Would you _________ me?

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This game is fairly simple. You simply have to ask the person below you if they would do something with or for you. The next poster will reply with whether they would do that something for you - added with a little humor - and then posts the next 'Would you _________ me' question for the next poster.

The rule is it has to be in the 'would you ____ me' formatting.

Alright, me first, so...

Would you treat me to a chocolate sundae tonight? =D
Sure...if you bought the plane ticket to get here first...least I could do.

Would you hold me tight, and tell me you love me?
Possibly, but it would involve more Jameson than I've drunk in one sitting in a couple years.

Would you wash my car for me?
With my dic... Erm, sure. Might have a weird smell later on, though. Don't mind that.

Would ya shower with me and sing the lullaby till I fall asleep?
no...I have a horrible singing voice.

Would you ____ me?
Yes. Yes, I would. Again, though. Lots of Jameson. (you're paying for all this booze, by the way.)

Would you buy me a beer?
No, because drinking is bad for you and I wouldn't want to give you something that's bad for you.

Would you make sure I do something fun this weekend ?
ooh hoh ho! WOULD I!....

wait...Sakura...*Coughs* ehm... sure...^_^;

Would you do me a favor?
No. You still owe me for the booze.

Would you hold this for me? *runs away*
NO! You hold your own shit! *throws back and hits Ricarten on the head*

Would you go pick up Ricarten's unconscious body for me please?
no...I still owe him for the booze...he'll have to buy the service from me...

Would you joust with me?
Yes, if you're ready to get your butt-kicked ;D

Would you teach me gymnastics ?
Sure, Sakura! I would love to teach you some, ahem, 'gymnastics.' =D

Would you spend a week sleeping over at my house... with me?
sure....why the hell not...I LOVE sleeping...I can sleep for hours...


Would you pay me for sex?
No, I don't hit hired tail.

Would you kill me to save another?
No. I would find a way to save you both!

VVV Will make me tacos?
sure...if you are willing to risk the food poisoning...

Will you spend valentines day with me?
I will if I can play a game of "pin-the-tail-on-the-debtor."

Would you lend me a pen? I seem to be missing mine.
Sure thing if only I had a pen

Would you hand me a fun RPG so that I can play through it.
try dragonage....or IW....the bossfights in IW are hella hard...

would you never gonna give me up, never gonna let me down....
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