Worse Than Zombies

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  1. 2017. Just a few years ago, the earth was hit by a devastating apocalypse. Fire from the skies, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, hurricanes... When the worst of it died down, many had found shelter and survived, only to be killed by hunger or scavengers. Some wear the scavenger title with pride and some with shame. The only thing worse than zombies is people.

    Claus sat silently in the house. They were low on food and it was time to move to a new location. He just had to wait until his friend came back.

    Name: Claus
    Age: 17
    Favored weapon: Hunting rifle
    Second weapon: Machete
    Emergency: Rusty crowbar. Attempts to shine with steel wool are evident.
    Personality: Bold and a bit reckless, but keeps his life out of conversation.
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  2. Zane pulled his pickup infront of the hideout, a ramshackle metal shed fronting a old mine network set in the side of a large hill. He just got back from raiding a bandits camp for supplies, he did it clean, sneaking in and grabbing two dufflebags of survival supplies while the group of bandits were busy "entertaining" themselves with some poor soul of a woman in the main courtyard of their complex. He didnt let them suffer though , he left a pile of sharpened knives and 2 loaded handguns hidden underneath the bedsheets of the prisoner cages before leaving.

    Grabbing the dufflebags he walked toward the door, but instead of standing infront of the door he stood off the side and knocked, Chaus was pretty bad with shooting through the door in suprise.

    "Who is it?" a voice came through the door.

    "Candygram dumbass who do you think would bother knocking on a old shitty shack in the middle of nowhere?" he said both sarcasticly and jokingly.

    "i got the stuff from the camp, i need to sleep then we can get going Chaus." Zane said and waited for his friend to open the door.

    Age: 21
    Main weapon: pump action 12guage
    Secondary: Crossbow
    emergency : Machete from 1930 that he repaired with ducttape and grinding stones.
  3. Claus gets up and walks to the door. "I have everything packed up and ready to go. Ill be in my nest until you wake up." He climbs to his sniper nest on the roof of the shack. They were trying to get to the forest to get through to the nearest city. This part of the mountains had been torn up and is now barren.
  4. "Ok man, gimme 4 hours, then ill be ready. Sort through the duffle bags and see what i swiped, i just grabbed the two heaviest and rattleiest bags so it might be parts, guns, food cans, or meds i dunno. Any word on that person on the other end of the walky talky showing up? If they actually know the way through the forest it could save us hours or even days of wondering around."

    With that he walked into the shack and threw himself down on the third bed down, lucky for them this place was the bunkhouse for the miners , so they had storage and more importantly enough beds to lodge a small platoon.

    "What's so important about the city anyway Claus? It will be a cramped martial law hellhole with no real freedom if it's anything like the last town.... what was the last town called? Badger-Burg or some other stupid ass animal name?" Zane hollared up at the ladder that led to the nest as he lay in the dusty old bed.
  5. Character (open)
    Name: Sarah Parker
    Main weapon: Small firearms.
    Secondary: Pocket size switchblade.
    Emergency: Anything in within reach.
    Outer Personality: Careless. Takes risks. Speaks her mind when she wants.
    Inner Personality: Constantly afraid. Always fears being left behind, or worse. Never shows her inner personality.
    Appearance (open)

    Hidden behind a thick dead bush, Sarah watched the pickup roll to a stop, and the man get out of it.

    She was about to check out the same exact shed in hopes it was forgotten. Clearly, somebody called it home. 'Should I even bother knocking on the door?' Probably not, for all she knew they were psychotic cannibals. 'But hey, never know til' you try.' Which was true, but she had no choice. Her mouth was as dry as sand, and all the water she found stank horribly. And by the looks, and sounds of it. There couldn't be more than three people there. 'Shouldn't be too hard to get out of, if things go rickety.'

    With that thought in her mind, she put her arms straight out to her sides in an attempt to make herself look not, like something you'd shoot on sight. And started to walk toward the shed, but as always, kept her hand close to her pistol.

    'Hopefully they'll let me in... Tsk, hopefully I don't get a bullet between the eyes.'

    Sorry for the short post, dry out of ideas. >w<
  6. He calls back down "Supplies. We are going raiding... The only rule is no killing."

    He grabs his pair of binoculars and looks out on the wasteland with a sigh. Looking around, he sees movement and focuses on it, reaching for his rifle to get a better view through the scope. His nest is partially in the mountain and well hidden. You could see the barrel of the gun if you look close enough. He saw a girl walking towards the shack. Once she got close enough to the shack, he called out "Stay where you are." He was hoping the echos would throw his voice. "State your business"

    [​IMG] The shack (the actual shack would be up against or built into the mountain with a small alcove above where the nest is.
  7. Zane heard Claus yell his anwser down. A few moments later he heard him shout something not directed at him. *SHIT, could the bandits have followed me? Is it the guide? I doubt its just some yahoo who found the place* he thought to himself. Quickly rolling out of the bed in the underground chamber beneath the small shack and climbing the ladder to the tiny building acting basically as a weather barrier to keep the mine from getting rained or snowed into.

