Worst Time for Inspiration

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  1. When was the worst time you ever got an idea? It can either be something embarrassing, something funny, or just a time you had to use something weird to write it down!

    I was on the crapper, and by the time I got back to a place where I could write, the idea had fled.
  2. I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten serious inspiration at work and needed to sneak getting my phone out so I could get the idea written down somewhere before it escaped me.
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  3. in the middle of sex

    . . .

    it was not very good sex.
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  4. When out at a friends house, and my phone is dead.

    Doomed with the torture of knowing I'll lose it cause there's nothing to record it with. ;A;
  5. Jesus, Minibit. XD That's kind of... let's just say I woke up my cat laughing.

    To continue with the thread's topic... I've also gotten an idea while in the middle of writing a post for an existing RP—not because the RP was bad, but because "What if this character did x thing?"
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  6. Anytime I'm nowhere near something that will allow me to write the idea down is the worst time for inspiration, but, then, I disciplined myself sufficiently so as to be able to memorize and remember key details. I don't really lose ideas anymore unless I'm horrendously tired and it's just before sleep, but then, a lot of things make more sense when you're about to turn off reality and turn on your dreams.
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  7. You know... you know, guys... there's this cool new invention, I dunno if you've heard of it, but it's called paper...

    And there are also these things... called pencils... and also these things called pens... and you can use them, to write on paper, without the need for electricity, and without needing to be so sneaky about it (since, depending on your job, there's a good chance that writing something on paper would be a lot less conspicuous than a phone) -- and these things are suuuper easy to use, too. Like, just ask the people around you, "got any paper?", and then, "got a pen/pencil I can use?" and then woooaaaah it takes you almost no time at all to jot down some key ideas. And then, all you need to do is keep that paper with you until you can transfer it to an old-fashioned digital medium. Now, your imagination need not be limited by your phone's battery life. Wow, technology sure is amazing.
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  8. I work at a dining hall. We don't have access to paper behind the counter, and even if I carried some with me, I'd still have to sneak-write or else my boss would make me change my gloves for handling a random pencil (which I hate doing unless I absolutely have to). It's actually easier for me to just use my phone since I can type faster than I can write. No need to be so snooty.
  9. You have a fair excuse, then. I admit, it would've depended on your job.

    My response was a bit more directed at Gwazi -- him saying that there was "no way to record his thoughts" as if his cell phone was the only option, when he was just chilling out at a friend's house and surely could've gotten his hands on some paper and a writing utensil, just seemed a little bit ridiculous to me. XD

    In any case, I was only trying to make a joke. Sorry it came across as snooty. I wasn't trying to be mean about it. :/

    I can edit your post out of it, if you'd like.
  10. Ahah, that's okay. I always get really defensive when people reference that "kids these days are so hooked on technology, have you tried pencil and paper???" idea. It's really patronizing. But I see where you're coming from.
  11. Oh, believe me, I'm not like that at all!! I didn't mean for it to come across that way. XD Like... technology is a tool and there's nothing wrong with using it, and I'm just as against the whole "kids these days and their phones" mentality as the next guy. But, if your phone isn't an option for whatever reason, then, well, completely forgetting that paper even exists as a backup option is... kind of ridiculous. XD That's all I was trying to get at.
  12. B-but if I use the paper to write my idea down, how am I going to print out a hard copy once I convert it to digital so I can put it in my idea folder?
    [Is guilty of having an RP/Writing Journal on-person 24/6.5]

    On the actual subject, I cannot go a shower session (30+ minutes because I blow my extra income on the water bill) without having a serious session of brainstorming that usually leads to creating something exactly how I'd want it. Whether it be making a character, writing a song, creating prose, you name it-- I tried getting one of those water-proof shower boards, but as it turns out you can only really use it once. Waterproof ink and all. I rush to the nearest medium of inscribing once I get out, but by the time I get there "A scintillating field of rolling blossoms" is already "pretty flower in field very nice."
  13. You'd be surprised how often they can't find any.
    And how often that even if I do get the paper it ends up misplaced before I end up getting back home.

    Now, go back to your Newspaper and Coffee you damn oldie! :P
  14. Back in the ol' days of no cellphones *cough hack cough* I'd carry around notebooks in my bag with pens. My hands would always have ink stains. I kind of miss those days and may start once more.

    But for the most part, my cellphone is always on me. So anytime I get inspiration, no matter how bad the timing, I can almost always pull my mobile out and type it in my email. Once I even made a complete character sheet because I was too lazy to get on my laptop.

    So I guess there's no 'worst time' for me in particular, except maybe when I'm teaching ^_^' Or in the bathroom XD
  15. The very worst two times I ever get inspiration are A) When I am driving, and those super extensive ideas just come to mind fully formed and I have to stop RIGHT THEN!!!!! And get them recorded, or...

    B) When I'm asleep. I wake up from an amazing dream I want to write out, and halfway through the first five paragraphs I fall asleep again whilst typing it out on my phone- and wake to find I was typing in my sleep and everything but the first two sentences is utter gibberish garbage, and I have also recorded myself drooling on my phone in the dark.
  16. I have a really difficult time falling asleep at night and I usually tell myself little stories in my head to help me drift off.

    This is not always a good idea because sometimes I feel inspired but I have to sleep (because I procrastinated until way too late already).
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  17. When I am already writing to a roleplay or writing in general. There have been many of times when I get inspired for new ideas while I'm getting a thread response done. All it takes is a setting, word, character.

    Sometimes when I'm at work my mind is on ideas even as I talk to people.
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