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  1. I'll some backstory about character I would like drawn (if anybody wouldn't mind drawing him that is). Bolgrim is a dwarven cleric that was orphaned when his parents were killed in a raid on their city, the church in the city then took him in and raised him, this is where he found about the gods. He lived and followed the teaching of the church until he was 45 years old (relatively young for dwarfs). He believed that he was destined for more than praying to gods day in and day out so he took the few possessions he had and left the city. He then became a wondering vagabond that travels the land and help where help is needed and then he goes on his way.

    Name: Bolgrim

    Age: 50-60

    Personality: Bolgrim is a very quiet character to begin with and is more likely to sit back and listen to others speak and get a full understanding of the situation until he puts in his say. He tends to come off as weird because he often sits down and closes his eyes to meditate for hours on end in some cases. He's not very expressive so he sometimes can come off as cold but he does smile when someone says something funny and he will be more expressive the more he knows someone. He may also take a couple of draws from his pipe.

    Physique: Height: 4'8"-5'0" Weight: Varies but as a dwarf he tends to be on the heavier side of things
    Notable Things: Long beard down to his waist or a little longer, his overall beard is a dark brown color but he has a slight red coloring right on his jaw-line and two parallel lines of red hair that starts on his chin and continues down the length of his beard. His hair is long but he normally keeps it in a pony-tail, bun, or any other style that keeps it out of his face, when it is down it comes down a little beyond his shoulder blades (his hair is curly so its longer than it appears).

    Clothing: Normally a light type of cloth or some sorts just your generic mage/cleric type garb.

    Don't require a background just would like a drawing of him, though if you want to you can add a background/landscape whatever makes it easier to portray him

    Other: I can't think of other important details if there is anything that might make it easier on you just ask and I'll give you whatever details you need.

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  2. I may draw him for you if no one else has already
  3. Sweet no one else has drawn him yet, if you want to you can take all the time you need.
  4. I'll hopefully get it done some point today ^^
  5. Aand I finished the overall picture of him. but I'm thinking, I'll go back to it later with fresh eyes and add to it.
  6. Alright just let me see it once you're finished, take your time if you need to
  7. Well of course I'm going to let you see it -_-
  8. Pixlr (1).jpg

    If you want a more full bodied drawing, I don't mind doing so, but here.
  9. Sweet thank you, if you want to do a full bodied drawing you can but I'm not forcing you to
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