Would a Pheonix Force Symbiote make sense? . . .



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I'm joining a DC Blood of Heroes campaign next sunday. I'm the last person they let join cuz the GM and secondhand guy adore me, since I can appreciate their cruel wit and shoot back my own. However, this shall be my second tabletop campaign of all time, so far. >.>;
The way I plan out my characters is very careful-like. I can't just sit down and be like CHARACTER SHEET OMNOMNOMNOM and done. No, no, no. At the moment, I am writing out stregnths and weaknesses. I believe I will want to play a villain..but now I am thinking an anti-hero might be best.. I'd like to cross over one of my favorite heroes, The Pheonix, and one of my favorite villains, Venom. Thus, creating a Pheonix Force Symbiote..thing. That would work, right? >____>; Haalp.

So far, for weaknesses, I have:
VERY large amounts of sound and/or fire.
Requires phenethylamine to stay sane and healthy, which is found in chocolate and human brain tissue.
Heat produced by high voltage electricity.
Can lose control if emotionally unstable. Though, this rarely happens, as she is calm plenty of the time. However, if say someone was there to murder her little brother, then she would rightly be set off and lose herself.

Psionic blasts (telepathic blasts which induce pain, or knock out a person)
Mind to mind communication
Superior speed
Enhanced healing ability (like a generic cut on the arm will heal over in about two minutes)
Can form fangs/simple bladed weapons out of her limbs (i.e. her fingers shape to daggers, her shoulder blades protrude into spikes and her spine can shoot from her skin as a sort of long, thin sharp sword)
Can expand and shrink to any size, like a liquid substance

So.. that's it so far. >.>
I want to finish writing out these, then go to drawing an illustration for her, then a name, then the backstory.
I need inspiration though.. and would like to bounce of thoughts with others who are experts in such a field -coughVaycough-
Help help help help pretty please? T ^T;
<3 thank you.
Phoenix Force and Venom are Marvel characters
The Phoenix Force is almost-sort-of like a symbiote. Yeah, it's a Force of Nature, but it requires a host and all that jazz to channel itself through. Or something.

The way I'm reading your character, it just sounds like a powerful telepath with a symbiote. Which works and all that! Personally, I'd make Deadpool crossed over with Captain America. Love them two.

Also, they're Marvel characters.
I know they're marvel characters. It doesn't matter in this game. You can be whatever.....
That would be just normal her.
I have more pictures to draw of her symbiote forms.
I made a small character sheet already. <3<3
To be honest guys, she did say she was going to cross them over to the DCU...

I think, personally, having a Phoenix/symbiote would be overkill. Phoenix herself could take on Galactus -or- in DCU terms Darkseid, without hardly blinking. Granted, she is a wonderful and incredibly flawed character (I <3 Jean Grey), giving her what gave Peter Parker his awesome (again, IMO) in the first place would just be like... WHAT? Did she really just destroy the whole world?

However, it's your character and you could water it down however you want! But a full-powered Phoenix/Symbiote would be overkill, and to be perfectly honest, if you kept their original stats I'd be like uhno.

Mhm. Agreed. Tis why I didn't give her super strength, or a lot of the other symbiote and Pheonix abilities. No levitation. No super durability. etc.
I think I watered her down a bit.. o.o. . . I'm going to show the GM my sheet wednesday and see what he thinks.<3