would anyone like to roleplay..?

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  1. I would love to start an rp with someone,


    Homestuck (au)
    onceler (au)

    I rp any type i assume.. but mostly romance.. (homo & hetero doesnt matter)

    im new to this site so bare with me i guess.. (that means pm only please or reply to this..) paragraphs are good at least one will do, i dont really care as long as its longer than 2 sentences.. (if you can only reply in two sentences cause well it happens then do so..)

    i was thinking of some type of office romance thing but im open for ideas!
  2. Love office romance. Could I be male employee? Pm me with invite n I'm down
  3. I know how to pm but "invite"? ..

    Sorry im new to this and all so please bare with me.. :embarrassed:..