Would Darkness Hit It?

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  1. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the Would Dorkness Hit It? thread!

    The premise is simple:

    Post a picture (sexy or not) and ask: "Would you Dorkness it?"

    Please note, that the person(s) in the posted picture may or may not have any number of inherent dangers when trying to 'hit it', and that part of the amusement of this thread is posting a picture of an otherwise sexy-looking babe, only to have her be a universe-ending horror in disguise.




    There you go, folks. The first lady for Dorkness to consider. Are they harmless, or will they kill him in unimaginably painful ways? Find out next time on Would Dorkness Hit It?!
  2. ‚ÄčI say yes.
    -goes to find a picture.-~

    I found a pretty alien woman!

  3. ....Don't you mean your grandmother?
  4. Ask Darkness he's the one who hit it.
  5. True...Very true.
  6. I'd hit The Jokerette and Crazy Odin there.

    Alien chick is BALD, U GUISES.

  7. How about this:

  8. . . . . . . . .
    I am so fucking disturbed now. D:
  9. [​IMG]

    Would Darkness accept a handjob from this?
  10. We're not talking specifics, GMK.

    But yes, he would.
  11. Would you (open)

  12. -giggles awkwardly.-
    This is so much fun.~
  13. I don't do ninjas.

    Possibly, I mean, shit, that's a nice ass.

    Also, yeppers, she could lift me up and blow me.

    It's funny that the tag has roleplaying in it 'cause I'm like, totally roleplaying and shit.
  14. POKEMON.<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    Who wouldn't hit that. :D POKEMON!
  15. This is just seeing how low Dark's standards are, really. xD
  16. Bald women mean less friction, young Darkington.
  17. So... you like it when Tegan's hair gets entangled with your pubes?

    And my standards aren't that low, shit, I'M ROLEPLAYING
  18. What is "low standard" about this fine woman?