Worst/weird school experiences?

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  1. Was talking about school and stuff like that with some people and read some stories about schools from across the world. Some people like school, but some people don't. Kindergarten was terrible. Primary/elementary school was fun, but bullying playhouse. And high school... is high school. And I don't know about universities, but they sound like they suck too.

    What kind of weird things have happened at school? Or, what was the worst school experience for you? Excursion gone awry? Shitty 'best friends'? Rumors spreading? Crush problems? Feel free to rant!

    EDIT: Post if you're a teacher as well :oo
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  2. Is this only as a student or as a teacher as well?
  3. Both :P
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  4. Hmm as a student I didn't have too many since I home-schooled for high-school. In elementary there was some bullying that carried on for a while but I was a tough Greenie back then ^_^

    As a teacher/tutor, I have to say the worst experience was probably potty problems with youngsters x.x'. It's not just the ickiness of the situation, but as a responsible adult you have to make sure that the child's self esteem doesn't get crushed from embarrassment nor do the other students make fun and treat the poor child in a bad manner. Plus cleaning up (both the child and the area) isn't too fun.
  5. Eh. In my experience, college is way better than high school. You're no longer treated like a five-year-old, most of the professors are really chill and nowhere near as uptight as most of my teachers in high school, and it just feels like most of the shitty high school environment is gone, save for some vague echoes of it.

    Sure, it's work-heavy, but at least it's a lot more straight-forward and makes more sense, in my experience. Certainly better than the thousand and one standardized tests that high school throws at you. @_@ It just feels like there's far less bullshit overall. :P

    That being said, though, dorm life in particular comes with its own set of issues... I'll share some of those stories later if I have time.
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  6. I'm gonna stay vague about this because I'm still angry about it, but in my senior year a group of underclassmen carved an inappropriate symbol into the schoolgrounds and the entire senior class was blamed for it. I spent 3 hours listening to teachers, peers that we trusted, yell at us for something we had nothing to do with. They made students cry, and I don't mean weak-hearted individuals. The jocks were fighting back tears too. 8D Best. Year. Ever! Later we had the option to fix it up, but I refused. I know it would been a goodhearted way to deal with the problem, but it would have just made me more mad.
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  7. That reminds me -- does anyone else's school have the tradition of "senior pranks"?

    The most memorable senior pranks at my school didn't feel much like pranks at all, more like... amusing stunts? But they were certainly still interesting to watch. XD I know one year there was this thing where, during one of the lunch periods, a bunch of students seemed like they were about to fight -- so, you know, they're yelling at each other and causing a scene, and they've basically got the whole lunchroom's attention at this point -- but then, right before any faculty could break up the fight, they all whipped out lightsabers and had an epic duel in the middle of the lunchroom. o.o It was... something. XD

    And another year, there was this thing where someone ran into the lunchroom wearing a huge Pac-man costume -- so, like, he basically looked like a big Pac-man orb with legs -- and he was screaming "HELP! THEY'RE GONNA GET ME! THEY'RE GONNA GET MEEEE!" and, of course, he was being chased by the four Pac-man ghosts, who were all making that "wakawakawakawaka" sound as they chased him. And then they ran between the tables and things to emulate the maze-like environment of the actual game, with Pac-man screaming the entire time. And then, after a while, they all ran back out of the room. And, apparently, they repeated this for every lunch period that day -- so everyone got a chance to see it. XD
  8. Getting caught smoking in the bathroom my senior year. I had never gotten in trouble in school in my life, but I was a smoker and frequently smoked in the bathrooms with everyone else. We had a little thing where we'd walk in and say "It's cool" to let anyone in there smoking know that we weren't a teacher. Well, one of the assistant principals caught onto this and walked into the bathroom while I was alone smoking and said "It's cool". I probably lost all the color in my face when she rounded the corner and caught me with a lit cigarette in my hand and smoke coming out of my mouth. I didn't get in trouble, at least not really. I had to do detention for one afternoon and that was it. I didn't really learn my lesson though, I simply never smoked in a bathroom when I was all alone.
  9. Oh the glory high school was for the smallest kid there.

    Imagine this; a small freshmen, a nerdy kid with shitty ass friends (and the one really good friend is in a different school) walks into the school. He's set upon by the hazers...the jocks. All of which are either Junior or Seniors that never left that douchebag stage of their Sophomore years. He runs as fast as his tiny little legs could carry him, until they catch him. They put him in one of the emptied out (which is a luxury that they bothered emptying it first) garbage pales, haul him up the stairs...ad you know what those shits did? They threw that poor little bastard down the stairs in that garbage pale. They did this for the better of three years he went to school there.

    Another instance was when my club got caught up in a gang fight. We were heading into our classroom to meet and the two main gangs of the school were having a tiff in the hallway. Nobody was safe, my friends and I ran out of the scuffle and headed into the tunnels under the school. We didn't make it there but did manage to hide under the theatre. It was then I realized that I had blood gushing out of my arm, I'd been shanked. Lovely, that's what I love in a day.

