Would it be cool if Iwaku had an actual home page?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Noctis the Devious, Sep 14, 2013.


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  1. Probably too late to start to this since I noticed the recent removal of the Home tab - I would have had the thread up sooner if I wasn't constantly forgetting about it - but what it Iwaku actually used that tab instead of duplicating the Forum tab? The Forum tab obviously focuses on the forums and, before it was deleted, the Home tab did too. I think Iwaku should have an actual home page instead of squeezing everything under the Forums tab. Instead of shoving everything -Announcements, News Letter, Recent challenges/roleplays/Blogs, et cetera- into a side bar, it could be displayed right when you logged in.

    I mainly put this up because I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas.

    I apologize if someone already made a similar thread.
  2. The problem is that most people would just bookmark the forum index anyway, cause they hate having to go through one more extra click to get to the main site content. XD This has been the trend for many many many years.

    However someone did bring up "why not have a homepage that just isn't the main index so when people click home they get _____" like you just mentioned. That iiiiiis under consideration and on a potential to-do list once some other priorities are taken care of!
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  3. It would just be another click between people and what they want to do. Everything that would go on the homepage and be useful is already in the sidebar.
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