Worst Name Ever

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  1. Mike Hunt. Completely. :snowman:
  2. I don't like the name Philip X_X
  3. richard.....because people shorten it to dick....wtf
    and for girls
    ashley.....i met like three girls with this name and each of them where evil and should be killed.
  4. Richard Washer

    Richard Groper

    Adam Samuel Smith

    also...seriously...there's a city in Indiana called French Lick??? ...then again there's always Hell, MI...I have a friend who lives there :D
  5. Ah, man, that made my day~
  6. [​IMG]

    English soars when we're being bloody 'orrible to each other.

  7. thats hilarious...cuz i KNOW a guy named that..
  8. Whut about Herbert.

    All I hear in my head with that name is HOIBOIT.
    Like, a Jewish Chicago-accent.
  9. naw...how about a guy named Marion...
    all ican her is MARE-eon...and its always nasaly sounding
  10. Mike Hunt
    Mike Hawke
    Mike Litoris
  11. No. There are two names that are the worst in the annals of Iwaku.

    Johnny Sasaki and Sho.
  12. It ended up being related to vagrancy and being a hobo in general.

    Seriously just look up a picture of him.

    And aw man, johnny sasaki, good times.
  13. i like the name sho it makes me think of shoes ^_^ and i like shoes
  14. Johnu and Wendu. Forever alone.
  15. he'd probably let you walk all over him too
  16. well sorry to say my walking over peoples days our over because my boots are now useless because my dog thought that they looked tasty
    maybe if i get another pair then i will but till the day comes no more soul stomping ^_^
  17. I always got a feeling that Orochi would've boned them both.
  18. Another one, Patrick or Patricia
  19. Poor Fel, the person above me does not like your name.