worst bathroom experiences - just got locked up XD

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  1. So I thought about making this thread so we can share our worse experiences in the bathroom - cause I just came out of a bad situation XD
    So here's my dirty story XD
    I was at a work and needed to use the toilet, we have 2 bathrooms, one upstairs for the office folks, one downstairs for the warehouse folks.
    The one upstairs was being used to I went downstairs, there are two toilet cubicles one was locked up cause it was rather dirty, so I used the other one.
    First of, I always cover the seat with paper when doing my business in public, one can get some decease if one is careless...
    I was about to do that when I noticed there were dry shit marks in the toilet seat... couldn't see at first glance cause it was a black toilet seat... so I wet some paper with water from the washbasin and clean that shit up... literally XD
    Afterwards I build the paper fortress to protect me from germs and other people cuddies XD and I do my shit... literally XD
    afterwards I clean myself, flush the toilet, use the brush to leave no marks... you know, I poop like a professional hitman, I leave no marks...

    So I am about to exit and the door doesn't open... I am pretty sure I didn't turn the key, but I can't be sure, so I try to turn the key and it won't open, I can lock up two more rounds and open them up but can't open past that... so I am locked in the toilet cubicle...
    I climbed on the paper bin, then pressed my feet against the wall and my back against the opposite wall and craw upwards till I am over the door and jump down on the floor, luckily I am in good enough shape to do this, despite of being a bit overweight...

    So that's my shitty adventure of the day!

    Tell me your stories!
  2. That literally made me laugh. But it's the way to go. Leave unto others the toilet as you would have them leave it unto you.

    Well, my story isn't as adventurous, but here goes. I just moved to a different house and the geography is still iffy. It was also early morning so there was no light save the electricity run lights. Anyway, just as I'm about to take a shower, the electricity goes and I was stuck in a pitch black washroom x.x. I had to walk around blindly with my hands out all the way to my room. Thankfully I didn't bump into anything.
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  3. That's why I prefer to shower by day XD

    I saw this picture to explain how it felt like
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  4. Day, night lol. It's extremely hot here so I tend to shower at least three times in 24 hours ^_^'
  5. Darn, I hate those hot summers XD
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  6. Something similar to this happens to me sometimes when I shower in my dorm building at college. You see, the lights in the bathrooms are turned on by motion detection. And, you know, they're generally pretty responsive. You walk in, lights turn on, everything's alright. And this means that they automatically turn off after a period of time, too. Now I'm not sure exactly how long that is, but, presumably it's long enough that no normal person would ever have the lights turn off on them out of nowhere.

    But, you see, I take very long showers. I don't really want to take super-long showers -- and it would save me a lot of time in the mornings if I could just keep them short -- but, I space out, my mind wanders, and showers for me take a lot longer than they probably should.

    This means there have been a number of times when I've been in the shower for so long that the lights have completely shut off on me. >_> And it is pitch black when that happens. So all I can do is poke my head out from behind the curtain and swing my arms around in an attempt to turn the lights back on. And when that doesn't work (which it usually doesn't), I have to take a few blind steps outside the curtain -- while I'm still naked -- to get the lights to turn back on, and hope to God that no one happens to walk in at that particular moment, as I'd be right in front of the door. >_<
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  7. Woke up. Went to bathroom. Morning pee. Regular routine.

    Lift up toilet seat.

    Found a squatter (note, not a pic of my bathroom, but effectively the same situation).


    I killed it to death.

    I got 35 lousy EXP.
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  8. Oh jeez X.X I'm getting panicked just looking at that picture!

  9. You know what you're going to do every day this week?

    Look under the toilet seat.
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  10. Precisely. Or for the rest of my life, really.
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  11. Flawless victory!

    Been there sorta, but just in public rooms with motion sensor and the light goes off when I am cleaning myself XD
  12. Hmm, maybe you can keep something with you to toss in the direction of the censors if they go off?
  13. But what if it doesn't work? Then I'll I've done is toss an object into the abyss with no clue where it landed.

    I'm not sure I'd trust such a method. It would literally be a shot in the dark. XD
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  14. Not really had any bad experiences. But it does piss me off whenever i have to use the trolling taps. Basically, they give you X amount of time to wash your hands. It never is enough. Worse are hand dryers. The fucker that invented them was a giant troll! Most of the time, you're lucky to get 30 seconds of hot air before it stops. It usually ends up with most people doing a really shit karate show underneath the thing just to get the damn thing to work. Then give up and use their pants to dry their hands.
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  15. Ran out of toilet paper once. Including backup toilet paper.

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  16. I had the misfortune of having to take an emergency dump in a public toilet. Nothing was wrong with it. It's just that we, brits, on a whole, dislike using public toilets and will always tough it out until we are back in the privacy of our own homes.

    Always hated going for a piss at the train station. There was always someone that had an explosive shit. And whoever designed toilet trains clearly didn't account for us men. Pissing in them is like playing a game! Will you hit the bowl or will it go every where!? You either have to use one hand to aim it, one to stable yourself or take a ninja pose, climb up the wall then piss from a height.
  17. I peed myself in public once. >:/ Thank god no one saw.
  18. The power of dark colours prevail once again!

    That sounds rather racist actually.


    I have had several times where a fart was not to be trusted thus having to turn myself into British Gas.( a gas company) and prevent any leaks until i got home. Always awkard as you know that if you give in, that fart could easily be a mistake.
  19. One time in summer school, before classes begun, i had to piss. When i was doing my business in a urinal, this boy came in, and decides to PEE IN THE CORNER, WHERE AN URINAL IS 1.5 FEET AWAY.

    Now that I think about it, the bathroom is pretty much the only open boy's bathroom that wasn't being cleaned for the majority of the summer.
  20. Have you tried clapping your hands? most people don't know, but some motion sensor react to sound as well.
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