Would any of you lovelies be up for a roleplay?

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  1. My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam, Sammy, Spectre, whatever you 'd like. c: I'm looking for one to three roleplay partners, hopefully all with different plots.

    You can expect from me:
    Replies at least once a day. Feel free to bug me if I forget, but I hope you'll understand if I have circumstances that prevent me from doing so.
    Good grammar and decent spelling. I operate off my phone for the moment, and it corrects my mistakes...but not always correctly, and I do miss some of the incorrect corrections.
    A hesitant minimum of five sentences per reply. I can and do write more than that, but that is my usual bare minimum.

    I expect from you:
    Understandable English. Spelling errors and whatnot are alright, as long as I get what you're writing. Chat speak, however, is not.
    Contributions to the plot.
    No length in particular, preferably more than a sentence or two.

    Now, what I'm looking for in a roleplay. Action and adventure, and if our characters go well together, romance. As for specific genres, I am in the mood for modern fantasy and sci-fi, but if you will roleplay something set in the Pacific Rim universe with me, that would be magnificent.

    Notes on romance: I prefer to play males. I can and will play females, but I don't connect to my female characters as well. That being said, I play all three pairings. MxM, FxF (I have yet to actually DO a lesbian roleplay, but I am up for one) and MxF.

    So, reply/message me if you have a plot in mind, or if you'd like to build up something together. c:
  2. I would like to work on something together if you would like.
  3. Alright, what genre are you thinking?
  4. You like fantasy at all?
  5. I love fantasy. One of my favorite genres. Do you have an idea in mind?
  6. I can tell you what I have in mind and you can reply telling me whether or not it interests you. I read your post, obviously, and can relate to you preferring to role-play as a male. In that case, we can go on our adventure, and, if our characters click well enough, it can be MxM. I haven't done a lesbian role-play yet either, but I don't mind. It can be a sort of casual relationship, a friendship, but one where they don't really realize they're falling in love. Or whatever.
    Hmm... it could be human x vampire. My character could be the human, if you like. As for a plot? I like it when there's a sort of loose guide to follow, because the story often ends up taking it's own turn. Our characters could be either enemies or friends at first. It could be a sort of teasing relationship. It depends mainly on your character's personality, and, of course, mine's. I could give you a brief description of my character, if that would help you decide.
    Name: Jay
    Description: Pale skin, black hair, blue eyes. Introverted, an intellectual. Loves to read, knowledgeable on random subjects. Interested in different things, somewhat amusing. Sarcastic, honest, direct. Emotionally awkward and inexperienced, likely also distant. Science, math, etc... writing. A dreamer yet an analyst. Nice at times, cold at others, etc.
    If you already have a partner then you can just ignore this.
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