Would YOU be your friend?

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  1. I saw one of those dumb meme images on facebook again. But it IS a really good question.

    If you met YOU, the person that you are right now - would you be your own friend? Are you the kind of person you would be friends with? What do you have to offer in a friendship? How do you treat your friends?
  2. I... I'd be friends with me. I'm a positive person who always tries to help and bring positivity to a situation. I can be bossy and pushy sometimes but it's usually well-intentioned. I also babble a bit, don't have much of a concept of TMI, and can be a bit loud, but I feel like I could forgive that stuff most times.
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  3. Fuck yeah, I'm awesome. I'm laid back and like to keep things fun with lots of jokes. I might mock the hell out of people, but I'm not one of those chumps who can't take what they dish out; I join in on mockery aimed my way because it's just as fun as poking fun at others. I'm also great to talk to about all sorts of shit and am totally willing to play devil's advocate just for the sake of a good discussion rather than creating an echo chamber. I don't really go out and do things in my free time, because why the hell would I when I have the internet, but if you wanna hang out and play games then I'm down.

    Oh, and my lack of humility and readiness to talk myself up is totally an endearing combo. Could be narcissism, could be confidence, who knows! 8D
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  4. I would not be my friend for the simple reason that non of us would be able to start a conversation and we would just have weird awkward silences between each other. I need dominant friends who can be the ones to get me into social situations (with them) cause I won't get myself into them. xD

    But IF we could get through the start a conversation step and actually give enough of a damn to call one another, it would probably be a hit and miss friendship. Sometimes I would get annoyed at my other self cause they say some stupid shit, but usually we would probably not have anything against each others company. It would be a friendship that never goes beyond acquaintance, we could probably hang out now and then, just to watch a movie and talk for a bit, enjoy ourselves for some hours before not seeing each other for months. It wouldn't be a close friendship, just some 'yeah, meet ya next year for that lord of the rings marathon buddy.' thing.

    I'm a nice person and all, but I'm not that fun to hang out with. xD I mean, with the right person we can get into pretty funny discussions or I can even be convinced to go out now and then, but if I'm not with someone who actually makes me want to do it (there's like one person right now that can actually drag me out of my house), I will mainly sit there quietly, nod when you speak and smile. So a me and a me together? Silence overload. I CAN HEAR THE CRICKETS ATTACK!
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  5. I would be my friend. I'm pretty soft spoken and kind, and I care a lot about my friends when they are hurting and in pain. This is a great question for self reflection and basically asking do you like who you are?
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  6. I would be my friend. I'm not great at small talk but once I can get into a real conversation beyond forced small talk I tend to not shut up because I get so passionate about things. I tend to put my friends first a lot when they need things or when they need favors I tend to be the one to step up and help when and if I can. I'm just an overall super passionate, hopeless romantic, geek, who loves to go out and do things with my friends, cook big meals for them, and organize game nights or movie/show marathons with them.

    So yeah I would totally be my friend.
  7. I hesitated with this one, because I'm pretty much the first person to put myself down as soon as I get the chance, but, I think I could be my friend -- because one thing I do like about myself (most of the time) is how empathetic, considerate, and patient I can be with others. Which means, I can be patient and understanding about my shortcomings. ^^" I'd be someone who understands my own needs and doesn't make me feel bad about expressing them. We'd be on the same level about things, so our interactions wouldn't have the awkwardness that I tend to have when I'm talking to people that I think are better than me. ^~^" Point is, we'd understand each other, and we wouldn't expect more from each other than we can handle. And we'd actually be able to watch TV shows at the same pace!! :D So yeah, I think we'd get along well.
  8. I'm pretty much in the same boat right now. On one hand, I wouldn't want to be my friend. Dealing with myself right now as is, if people are annoyed with me, they should realize how annoyed I get with myself. My crippling anxiety doesn't allow me to go out very much. I mean I tell this story because it offer some insight of how my brain worked. Last month I was hungry, decided I wanted to go to Popeyes well this is the conclusion of those events:

    -I live 5 minutes away. This task should take me 10, 15 minutes normally, but it didn't
    -I walked into the Popeyes, stared at the menu for 10 minutes, then walked outside, took the 5 minute walk back home and then said fuck I am still fucking hungry
    -Had to walk the 5 minutes back to Popeyes, fucked around in the parking lot first, Then I finally walked into the Popeyes and ordered

    I am not very flexible. If you had to describe me by a material, I'm like Silicone, I give way, but I don't bend very easily. I'm stubborn, I am horrible at communicating. I'm neurotic, paranoid.....hello been diagnosed with Autism and Paranoid Schizophrenia. I am social isolated. Not very socially integrated. But then I realize, sometimes when I struggle. The things people outside of myself have told me.

