INTEREST CHECK Would Anyone Be Interested?

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  1. Yes, I type oddly.
    Don't let that effect your view on the plot below, though :)

    Singers: They have been one of the worlds most popular idols.
    But, it takes to long to make one's voice perfect, to make their dances perfect,
    to construct them to make the most money.
    To make them the perfect idol.
    Recording companys are tired of having to put in money, for singing lessons, or fixing voices Over CDS.
    Some Scientist have been working on robots who can sing,
    the only problem is, that they can't show emotion, and their voices don't sound human enough.
    So, what do they do?
    They use humans.
    They experiment on humans, and they finnally created a few perfect idols.
    They Put voice synthesizers in their vocal cords, they now have a perfect voice.
    They enhanced the humans muscles, making them able to withstand and dance perfectly.
    They beautified their skin, making them seem flawless.
    You are now the perfect idol.

    If you are interested here's kind of how it will go:
    You wake up in the room you've been in for 2 years,
    but today is the day that you shall be introduced to the world.
    Today is when you sing your song live, infront of millions.

    So, Yeah. That's about it.
    Since it's about singers, all of us could be in a group, we could be split up in duets or single, we could do a mixture, etc.

    I was just wondering, If anyone would be interested in this?
    If anyone is, I could put it in the Modern and add a character sheet, so on so forth.

    Yes, i did have insperation from Vocaloid, but you don't have to know anything about it for this Roleplay.

  2. EDIT: This can be a Group RP, or maybe a OneXOne or three people. I don't really mind. Just no more than about 6-7
    So, anyone interested?
  3. Actually....this is a fucking amazing idea. I'd totally be down.
  4. Reminds me of the premise behind Daft Punk's Interstella video (or w/e it's called). Very interesting indeed, has a good amount of potential.
  5. I'm with Iliana! :D I'm interested, yush~
  6. I'm so happy people actually like it!
    So, would ya'll want me to put a sign-up in the Modern Sign-up sections?