    I could go on about how shitty that school was but eh.
  10. Not an experience in and of itself, but man, we had this row of trees right out the front of our high school. They were beautiful and always bloomed in spring, but they came with a horrid, fatal flaw...

    ... They smelled law raw, rotten, pooty-tang fish.

    It was ghastly. No one wanted to hang out outside in the spring, and woe to anyone that opened the door longer than the 3 seconds it took for you to head outside and get your ride or get to your car. It just STANK!!


    Still, it was pretty.
  11. As a school janitor. I've lots of stories.
  12. I don't think I had a single, outstanding, horrible experience, but..

    My sophomore year, they redid the entire science wing of the building. The third floor of one of the buildings was completely redone. It took the entire year, and it meant that half of my class was displaced (new lockers and homerooms, because that floor was where the majority of the sophomore lockers and homerooms were), and the fire alarm went off very frequently. We would end up standing outside in the snow for hours. Literally. The worst time was when we had to go outside, it was snowing, and we were standing in the snow drifts (the heaps the plows made), most of us without sweaters or jackets, and we were out there for two hours before they decided to bring us into the gym. And then they forced us OUT of the gym for another half hour before letting us inside. My hands were bleeding. And our school has little kids, too--so teachers were going around asking students for their sweaters and going into cars to get some sort of warmth for these 2 year old kids. It was pretty bad.

    And then this year, I decided to take AP Psychology: worst choice of my entire life, and I'm not kidding. I didn't do nearly as bad in Psychology as in Computer Science, but the anxiety that class gave me pretty much fucked with my other grades and study time. I would have done a lot better in my other classes (and Computer Science) without that Psychology course. I just can't memorize 500 vocab words, take really long vocab tests, and sit in a class as boring as it was: it was literally just a lecture, and the least invigorating one ever. My interest level in Psychology went from 100 to 0 real quick that first week of class. I guess I learned one thing from it though: know my shit before I pick a class.
  13. Time to publicly share my stories

    In 6th grade, someone placed puke in my locker as a bullying prank.

    In 7th grade, one of my teachers got fired for apparently "molesting" a student during an assembly.

    In 10th grade, there were stories of a monster poop, but there was nothing else I could confirm at the time, since the rumors were ranging from that it happened from multiple bathrooms, and that it was different sizes. I later learned a year later, that AP Bio students were doing an project where they keep track of their poop and log them, and one of the students ran in the room during a lunch break, and yelled "HEY, THERE IS A GIANT POOP IN THE BOY BATHROOM!" and everyone ran to see it.

    In 11th grade, One of my teachers didn't come for >90% of the spring semester because she was sick and was pregnant. Even so, she wasn't a very good teacher, even losing my homework, and not teaching the right curriculum.

    In 12th grade, during a Spirit Rally, one of the speakers caught on fire. Everyone lost their shit.

    A few weeks before I graduated from high school, I was this:


    Thank you for your time. and no i won't share the juicy life
  14. Senior pranks are saved for muck-up day, which is just to let the year 12s have fun.

    Toilet paper all over the stairs and lockers, dropping eggs on teacher's cars, glad wrap, random bread loafs... sticking sanitary pads on trees.

  15. Oh, and currently we have a problem with a group of students smearing feces all over the toilet walls. Both in the junior section and senior section. Still don't know who is doing it but that's gross as fuck.
  16. Tsk tsk. No sense of style in that at all. D:
  17. Old school style c:
    Also we don't wanna risk losing muck-up day if we piss off the principal ; ;

  18. ??? I fail to understand how leaving toilet paper everywhere and dropping eggs on teachers cars is supposed to piss off the principal less than having a fun lightsaber battle or dressing up as Pac-man and the ghosts running around the lunchroom -- both of which are things that are just harmless fun and wouldn't really anger the staff at all, unlike the obvious ways in which the things from your school would... *scratches head*
  19. I have WAY too many stories! XD

    My high school had three sections: BBT, CAM, and Freshman Academy. I don't know what CAM stood for but BBT stood for Business, Bio-Science, and Technology. The section you were in depended on your homeroom class. I was in BBT and CAM had the reputation for being the WORST group -_- There was actually an incident where some idiots from CAM decided it was a good idea to throw balloons filled with urine everywhere!! Not a good day.

    During my lunch period, a thunderstorm knocked the lights out and the people in the cafeteria started acting wild. I got hit with one of those huge trash cans and being incredibly pissed off, I start blindly swinging and accidentally punched my best friend XD Whoops!

    In 5th grade, there was a huge food fight while I was at lunch and my class got into a huge fight with another class over who was to blame. My class wasn't to blame by the way.
  20. Woah

    Food fights are things that actually happen in schools?

    I thought they were just a myth.

    I've never actually seen a real food fight. I thought they only happened on TV.
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