Worst Roleplay endings?

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  1. This is a thread where you can discuss the worst endings a Roleplay has had. Whether it's Tabletop, Forum, LARP, or some other type, all Roleplays come to an end. So, what is the WORST ending to a campaign you've had?

    My personal worst was a D&D Campaign about a journey into the Nine Hells. It was off to a great start when the other two players picked up flowers that swapped their alignments to evil, and I was a Paladin. The only Good character. After that, it ALL went downhill. One character got ALL the diseases, and the other started internally bleeding. The climax was when the party sold me out to a bunch of demons. My character decided to commit suicide by dumping into the River Lethe. After that, one of the survivors made the other one drink from a canteen that also contained water from Lethe, giving him a deadly disease. Only the now diseased player literally roasted the player who forcefed them water.

    And that was after only about an hour of play.

    So, Iwaku, what are your worst endings to a Roleplay campaign? Whether the GM dropped it with unresolved plot threads hanging, or it just ended badly, or was anti-climactic, if it's a bad RP, I want to hear about it.

    Mod note: This is NOT. A place to blacklist or call out other members. If I see any of that, it will be dealt with.
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  2. It was a My Little Pony tabletop RP... I don't want to bore you with the details, but, basically, it became very clear around the climax that basically the entire RP was just the GM venting his frustrations about recent developments in the show that he apparently wasn't happy about. Which made the whole thing feel really hollow... >_>

    And the climax was fairly underwhelming, anyway, and was over with pretty quickly.
  3. Probably the first D&D campaign I took part in.

    The DM to that one did (and still does) has an issue with understanding concepts such as "Punishing VS Challenging", the idea that RP's aren't meant to be railroaded, that players are supposed to play an equal role in story telling and that stuff like Gold and Magic Items (minus Eye of Vecna) exist for a reason.

    So basically, a lot of what basically amounted to "DM telling everyone how the Campaign goes" left everyone rather stressed and fatigued, with a complete lack of interest with the players to continue, and a lack of interest for the DM to continue because "no one was listening".

    My Sorcerer in the campaign had recently had one of her eyes remove, and found the Eye of Vecna to replace it with. So being recently tortured combined with taking an Eye of Vecna to the eye socket made her to bat shit chaotic evil crazy. This led to her doing two main things.

    1. Raping the Cleric
    2. Blowing up the Captial City (with a single fireball oddly enough)*

    The DM wasn't ok with the latter, so he brought Lv.9001 Wizard in to 'fix' what the players did and then vanish just as quickly.

    *Campaign then ended because we as the Party 'failed' to stop the villains. But really we had never stopped going after the villains minus the DM's "You're all Prisoners. No you can't fight back" shenanigans. And because we then failed the evil cult we were after had completed a certain ritual. No idea as to the specifics, but said ritual influenced the Moon in a way that then made my lowly fireball strong enough to decimate a city.
  4. Oh, that's an easy one. My worst campaign ending was in a roleplay that was basically a forum port of the Scion tabletop RPG, same concepts and stats and rolls in play, but play by post style. The party had to go down into this mine to deal with a frost giant, and half of us went down an elevator and found him there with the whole place rigged to explode and a detonation button in hand. I can't remember exactly what he wanted, but it was clearly a situation that called for persuasion and such rather than a fight.

    So one of the party members decided that they were gonna throw a knife at the giant. The GM dropped repeated hints that this was a very bad idea, but the player insisted it was the right move. I think their reasoning was that they had spotted the fact that a lot of the explosives on the walls were illusions (though the real ones were still enough to collapse the area) so they decide the trigger was also an illusion. They threw the knife, it it basically nothing because it was a totally mundane weapon thrown by someone without the stats to throw well, and the giant blew the bombs.

    About half the party died, and the roleplay itself was sent into a death spiral because of it. A lot of us made new characters, but it just seemed like most lost interest because they saw how easy it was for their characters to die. So that would have to be the worst roleplay ending I've seen, because it was a painfully slow one and it was due to a completely avoidable goofy choice.

    That silly person is on Iwaku, though the roleplay took place elsewhere. I'm not gonna name and shame, but I've already soundly mocked them to their face for this incident so I don't feel bad about bringing it up. I'll let them reveal their identity or not as they so choose, if they even see this thread. :P
  5. Man... All my roleplay endings were, thankfully, tame and the same.

    They died.

    In all seriousness: The original ending for Legend of Renalta was really shitty and lame. I just rolled some dice to decide who died and who lived in the end. Ergo, one of the reasons I've given it a nice, clean reboot.