    Grabbing his shotgun he kicked the front door open and quickly aimed at the first person shaped thing he saw, but it seems the figure was already talking to Claus, and since Claus was good at judging peoples intent and the figure still had her head, Zane assumed that she wasn't hostile and lowered his shotgun to aim at the ground to the right of his feet.

    "Oh i LOVE girlscout cookies, do you have any chocolate rasin wafers?" he said with so much sarcasm it was almost painful to listen to.

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  8. (well, I think it looks like my picture, but pushed up against a mountain)
    "Go back inside. I've got it taken care of"
    He keeps the rifle pointed at the female's leg in case she attacks or draws her weapon at his comrade.
  9. name:Dzekl
    Favored weapon: Silenced colt pistol
    Second weapon: medium sized bowie knife in left boot
    Emergency: Anything at all. sharpend stick if needed.
    Personality: Nice but if needed will kill on sight.
  10. Dezkl stumbles into an old beaten truck next to an old rusty shack. Hoping for water to find.
  11. 'Oh, fuck. Another? We were just about to leave, too.' His ear twitches as he hears an engine in the distance. He grabs his binoculars and see three scavenger trucks in the distance. He calls out "All non hostiles get into the nest! Now! Scavenger group heading right towards us!"
    He looks down at Zane. "That means let them inside."
  12. Dom looks through the hut finding a bit of water good enough to drink. he takes a drink as he hears Trucks in the distance and a bunch of commotion. he sees a man with binoculars yelling and starts his way screamin in help as the trucks got closer.
  13. "Oh SHIT help me" echos through the hills
  14. "ok ladies INSIDE and get down the ladder and don't make any noise, looks like we got large scale company." Zane said flinging the door open and ushering the two inside. He then slammed the door shut and pressed himself against the wall by the door inside the shack to listen for gunshots or declarations of peace.
  15. "Zane. Ive got road spikes. Keep an eye on the road. " He grabs a roll of spikes and starts running along the open ledge that faces the road and tosses them so they lay across, then takes cover with his rifle.
  16. Dzekl
    see's Zane run into cover and he runs up to him and starts yelling " help me please " as sprints toward him
  17. " I said GET THE FUCK DOWN THE FUCKING LADDER!!" Zane screamed at the man running back up to him. he quickly pressed the butt of his gun against the mans chest a shoved him back into the shack.

    "We have a situation and your clueless ass is gonna get us all killed!" he spat at dzekl under his breath.
  18. Upon the ridge opposite of where the old-world Mine lay, a solitary figure had perched himself at the hill's crest, his siloutette all but impossible to spot at a range. His tattered, once-black Trenchcoat, which now looked gray, laid out around him, while his rucksack sat at his feet, reducing the chance of drawing attention from afar. His weathered rifle was firmly within his grip, it's 10x42m scope fixed on the clearly occupied building across from his vantage point.
    He didn't feel the need to use his scope in a 'glance' only fashion, as it's mesh-covered end would eliminate the chance of the optic from giving off a glare. He didn't like being spotted, after all. Not until he was quite ready.

    Minutes passed, and within them, two more people neared the shack, ultimately going in. At his distance, which he'd guessed to be at least 300 meters, he couldn't hear them, but could see their faces and body language well(When they exposed themselves enough, that is.). They didn't seem inherrently hostile.. But that didn't mean jack, these days. Even as the line of trucks entered the area, his finger remained out of the trigger well.

    This Marksman, Datcher, old-world though he may be, was not about to get involved quite so hastily.

    Name: Datcher
    Age: 29
    Primary Weapon: M-24A2 Rifle w/ 10x42m Optic, and Silencer(In his pack unless needed.)
    Secondary Weapon: SW1911 Pistol
    Emergency Weapon: Gerber Survival Knife
    Personality: Cold, Calculating, Paranoid
  19. "Fucking hell." he said under his breathe, quickly searching through one of the duffle bags.

    "Wait... Night Vision?" he questioned before looking through a dusty pair of high tech goggles
    "Oh nope thermal, and since its middle of SUMMER id better switch to hilight cold" he blathered , finding the selector switch, discovering it had binocular functions as well.
    "hope the battery lasts." zane said slipping them on and pearing outside, the world being solid black with small splotches of white.

    "HEY CLAUS THE TRUCKS COMIN UP HAVE A/C ! " shouting to get over the sound of wind being swept through the mountains. he could see the shapes of the cabins of the cars and shapes of the people.
  20. "I'll try not to wreck it, then. Im taking a shot at the second truck's driver. Hopefully the first will hit the spikes."

    He takes his position and takes aim. Breathing slowly. He holds his breath to steady and releases as he pulled the trigger to lay waste to yet another life.