Would anyone like to help me develop/create a character?

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  1. Hello, I'm trying to make a new character but have run out of ideas. I have basic details, like height, weight, and age, but I can't think of a name or a more detailed backstory.
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  2. i can i love making charaters i make them all the time.... so yes i can help
  3. what role would your charter be in, whats the plot?
  4. I would love to help! Jus tell me if ya need me.
  5. Hi!

    I always have that trouble, you want to make your character interesting but not cliché. I feel ya.

    Hit me with a PM - I'd be happy to help. ​
  6. As a mentor from several previous forums, I can certainly provide a plethora of ideas to nurture your fetus of a character into his or her own person. I can easily spot the cliches and provide the means and ways to avoid the dreaded Mary Sue/Gary Stu. If needed, I can prod you in various directions when it comes to weapons, armor, attire, spells, and storyline, but I will not hold your hand the entire way. In the end; the character is yours to carve into what you wish.

    If you are interested in my services, feel free to send me a PM or hook me up on Skype. I use the same username as on here. Due to work, I'm usually lingering around the later hours of the evening up until about 2-ish AM (-5 GST).
  7. Grocery List: Reason, Ability. Why, and How.

    Step 1: Determine internal conflict/motivation.

    Common ones include: Thirst for power, a sense of righteousness, out of love, loneliness, curiosity.

    The purpose of the internal conflict/motivation is to give your character reason to do things. A character who has no reason to do things is a character that is forever lost. Think about this character for a while and ask yourself who it is they are and what it is they want. Do they want to acquire power? Do they want to help the sick and the needy? Do they want to avenge a lost love? Do they want to find love? Do they have an unending thirst for knowledge? Do they have multiple reasons to do things?

    Step 2: Arbitrate skill set role.

    Figure out what skill sets they have. This is usually in tandem with the genre you want them to fit in. A few common archetypes include: Knights, Private Investigators, Martial Artists, Shop Clerks, Magicians, Some guy who stole my watch, Thief, etc.

    In tandem with reason, ability allows a character to pursue their motivations and gives them natural purpose without exterior effort needed.

    Step 3: Look back and polish.

    Look at your character now. Lets say you decided to take your appearance and apply it to a Knight (ability) who is out searching for a woman to marry/princess to rescue (motivation: love, motivation: righteousness). Does this fit together? Do you enjoy this so far? If so, polish it a little, make sure it fits, and move onto the next step.

    Step 4: Create Biography.

    Why does your character have their motivations, and how did they acquire their abilities/skill set? Again using the example from earlier: "Sir Hand Grenade found his calling as a Knight when he wanted to defend his family from harm, and trained as a squire for a period of time before riding off on his own as a vagrant knight. As he grew older, he yearned to quench his loneliness, and sallied forth to search for a suitable loving and kind maiden to polish his naked sword."

    Step 5: You're done! Enjoy your character.


    NOTE: If you still can't put a name and purpose to your character, perhaps consider shelving the idea for a while and coming back to it later. Sometimes all it takes to make a great idea is time and rest.
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  8. Thank you, but I meant help me by providing ideas, and actually developing the characters information. I understand the process, I just don't have any more character-information-ideas.
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  9. What kind of world/story are they in?​
  10. Input is required before you receive feedback.