Worst thing...

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  1. What's the worst thing you've tasted?

  2. Oh and lets be mature and keep our answers appropriate please. Reading this question again made me think of terribad answers. >.<
  3. Olives. They are so nasty. There are a lot of foods that I don't like but this one beats them all 10 times over. I wouldn't even eat them if I was starving. Give me any other food and I will eat it, but not olives.
  4. Celery, its like a devil vegetable....
  5. There is two things:

    1. I wanted chips once but wanted to be healthy so I bought some apple chips or whatever it was. Then when I ate them it tasted like I-don't-even-know and I almost vomited o.O I spit it out fast but even though I ate it in the kitchen I couldn't wait until I got to the sink or garbage can xD So instead I spit it out in the bag and threw it all away.

    2. I tested some work out drink (drink a glass before training and it will make the body burn more calories) It was so disgusting, but I drank everything anyways. Then I felt nauseous for three hours so it was really hard to work out xD It was disgusting!

    Why does everything that's good for the body taste so bad?
  6. Well, I don't know if it's per se an appropriate answer...

    But yeah. Bile. Specifically Bile following food poisoning. Bile is the most gross tasting thing that ever was or ever will be.

    The close second is probably CS/tear/riot gas/pepper spray.

    A close third is Water from the Dead Sea.
  7. Raw dandelion root tea, at least the kind I had, was abhorrent beyond my personal limitations. I'm surprised that I managed the first tiny sip, given the smell.
  8. Honestly? A battery, but that's a story for another time.... food wise I'd have to say ketchup flavored chips. A good idea, but poor execution. :P
  9. Blue cheese. Eugh. Don't know how people can stomach that stuff.
  10. Sweet potato. It is vomit inducing and uneatable.
  11. A Mucinex pill that I mistook for a chewable tablet...

    As for food, I'm going to have to say crab meat. Hell, any kind of fish... Even though I'm from a city where seafood is a common delight, I just can't find any that I enjoy. I always puke. The best I can do in that department is chunk light tuna salad or fish sticks. xD
  12. Peanut butter :/
  13. Splenda a.k.a. Sucralose, specifically its aftertaste.
  14. Huh. Splenda and Equate are the half-way tolerable artificial sweeteners to me, the one that's the worst to me is Sweet-N-Lo.
  15. Oh, Cosmic, I agree so much. Specifically, I have issues with my sinuses often, and the worst thing in the world is throwing up while my sinuses are giving me trouble. It's gross so this is all I'm saying on that matter.

    Foodwise? I cannot stomach Brussels Sprouts for any reason. I've tried. I simply cannot choke it down.
  16. Oh my, you guys got most of my worsts. But the absolute worst?

    When I was little, I often had snacks at my grandparent's house...

    Since we moved them recently, we found that my situation could have been worse, but I digress- my grandma made me a sandwhich.... not too out of the ordinary, right?

    IT TASTED SO BAD. Looked it over, trying to figure this out- and found the cheese had MOLD, the BREAD HAD MOLD, I THINK THE MOLD HAD MOLD, THE MAYO WAS CLUMPY....

    I... I knew what my fate would be when that hit my stomach, and I was right. Just one bite gave me one hell of a stomach ache and made me throw up for a few hours.

    A close second?

    Pringles BBQ chips. Those things taste bad going down, and worse coming back up.
  17. Urine might be the worst Isabellas have dried.. yes they where not smart as a kid..

    For food it is not so much a taste but a texture thing.. Isabellas tried rice pudding once and hated it so much they got angry about it.. like.. was seriously pissed off about how nasty it was!
  18. It's a joint answer for me.

    One, I once had some medication, a capsule of it, explode in my throat, tasted how gasoline smelt. Horrible. Worse still it was on public transport so I made a GLARGH noise in public.

    Two, some berries a book I had told me were edible, I licked one and oh god, it tasted like soapy death.
  19. Paint thinner.

    Just. *sniff* It was horrifying.

    NEVER drink from a bottle without being sure it's what you think it is >.>
  20. Fish eggs, on buttered bread, caviar IIRC.
    Of course I'm biased since the stuff ruined one of my birthdays since it caused a kid to throw up on the floor during one of them.