Would anyone want to roleplay with Sansa? UPDATED!

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    The wolves will come again.

    Hello! Before I go into too much detail, I should say that just because I want to play Sansa more often DOES NOT mean this must be a Game of Thrones roleplay! I can do modern AU's, cross-fandoms, or any other alternate universes I'll list below. I just really miss playing Sansa. She's my girl. I want to play her more, regardless of whether or not it's within the world of Westeros she belongs to.

    Let me say that again. This does not have to be a Game of Thrones roleplay. I can throw Sansa into most any situation and would love to try whatever you have in mind. OC's are welcome!

    That being said, here are my requirements!

    Annoying list of things I ask for:
    • YOU MUST be 16 years or older.
    • YOU MUST be dedicated. Don't reply here if you think you'll lose interest in our story, and if you do lose interest, please tell me!
    • YOU MUST put forth considerable effort into plot-building. Don't make me do most of the work. It should be 50/50.
    • PLEASE be fairly advanced in writing level. Bonus points if you send me a writing sample.
    • YOU MUST reply once a week at least, unless you notify me stating otherwise.
    • UNDERSTAND that I am a college student and may not reply for days at a time. Be patient. If I've lost interest, I will tell you.
    • YOU SHOULD give 2-5 paragraphs per response, or more, depending on the scene.
    • YOU MUST be friendly! I don't enjoy writing with strangers. I don't bite, promise! Skype is optional.
    • YOU MUST have excellent grammar and spelling. Give this post a rating if you read these requirements.
    • PLEASE NOTE that I'm not trying to sound prudish at all! I just know what will keep me interested and what my personal roleplaying pet peeves are, and I hate turning people away, so I want to avoid those scenarios if possible. I'd hate to start only to realize too late that we're not a good match.
    What I Offer:

    Of course, it's not fair to ask so many things of you without telling you what I can offer in return. That would be ridiculous. Below I've compiled a list of things I can bring to the table, should you choose to roleplay with me.​
    • Friendliness. I'm very easy to get along with.
    • Plot cooperation. Plotting is my FAVORITE.
    • Advanced/Prestige writing level.
    • Solid, strong replies. I write 2-8 paragraphs per response, usually.
    • Hard work. I'll dedicate myself to our story.
    • Devotion. I won't want to just drop, unless I lose interest. But that rarely happens.
    • Excellent grammar and spelling, and good flow in my writing.
    • Photoshop skills. Ohhh yes, I love making things for my stories.
    Potential pairings and plots!

    Below is a list of cravings. Pink is a female role. Blue is a male role. Yellow can be either gender, or non-binary. * means I'd love to try this. !!! means I have a plot.
    NOTE: I want to play Sansa. This doesn't mean I won't play more than one character, but if there's a pairing where you want to switch who plays who in regards to the main duo, sorry. I need time with my princess.

    Game of Thrones
    Sansa x The Hound********!!! (PLEASE LOVE ME)
    Sansa x Jon*****!!!
    Sansa x Tyrion*******!!!
    Sansa x OC*
    Sansa x Petyr!!! TAKEN
    I'm up for suggestions!

    Modern AU GoT
    Sansa x The Hound***!!!
    Sansa x Jon**!!!
    Sansa x Tyrion
    Sansa x OC**

    Non-Game of Thrones
    Ballerina!Sansa x ???*
    Bookshop!Sansa x Drug Addict**!!!
    Student!Sansa x Teacher TAKEN
    Queen!Sansa x ???***
    Student!Sansa x Bartender**!!!
    Lawyer!Sansa x Client
    Princess!Sansa x Knight**
    Homeless!Sansa x ???
    Politician!Sansa x ???**!!!
    Sansa x Demon/Supernatural TAKEN
    I'm up for suggestions!

    Cross-Fandom Possibilities
    The Walking Dead**!!!
    The Musketeers
    Dragon Age*!!!

    Harry Potter**!!!

    Phantom of the Opera*!!!
    Dark Souls/Bloodborne**!!!
    Lord of the Rings**!!!

    Final Fantasy

    Time Period Possibilities
    Victorian Era
    Modern Era***

    Thank you so much for reading! PM or reply here if you're interested!

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  2. Re-opening this because my cravings are so very intense.
  3. Season 6 is right around the corner! How about it, friends?
  4. I'd be willing to do the Student and Bartender or the Lawyer and client. Pm with plots if you want to rp.
  5. I'm particularly craving the Game of Thrones plots if anyone is interested?
  6. I would be, but you seem to like all the characters that I dislike :D The only one I could play is Stannis, but he is already taken, while the rest of the characters I'd support are either the Greyjoys: Euron and Victarion or Doran Martell of Dorne or Brynden Tully, the Black Fish. I've actually wanted to do a GoT Roleplay for quite some time, but I just can't see why any of these characters would be a good pair with Sansa :(
  7. My Stannis partner hasn't replied in some time, so I'd still love to plot something like that with you. Doran would be an interesting match as well, or one of his sons, or even a Dornish OC. The choice is yours, my friend!
  8. Should I send you a PM, or just answer here?
  9. I would be willing to give the Sansa/Jon one a try, if I were to be filled in on what your plot idea was?
  10. A PM will do just fine. :)

    I have multiple plots for this pairing. One is show-based, one is book-based and one is purely for a modern AU. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in any of those alternatives!
  11. Season 6 is great so far, and I've got MAD cravings.

    EDIT: List is updated!
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  12. I am not sure how to do ratings but I give you a thumbs up! Also I'd love to try walking dead with you!
  13. I am weak and still searching.
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