    They like talking to me, it's weird, but I recently gotten "I hate leaving because I still want to talk to you" from a lot of people. They say I am 100% Authentic. I don't bullshit around about myself and I am blunt to the point. They say that I am extremely kind and that I have a good heart, and that I am a good hearted person. I want to believe that. I want to consider that. But I don't know. I'm tentative about believing their words. Maybe....all of this is just anxiety that shackles me and makes me see only the worse parts of myself.

    I came up with something about people in a story once, I said this.

    "People grow their best qualities on their back. Other people can see the beautiful flower blooming behind them or the wilting one, whichever it may be. But because we cannot see the flower on our backs and how beautiful it is, because all we see in front of us is our tangled root system. Which is a mess."
  9. In all honesty, no I wouldn't be friends with myself. I hate people, I get annoyed easily sometimes to the point of lashing out and being a bitch, and I'm very blunt. If I don't like something or someone, I say it full force sometimes to the point of cruelty. I can be pretty damn mean and hurtful sometimes and the fact that I'm pretty pessimistic doesn't make matters any better.

    I treat my friends pretty well since I'm the calm and rational one in the group, always lending a listening ear. If I ever get the chance to be around them, we tend to have lots of crazy fun since I only reveal my true self around my friends anyways.
  10. It's 50/50 for me. On one hand, I am a quirky, friendly girl. But on the other hand, I am extremely sensitive and emotional...and can be somewhat of a pessimist.

    I can be a lot to put up with, so it's a very hard decision for me.

    I'm going to go with a hesitant no.
  11. I don't let people in easily, and I think I would find myself shady for not being more open.
    I'm honest though! And that's something important for me.

    I think I'd be friends with myself, yeah.
  12. I'd imagine it'd go down something like this.

    "Hello me!"
    "Hi me!"
    "How are you doing?"
    "You know exactly how I'm doing."
    "But do I? How do I know we are having the same biochemical impulses fire off? At the very least our impulses are firing at different points."
    "Perhaps they are firing off at the same pace and we're merely deluding ourselves into thinking we're having different thoughts by saying serendipitous but otherwise surreptitious allegories."
    "But I don't have your thoughts, and you don't have mine. Nice phrasing though."
    "But do we? Also, is me complementing me for vocabulary a form of external mental masturbation?"
    "I don't know. My head hurts."
    "I know exactly how to solve that. Let's play some video games."
    "Fuckit sure."
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  13. Eh, I don't know. On one hand, it's nearly impossible to get close to me because I simply don't open up to people and instead just choose to run away. On the other hand, once I do open up and we become friends, I think I'm pretty great. I'm loyal, I'm funny, and I'm compassionate. I'm just super difficult to become friends with.

    I guess the answer is probably 'no.' There are few people that can put up with my stunts and I don't think I'd be one of them.
  14. No. . . because neither one of us would take the first step to say hi T_T

    UNLESS. It happened online. then I'd like to think so. I tend to be a bit more social online, unless you're Rain, or my family.
  15. No. I'm a negative Nancy with no hobbies. All I really do is complain a lot lol. I was funner when I was younger. Which... is likely why I haven't made many new friends in years.
  16. I wouldn't, mostly because neither me would go out in public, so we'd never meet.
  17. I am far too sarcastic. I think my clone might kill me.
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  18. To answer my own question, I think me and me would be friends, but we'd never be close friends or besties because neither of us would go out of our way to really get to know the other deeper, because we're little hermits and like it that way. O_O But as the years go by, we'd always be there as a constant, reliable forever friend.
  19. Only if I were more open to share. I'm more than willing to help my friends when they are in need but I don't like speaking on my own. I go without telling them.
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  20. I'd ship it.
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