    BETTER ENDING FOR EVERYONE! (By better, I mean more violent and intense and all the other things kids like these days.)
  7. Ah yes. It was a forum RP, about a group a Pokémon trainers that for some reason infiltrate a TR base. Shoop de doo, they fight a little, they get trapped, because Hoopa they get out, final fight with Russian psychic. Gets rekt, my character goes in a trance (because all the other players were in a different time zone, and therefore made a lot of posts in the meantime). Aaaaand the psychic kind of just leaves. The end.
  8. Ignoring the ones that just died out, I think the only roleplays I've ever finished ended nicely. Usually set things up for a sequel roleplay that either was attempted (and failed) or never happened. But the ending of the initial roleplays themselves were always nice.
  9. I decided to play a wizard bounty hunter with @Gwazi Magnum 'so personality

    ....so I blew up a city and tricked a bunch of city guards into falling into a lethal trap and got the other (lawfulgood) characters guilty by association

    It was funny and the table loved it
  10. Why did you never tell me this story? >:[
  11. Sounds like the time when the Chaotic Evil members in a party tried to kill an annoying (read: Chaotic Pain-in-the-ass) member of the party, and my Lawful Good paladin was off somewhere else and didn't know if the murders.
  12. I'd say the worst was of my own doing. A friend started a group RP once and couldn't go on with it due to life and time restraints. I really loved the plot and thought I could take the reins. I was inexperienced in GMing a group roleplay like that and ultimately had to terminate it. I wasn't prepared for characters not responding to plot hooks. Its hard to look back on it now, since I've grown, and know exactly what I should have done. Bah, hindsight.
  13. Other than the "scheduled" endings (such as Murder Game, Traitor Game), my role plays never had a smooth ending. It just ended when the other person stops.
  14. I had one tabletop RP that was something of a mystery. It was set in the WoD, Vampire specifically and the GM kept giving us clues to the mystery and they made no sense whatsoever. As there was a time constraint IC things started to get really frantic for the characters. I remember looking through the books trying to find something to help frame the mystery to help me figure it out. When the time was up and basically the world ended we asked for an explanation and what it was we missed. The GM was as frustrated as the rest of us. She unloaded this strange mash-up of all the lore but twisted in a way that made absolutely no sense to anyone. Obscure little hints like "you should have known he was lying because he put his hat on the table" etc. There were so many moments of Wait-wut? There was a long, pregnant pause after her explanation and then my BF of the time said, "There is no way anyone would have figured that out. It make no fucking sense."

    She never GMed for us again by mutual agreement since we'd put months into solving an impossible to solve mystery and we all felt like we'd wasted time.
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  15. My first rp was for an anime. I was still pretty new to group rp, but there's always going to be castes that filter out. That's just par for the course for some rps. The top caste basically had characters that were in god-mode. Nothing posed a challenge, and it was very boring. I attempted to stir things up with an infiltrator character, but it didn't turn up anything because the characters then became Bene Gesserit level omniscient, and tbh, I'm not that good at spinning lies or playing a schemer. (Feel free to talk to me or give me suggestions on how/if it's even possible to play a spy/infiltrator/withheld information guy without being basically DM.) The other thing is, of course, even if a perfect plan was 'set into motion', it'd be squashed. I don't blame their style, and I don't hate them, but I don't miss the rp either. In retrospect, I should've just quit when I got bored.

    How it ended, however was a combination of the following:
    - Posters were all in different time zones
    - Posters had busy time schedules. Posts would take weeks plus. Again, no blame here. I was a uni student, but also a no social lifer, so I had the time while others didn't
    - Posts were, in theory, supposed to be done, "in real time." ie. Each post had to be within the same time continuity as the others, so if it was morning at some location, it had to stay morning until all posts were done. This combined with above ground the RP to a halt. I think the last two months the entire RP was stuck on a single day of world-time.
    - What broke the straw though, was only one poster. Just one. I personally couldn't get behind this poster's style. The posts were long, really long, containing lots of fluff. There was some talk behind the poster's back, not vitriolic, but certainly impatient (the abysmally slow pace of the RP not at all helping) Then the poster gives self a power that was arranged not to be attained until much later. But as we all knew, we were all stuck in a single day of world-time, and that's what the poster referenced.
    - So after a huge back and forth I was basically non-existent for, the RP simply died.

    In the end? It was the slowest most agonizing death of an RP I've ever been a part of. It was also a learning experience. I really liked the posters for the most part. I wasn't perfect either. There was a lot of things I learned as the training wheels for RP, the dos and the don't. WHOO BOY, the don'ts. If anyone is reading this and knows who I am from this, I still love you. However, you still have to agree that the RP had serious issues.
  16. Worst roleplay I ever had?

    I think it was this post-apocalyptic roleplay where this super plague was effecting the earth and the population dropped to 1/20th of it's original size. Like the Fallout Universe, certain immune survivors tried to rebuild tribes and forcibly recruit other immune survivors into the cult or entice them to come there willingly and become work horses for the good of humanity. That's basically a TL;DR version of the plot the GM laid out for us. The problem was the GM himself became the problem. He made this super OP broody teenage character who had a super tragic backstory where he'd been shot, stabbed, forcibly gang raped, abused by his parents, betrayed by the love of his life, been in and out of the foster system forever and yet was an athletic champ with a ton of accolades, was in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize, cured cancer, and had several PHDs by his 16th birthday. I kid you not. He just kept adding stuff on as the roleplay continued.

    Long story short, he basically killed the story by having his character know everything about anything. He just rounded all our characters up and took them to this magic base he'd built that ran on nuclear power and had absolutely everything you could want rendering the entire story up to then pointless. It just kind of died from there because there was nothing to do but blink at each other and eat Doritos. One player tried to make a subplot where one of the tribes found out about the base, but the GM dude just killed off any kind of momentum by having the base have laser robots and just killed them all.

    Ironically, he was super picky about our characters being average joes in comparison and complained someone was too OP because their character was a body building park ranger. ._.
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