Would anyone be interested in an RP just loosely based on Dangan Ronpa?

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  1. I've seen there are a few Dangan Ronpa RPs already, but they're already ongoing and they are more directly based on the games and crossover with other series. I wanted to do something different to that.

    With this RP, the style of play is similar to Dangan Ronpa and will take place in Hope's Peak Academy. However that's where the similarities end; none of the characters from the game, nor from any other series or game will end up in this RP. Which means everyone has to make their own character. It'll be as much of a game as it is an RP too and things can end horribly for everyone. I'm hoping to have at least 16 players, not including myself of course.

    So, anyone interested in this idea? Sorry it's really vague. I may have tried to do this before on another site, developed it a lot, and then got almost no response.
  2. It could be said that you have my interest here.

    I myself once tried to set up a role-play based on "Dangan Ronpa" on another site, albeit it had several original concepts to it and was meant to host original characters, and, just like yours, got no response whatsoever. Thus I understand how it feels to have something you've worked on developing go to waste.

    If I may ask, what might be the original hues to the role-play? Have you figured out a fair system for the picking of victims and murderers? How many characters shall be allowed per user? Personally, I believe two would be most convenient. If there might be anything I could help with, from mechanics to sorting to the finding of gifs or pictures, feel free to request it. =3
  3. I absolutely love Dangan Ronpa, but like Phones I need to know what the rp mechanics and structure are going to be like. The concept is gold, afterall, but I'm curious to know how the picking of victims and murderers would work, etc.
  4. @Headphones

    The killing mechanics that decide who is the killer and who is killed is mostly based on the actions of the player themselves. When a player is ready to kill someone, they will message me that they wish to kill someone, and give me the information as to how their plan is going to go in-game. Based on this plan, they might be aiming for a specific person, or it might just be whoever falls into the trap, but in this way choosing the victim or the killer is not based on set game mechanics so much as a natural result of the story and roleplay, and the killer is actually a part of choosing who they kill.

    By the way, if someone as a part of their murder plan tries to break any rules, stated or otherwise, I'm gonna have to tell them that they can't do that and work with them to make a plan that doesn't break those rules. Also, as a part of that, since some rules in game might not be stated outright because the one setting this up is a huge jerk, the killer isn't allowed to let others know in any capacity about any unstated rules that might be uncovered when plotting with me; I am not below killing characters if they really try to push this with me.

    Now unless the killer is really interested in killing someone right away I will have been, either before setting up my own events or just to keep players on their toes, sending mass messages asking where their character is and what they are doing. This will also happen right after I get the detailed plan from the killer about how they are going to murder someone. The randomness is to confuse players so they don't immediately know what's going on when it comes to killing. Yes, I might be sending a "check-in" message because a killing is about to occur, but it also might be my own event, or just because.

    A good way to look at this is to look at a sample plan. Let's say that a killer, as part of their plan, wants to slip a note to another character. I will, after getting information that a character is back in their room, message to all the characters about where they are currently. If any character (not necessary the one the killer is targeting) is around to see that part of the plan, I will give them some of the information of what's going on (as in, what they would be able to see.) Everyone who gets involved in this way is then asked what they will do next. When two characters who are involved in the murder scene wish to interact, I will set up a group conversation for them to play it out. If, for whatever reason, someone is spying on the interaction, I will filter the information to them in private messages. Of course, there's always a chance they can be spotted, based on what they do.

    I know it sounds kind of complicated, and it is, but it's worth it to protect the mystery to the murders. If people aren't aware of all the details, even at times the killer, it can lead to interesting results and will allow people to actually try to solve the mystery!

    Depending on the collective information I get from people what I get, the plan might fail utterly without anyone finding out, the killer might end up getting killed instead, they might accidentally kill the wrong person, or the plan might actually go as planned. Just to warn you that things rarely go as planned when it comes to murder, after all.

    For number of characters, I was going to say one, but 2 makes more sense; it'd really stink to have your game end quickly because you're one of the first to die. I would say be really careful playing these characters off of each other. Having one character have access to information only the other character has, or even just conveniently always nearby when something's going on to your other character really isn't fun or fair to other players.

    Finally Headphones, not quite sure what you mean by original hues? If what you mean by what's different from the original games, mainly it's that none of the characters involved in those games are going to be in this one. Yes, as much as I love Monokuma, he's not in here either. Some of the killing rules are also very slightly different, and events that happened in those games are going to be very, very different than they are in this game. If I'm misunderstanding, though, I'm really sorry. Could you explain further by what you mean by that?
  5. I find the explanation acceptable. Albeit it is not what I expected, nor what I had myself once done, I fancy the mysterious element. The only possible flaw I see is the fact that we all live in different timezones, which may hinder some events. Hopefully, no one will have a hedgehog in their pants and we will all be capable of patiently waiting for our turns to come.

    When it comes to the character number, it would indeed be a bit unfair, but for that solution there is logic. While playing your character you will simply have to note that they don't know what you know and make sure you don't always group your two characters together. If someone crosses the boundary too much, you as GM will have to step in, I'm afraid.
    On the note of characters, I suggest creating character sheets without history and personality, rather with a few simple likes and dislikes. In that way, a mystery will be created behind each character and provide even greater confusion when it comes to figuring out who the murderer is.

    By "original hues" I was asking about what truly sets it apart from "Dangan Ronpa". For instance, in the role-play I had attempted to make, the setting was actually in the virtual world, because the school was meant for disabled people or people who simply couldn't attend public school in real life, and I tried to introduce a new system with games. You partly answered my question, though. So, what will the building be? Who will be our principal?
  6. Yeah, timezones would make things more difficult, but it could be possible to fix it by not having time in the RP pass equal to the way it doesn't in the real world. So, a day in-game might be a week in real life, or the like. That I haven't quite set up so well, it's something I'm going to need to work on, but I want to make sure everyone has a chance to post.

    Yeah, with players with 2 characters, I will really have to keep an eye on them. Hopefully everyone will play nice, but if not, I'm not below killing a character to deal with the problem.

    Ah, with characters, I was originally going to have two profiles; a public profile, which has knowledge known to the public (which may or may not be true), and private profiles. I figure that since they are so talented, they basically are celebrities, so people know about them. However, doesn't mean they have to know everything, or what they "know" is true. Though, I might combine both this idea, and your idea; the "public" profile is very basic and not very helpful, but there's also a private profile that will be sent to just me. I have to make incentives for you guys somehow, after all, and it's not easy to do when I don't know about your characters either!

    For my Dangan Ronpa, it's mostly in the real world, but the "principal" (the sort of monokuma figure) is my own creation which if you don't mind I'd rather keep a secret for now. I won't be too long revealing it, I just want it to be a surprise. The original principal is not really going to be playing a part in this game, so they're not really one to worry about.

    I'll also say that this game will be more Sci-fi than the other games, so if you want to play with a mixture of the virtual world and the real world, I'm happy to that. Honestly, as long as it will add enjoyment to other players or add some mystery to the game, I'm surprisingly easygoing. Just don't push me when it comes to the rules I do have and don't be a huge jerk to other players (not characters, you can be pretty cruel to other characters if you want!), and I'm willing to change things if it means everyone will enjoy the game more, or helps players make creative characters.
  7. I'm interested in this idea! I'd like to see what comes from this.
  8. Hey, are we still doing this? I'm still interested in this idea.
  9. Yes, very sorry! I've been plotting and working more on the details, but there's also been winter illness. If I don't have sign-ups posted tomorrow, they should be up by Sunday evening.
  10. If you see the sign-up page, know that it is in construction; it's not done yet, please wait until it is fully finished to post.
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