Would it be awesome to create a religion, or a science just for fun?

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  1. Think about it. Just the thought of creating a religion that could be used in a roleplay, or to make a science out of anything. Like magic.

    Making an explanation for nature and magic is awesome.

    Who wants to help me?
    Or just likes the idea?
  2. Worldbuilding guild Worldbuilding guild Worldbuilding guild!!

    The Worldbuilding guild is all about fleshing out your fictional worlds; figuring out the hows and whys of those worlds is half the fun!

    If you have a particular world's stuff to figure out, the help and development subforum is your friend; you can discuss people's methods in the main forum, or post your own guides for it!
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  3. *repeats everything Minibit said, just with bouncing!* 8D

    It's so much fun! O__O I haven't done it IN DEPTH yet, because I am such a casual worldbuilder. But designing my own religions and sciences are on my worldbuilding to do list for some of my universes. 8D
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  4. The Kidjeist faith is the best.
  5. I really expected this thread to be about the implications of actually creating a religion or "creating a science," whatever that means. For what it's worth pertaining to the actual topic, I've created a handful of religion-type things for roleplay purposes in the past. Does this really need the "debate" tag?

    As for what the topic suggests, creating a religion would be an abominable, amoral thing to do. Not sure how to create a science, though.
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