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  1. Remember that old saying, A Picture is worth 1000 words?

    Well we are gonna do something like that but instead of 1000, were going to use 100!

    Using the picture provided, create a story about it with just 100 words.

    It should be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

    Here is the photo:

  2. Trapped. The chirping outside was a harsh reminder of what she'll never have. Grey eyes studied her reflection on the window before focusing back to the external world. A world of grayness, colors drained as winter approach. Her dress flowed freely around her, blooming into perfection and yet not a sign of happiness was on her face. Losing track of how much time had passed since her abduction, she knew that there is no future for her. Emotionless. She heard the footsteps coming up towards her. Just another day, in her pathetic world. A world where there is no escape.

    (Phew~ I made it. It's 100 words. Sorry if the grammar isn't that awesome)
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  3. My climb was hard and took a very long amount of time. The things I had been digging up from the dirt, the eels we used to call them distorted the human mind and no other mind was distorted then mine. I missed the red lips and the arsenic laced makeup as well as that single beauty mark they always put near my lip. I used my ring, wedding ring, to carve a heart into the glass then kicked with my foot so it would break and show how my heart felt.

    I needed that as I slipped into darkness.
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  4. It was like any other night at the Club Noir for me. Hang out, a few drinks, and then home. The last time I was there I met a guy who was as charming as could be, and I let my guard down. As the night wore on I felt strange, and the next thing I know I woke up here wearing a strange dress, and chained up. It’s been about three days, and by now someone should be looking for me. What’s that sound? I see him and that charming look is gone. Our Father who art in Heaven….
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  5. The sun shining through the cracked and filthy glass warmed her face as she gazed from her prison. The heavy chains strained and chaffed against her wrists. The soft crunch of broken twigs and dried leaves sent a shiver down her spine, as she strained to locate the source. It had been too long, hope of any sort of rescue had long since disappeared, but desperation is often stronger than hope. A familiar figure came into view. The desperation dissipated as dread washed over her. once again He had returned. As she leaned back against the wall, resigned once more to her fate.

    (104 words, and I kind of wanted to keep going for a least one or two more sentences, but I restrained myself.)
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