named, they can be dispatched. However, there is a catch to being exposed to the substances used, the sight-allowing one in particular. Apart from other hunters and demons, only one in every person in every hundred acknowledges your existence. If you're lucky. So what happens when somebody who can see these hunters is saved by one, and doesn't leave them alone? What if the person could see not only the hunters, but if they focussed, they can see demons? What if HQ says that what a hunter brings back is his/hers to look after?

    It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, as that seems fairly common these days. They can be constantly at each other's throat, they can be engaged in a manly bromance... I can accept most things, except yaoi. Believe me, I saw enough of that with Hetalia fangirls.
  2. IN!

    I'd like to try this.
    Usually my 1x1 are smuts but, I wanted to do something different. So we can work out, if this is ok, the rest of the plot.
    Shall we arrange via PM? Or you already found a someone?
  3. You're the first, actually. As this is the case, we shall arrange this over PMs.