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  1. ... in lending me characters or character ideas?

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

    This has nothing to do with role-play, mind you. I wanted to share with you my goal to make a web comic, or a manga if you will.

    I have characters created and fleshed out, I have a general idea of what the story is going to be, but I feel as if something is... missing. My characters all seem to be similar. I suppose it is just my typical style getting in the way of things, which is why I ask for a bit of help.

    I need ideas on different types of characters, both male and female. I'll stick with my own, but perhaps you'd be interested in seeing a character or idea of yours being implemented into my comic. Credit and special thanks will always be given, do not worry.

    Now, I assume you would need a general synopsis of what the comic may consist of. That can be found in the spoiler below. I ask that you please refrain from stealing the ideas and the characters I have spent a long time on creating. This will be my first story, comic / manga, large project, etc. It would be very unfortunate to have that be stripped from me.

    Note: I am not sure why there are three spoilers showing up. The synopsis is in the first.

    King of Lunacy (open)
    The comic is titled King of Lunacy.

    You can expect this manga to be rather dark and twisted. I do want some characters that may add a bit of comedic relief every now and then, though.

    The main character, Ekel, is basically being hunted down by his niece, a cunning little girl who uses a puppet to get what she wants. This puppet, despite being what it is known for, is actually the puppet master, and is his own entity. He is the manifestation of lunacy, dwelling deep within Ekel in attempts to make him go mad and fall to his demise.

    But the puppet master also shows compassion towards the protagonist. Even though he is forced to deal damage to Ekel, the puppet master always manages to find a way around it much to the dismay of the niece. The puppet has his own issues to deal with, after being abandoned by another potential antagonist of the story that only he focuses on.

    I have yet to come up with more ideas in regards to the story and plots. Ideas for those are welcomed, as well. There are a lot more characters I came up with that weren't mentioned above. They have no role as of yet, so mentioning them would only be a waste of time.

    Anyways, yes. It is supposed to be dark. Supposed to be horror. Supposed to have some comedy in it. I'm excited for it, and I hope some of you are too!

    Any ideas? Or would you need more information?
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  2. That's actually very helpful, thank ye'. Might spend a bit of time on there.
    I am still open for ideas, of course.
  3. You could try some character creation exercises/challenges in the Roleplay Institute!

    After all, even if you adopt a character who is drastically different from your usual ones, it won't matter if you can't write/develop them differently. It's easy to fall into a category of character, the only way to get a better variety in your arsenal is to challenge yourself and practice!
  4. That is also helpful, thank ye'.
    I suppose I could mess around with a few things, see what I can do or figure out.
    My issue though is not being able to write or adapt a character differently. It is actually creating them I have trouble with. If given any type of character, I am able to work with them with ease.
    There are so many different possibilities, quirks, archetypes, etc. that I honestly don't even know where to begin when creating a character.
    I created this thread to give others the chance to contribute in the making if they really wanted to. I'm content with all my characters, don't get me wrong. But I'm stuck when it comes to giving the story a different effect since there is a slight similarity between them all.

    But ye, you and Seiji provided me with some pretty useful things. Thank you!
  5. Pretty sure you can't write manga unless you're either Japanese or located in Japan.

    Good luck though.
  6. That seems to be the case, according to Wikipedia at least. Apparently manga is less a comic style, and more an origin and history. Nifty.
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  7. It is possible, as there are a few successful manga creators here in NA (not Japanese).

    But I'm not wanting to turn this into a huge thing. I don't expect it to become huge. Or printed. Or anything of the likes. This is just for me to have a bit of fun doing what I enjoy the most. Hopefully others would find it enjoyable or entertaining as well. -Shrugs.-
    I feel as if this thread is pointless now, though.
    Staff can lock this up or remove it.
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