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  1. Not sure why I made this(not sure why I make a lot of things) because, I haven't actually had a bad experience...save for an almost drowning but that was when I couldn't swim so its all good.

    So. I actually wanna hear your worst vacation experiences, or trips in general. Because why not?
  2. I've never been on what most people would consider a "vacation", only weekend trips to a friend's lakehouse. We've been going for forever with some of their relatives but good lord one year, it was baaaad. Their sibling and cousin were fighting the entire weekend, then they started fighting with their sibling too, and then their cousin, and they were all mad at each other almost the entire time. Of course, I was expected to take a side D: Staying neutral wasn't a popular decision. Anyway, it all came to a head when we were swimming. They had a canoe there, and a peddleboat, and an innertube. They decided they wanted us to all have a race to see which was fastest, except they all fought over who got the canoe, and somehow they all ended up in the peddleboat together while I was in the innertube. Don't ask why or how the three warring family members decided to share a boat, I have no clue xD But anyway, I got about a third of the way across the lake thinking I was the next best thing because I was winning, until I realized that they weren't coming at all. Turns out the peddleboat steering thing was broken. I realized what was going on just as I accidentally got my innertube into one of the random currents the lake had, which was just enough to make the innertube spin, right? Well I get motionsick very very easy, and I ended up flipping the innertube over somehow, and I freaking panicked because I cant swim well... Yeahhh, it took them forever and a day to get out there to save me with the broken steering thing xP The innertube was long gone because it was one of those cheap blowup ones that is literally all air, so it takes a sneeze to send them flying across the water (slight exaggeration) and it had still been caught in the current. I managed to float until they got to me, thankfully... Then they all started fighting over whose fault it was that the steering thing was broken. Forever and two days later, we made it back to the dock. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't super fun either xD
  3. We went to Vancouver for the weekend for my 16th birthday.

    I was an angsty antisocial angry-at-everything teen and the last thing I wanted was to be around my extended family. The morning, my mom forgot it was my birthday. My aunt greeted me with "Happy Birthday!" and my mom was like "Huh? Oh right! Happy birthday sweetie". We went to my paternal grandmother's place for lunch. She made tomato soup. I always hated tomato soup. In the evening, we came back and Opa wanted to watch a ridiculously old and boring home movie that went on for literally hours. Sometime during it my cousin came over with her baby and everything was baby baby baby until bedtime, and you couldn't leave or go do something else without getting in trouble for being antisocial =3=

    Worst. Birthday/Vacation Ever. Magnified by the I-hate-everything of teenagers, but I have written it as 16-year-old-me perceived it :P
  4. Worst vacation?

    My mother left me in an airport when I was nine.
  5. @CozyCoz that sounds like the worst.
    I hate when people fight around me in general because it gets so awkward.
  6. @Minibit



    But seriously, I wish I could relate but hell, I forget my own birthday
    I mean...I got left in the mall....but I don't think its the same is it?
  7. Remember the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull?

    That grounded thousands of flights over the world?

    I was in New York at the time. I live in the UK, England.

    Most people wouldn't complain about having to spend an extra week in New York, but being stranded in a foreign country regardless of the circumstances is a horrible feeling, especially if you had an action-packed week prior and you are just exhausted and missing family.
  8. @ Grif ♥
    Yeah, I can see how that would really suck. Usually when you plan a trip you go back around the time you'd be tired of said place, so having to stay an extra week is not...desirable.
  9. Not unless that meant sitting in the waiting area hoping your mother would come back but in reality already boarded and took off, sitting in the security room eating Chips Ahoy and crying about how this shit always happens to you then yes.
  10. Mine wasn't truly a vacation, but a few days get away at a cabin.
    I was grade 7-8 at the time and it was something my Mom and other school mom's she made friends with planned out together, and it was one of her friends that owned the cabin.

    All in all it really wasn't that bad of a trip.
    But what made it annoying was that the woman who owned it, her kids just didn't seem to like me so they went out of their way to cause trouble whenever they could.
    Thankfully the other mother's kids were people I knew since Kidnergarten, so there were some people there I could hang out with and get along with.

    The worst those kids even did was really take some cheap and low blows, nothing serious.
    But having to put up with such annoying (and childish) behaviour for several days was just a nuisance.
    So Home Alone? Kind of. :P
  11. NO! I will find a way to beat you through the computer screen. More like I think 'Bad Parenting skills'. "You remember that creature we gave birth to back at the-oh shit he's gone!"
  12. I meant the movie home alone.
    The parents in it didn't even realize they forgot their kid until mid-flight.
  13. @Gwazi Magnum
    Huh. It doesn't sound too bad but I feel like that age is when shit annoys you the most.
  14. lol Birthdays have always been a HUGE deal in my (immediate) family. Still are; your birthday is YOUR day; the only real rule is that abuse of power will result in the loss of it, but besides that you're the king/queen of any castle you happen to be in and the whole day is configured around making you happy. Even as an adult I look forward to my birthdays so much that I'm absolutely crushed when I have to work all day or something else prevents me from enjoying it properly.
  15. If they did it today I imagine I'd handle it a lot better.

    However these kids did keep it up rather consistently, and dealing with a hater who has it in for you for no reason does tend to chip away at your patience if you share the same roof for a number of days.

    What constitutes as abusing one's power?
  16. Oh! There's another one I remember (again from my shitty ass childhood)

    we all went camping in Spring Canyon one year. My mother was well just being my mother (raging jackass), and promptly made things miserable for me. I brought my cousin with me camping and my sister brought her friend. Well, we pitch the tents and the next morning every person got wet. Everyone. Well, we all decide to go for a hike...my sister lands in jumping cactus. So, once we get the spines removed we go down to the waterfront where my cousin nearly drowns and I get a damned nosebleed from hell. The rock keeps rolling down the hill as the day goes on. Tosh and I go hiking on our own and finally get some peace and quiet, we start to talk about important shit like where we were going to pitch the tent again. We decided on the rock on the hiking trail and manage to get that done (wasn't a camping site but shit we didn't care). We go canoeing and can you guess what happened? Yep, we fell in in the middle of the fucking lake.

    Went home sick and miserable.
  17. Well...Here's to hoping for more enjoyable birthdays for you.

    (On a side note, isn't it weird how slowly but surely...you wish your birthday wasn't coming? #GetAged
  18. Every holidays me and my brother had to fly to the north of the country to visit our dad, because he had visitation rights that took every bloody holiday.

    The reason this is a bad thing is because my dad was there and he always acted true to himself. The end.
  19. Also, holy shit.. these are some bad experiences.
    Like,the worst I come away with is millions of mosquito bites.

    I wish I had as much fun as you all
  20. These aren't fun stories. :P
    You should be glad to have avoided these.
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