INTEREST CHECK Would anyone like to participate in a Group Romance RP?

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  1. I've found myself watching some reality T.V shows which led me to try something out somewhat new. I'm not sure if there's been any other active roleplay quite like this, but I'll pitch it nonetheless.

    So, our characters will be a group of long-time friends entering their mid-twenties. Some of them met in college, some of them met along the way etc. They at first didn't really think of romance until they realize just how old they are getting, so they begin to search for love, which eventually ends up with them falling for another.

    The roleplay in itself will mainly revolve around the idea of Romance and Drama. Most romances shouldn't be too quick to develop and it would be better if triangles were formed and all that but in the end its up to the players, being you and myself.

    The plotline could be slowly reminiscent to the majority of the episodes in the Reality T.V show How I Met Your Mother, except of course there won't be any relevance of children, just the romance. Yada yada.

    I think it would be best set up in episodes but that can be subject to change. But before I even start to think about matters of that sort, I should know if anyone would be interested in this so here I am. :>
  2. This sounds pretty interesting. I have been wanting do join a romance rp for some time, so I'm in. :3 I have not seen many episodes of How I Met Your Mother(meaning 2 or 3) but I would still like to be in this!!
  3. I would totally join this :D
  4. Cool. :3

    Well, unless we get more people to join this probably have quite some time before actually starting. The other solution is multiple characters from each other. xD

    What do you guys think?
  5. I wouldn't mind playing a brother/sister combo. I have a set of characters that would be perfect :D
  6. This sounds fun :3 I'll join it ^^
    Can play two characters :3
  7. Whoa. Awesome.

    I think we can start now, if you guys want. ^^
  8. It would probably be wise to start an OOC in the modern plot discussion section so we can all post our character sheets and establish how we all knew eachother :3
  9. I agree with Esthalia :3
  10. I'm good with what you guys have right now, though I don't think everyone can play two character's... I like Esthalia's idea with the brother and sister thing too. Don't drive me out you guys~!
  11. Well let's see. How many people do we have now?

    Crimson Maiden

    If two of us play two characters- depending on gender and sexual orientation, we're a match. Or if we have two girls and two boys and one of us plays a support character. :3
  12. I would prefer playing two characters since I already have an idea for them x3 But one of them can be just a side character that comes in a bit now and then if we think we have too many characters :3
  13. OR one of us could each have a character for the group and then one support character. I mean, I wouldn't mind playing whoever depending on how much "air time" I (we) got.
  14. Actually that was more or less what I meant. xD (about starting. lol)

    Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. School work has been a complete biatch. Anyway, I'm making the OCC right now, anybody got an Idea for a title? :3
  15. YAY :D
    Don't ask me about names, I suck at coming up with good ones x3