Would love to try some new partners & ideas! :D

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OKAY, This is a request thread to find people I HAVEN'T ever played a one on one with before. XD I'd really love to meet some new player partners! So if you've played in a private game with me before, I'm sorry, you'll just have to shoo! D: Try me again later!


My Roleplay Resume is HERE! READ IT. I'm not picky, but I do only play Female characters and I really like romantic subplots. .__.; I'm one of those dorky, probably mary sue romance girls. Smut is okay, but I'm not very good at it. I really love developing plotlines, stories and characters.

I might also be kiiiiinda slow at posting, so if you're an impatient speed poster, please don't kill me! I'm usually busy on weekends, and once a month I take a mini break offline for a few days for uh... lady reasons.

My posts themselves are about 1 paragraph to several. I tend to reflect the posting style of the person I'm playing with, but I don't often do novel posts, unless it's some bigass scene. Grammar nazis and elite posters scare me. .___.; So just don't tell me if I type like a moron, and I'll be okay. XD I'm totally cool in playing with RP newbies! As long as I can READ your post, I'm good!

I also LOVE to plot and talk about our rp and characters for plot bunnies or scenes we wanna do. So chit chatting about it in an OOC thread, the cbox, PMs or an IM (msn or skype) is groovy!

THIS HERE is my character and plot wishlist! :D I have A LOT of ideas and things I want to try and play. You could pick anything off the list, even if someone else has already picked it.

I'm also SUPER open to any new ideas that YOU have that you think I might like! So if you have a character you like to play and a plot you wanna try and think that I'd play a good companion to that, lay it on me!

And... that's it. >>
Hey Diana!
I'd like to do the bodyguard one with you!
It's been one of my ideas for a while, so I'd be very glad to do it!
Sorry when I read the body guard I was excited and stoped reading, but now I see you would like to play an ice norse godess, I been carving to wear the skin of thor for a while, so could work something out with that as well.
Ok now I've read it all, girl give me more plot candies and I'll explode, or die of obesity, it's like I love most of your ideas, I have a really good playset for a steam punk, post apocalipse, with tons of magic and supernatural stuff, but I can't bring myself to write it all due to my short time to write at work, so if you wanna talk on pms or here about it,...
Bwahahaha! XD I'll send you a PM, Hades and we'll discuss. I have an idea that you might really love. >:D
I would be down for any of those ideas. Or something else.
Diana, I am all for facing my fears! (you actually intimidate me a little) So I would like to roleplay with you, I just have to read through your list when I get to work, since I'm running out of time here at home.
Yes! face your fears! roleplay me is not intimidating at all! RP Me is cute and squishy and more afraid of you than you are of her... >>
By the way, I like your Chloe Zeroun character. She seems very well rounded and I instantly fell in love with her.

And going along that theme, I also thought it would be entertaining to play in the "By the way, I had your kid" plot line.

We can talk about them whenever you have a free moment. I'm in no rush. And posting limitations are fine with me. I generally only post once in a blue moon for weekends. I'm more active on weekdays myself.
Fabulous. >:3 I'll poke you when I catch you in the cbox then and figure out which to do!
Ezio auditore da firenze... onehell of a character request, But those games are my FAVORITE EVER, mostly ( Swear im not lying) because of the historical awareness the Team put into it. Ezio is my 'homeboy' and I'd love to try out playgin that sort of character with your Kaera matsuhide character ^_^ I think an ezio style character woudl work wonders as a lead singer for a band.
Ezio is pure pure love... t______t

Why YES that would sound loverly! >:D And Kaera makes a good opposite.... Do you mind being the one to start a thread for us?
I woudl love to diana, I'll post it up late tongith or early tommorow dependign on how long the flow lets me make the post ^_^
I like romance, but I'm also into fantasy worlds a lot, or scifi...I dunno. I have a certain idea about a particular romance I like to try.
Send me a PM about what you wanna try, Fatelin! :D
No, Vay! I'm already playing with you! XD