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    It was like any other day. You got up...you got dressed. Everything was perfectly fine. In fact, it was almost perfect. Who would have thought that your world would soon be ending?

    The sirens started wailing before the sun had even fully risen. The sky was like fire, but you soon realized it wasn't just the color of the sky. In the distance, your city was burning. You thought you were safe this deep within the country, especially inside this guarded city of yours. You could never have been more wrong.

    The chaos ensued. People scrambled for the underground bunkers, killing each other to ensure their own survival. It was utter chaos, and the government could do nothing about it. As bombs fell and screams rang out, you could only pray that would somehow survive this apocalypse.

    By some miracle, you made it underground. The ground shook around you, but you knew you were safe. Only 5,000 of the city's population of three million made it to the bunkers in time, and you were damn lucky to be one of them.

    You know not how long you were beneath the ground; you just know that every concept of time was gone. There were no clocks; in fact, they weren't even allowed. After what felt like days, the electricity died. You were left in complete darkness with only flashlights. Those too eventually died.

    Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the doors to the outside were opened. What you came out to, however, was more horrible than anything you could imagine. The remnant of your great city was gone. All that was left were the completely crumpled ruins and ashen bodies. Millions of ashen, decaying bodies. You soon learned it had been three whole years since the bombs hit. With what little electricity the city had left, the five thousand survivors learned that it was not just their city. It was everywhere.

    The entire world. Gone. Left behind was a meager 2% of the 7 billion population. Approximately 1,400,000--all spread out among the world.

    Now, you are left to build anew with no electricity, no fuel, no valuable materials. Chaos abounds, and the land is lawless. But you find a way to survive...barely. That is, until Jason Clark rose to power. He took the reins by force and became a beacon of hope, speaking eloquently about taking back at least a piece of their old lives.

    We all cheered for him. We all believed in him. After all, he protected us with his wall; he gave us a reason to keep going. We started families, held jobs, and had a constant supply of food. Life finally became some version of "okay."

    That is...until you start to realize the truth behind the "hero" of the lingering people of Detroit, Michigan.


    The major countries were in the midst of what might be considered World War III. Although they had yet to use nuclear warfare, it felt inevitable. Because of this, state-of-the-art bunkers were established in every major city. These bunkers were designed to withstand a nuclear bomb--actually withstand it, that is.

    For the first time since the United States' Civil War, the battle was brought onto U.S. soil. Everyone moved inland as bombings became a very real threat. Detroit, Michigan was one of the most protected cities in the nation, and everyone that could migrate there would leap at the chance.

    However, it was not to be. The "apocalypse" spanned four months, unbeknownst to our characters. Bombs, natural disasters, etc. all plagued the world as the nations made a final effort to win on their side. It was as if the universe had decided to wipe mankind out, as the war itself only accounted for roughly 40% of the deaths.

    Jason Clark's rebuilt society has reached its 10 year mark. Named "The Last City" due to it being the only known civilization left, the people there lead somewhat normal lives--but without the technology they had before. It is like we're starting from scratch.

    However, things are beginning to change. The curfews are earlier, the punishments are beyond cruel, the City Guards abuse their power. Little by little, Clark is suffocating his obedient citizens, and no one dares to even speak against him at the dinner table
    . Until now.


    Bordered by high stone walls, The Last City is a marvel all on its own. Bordered on what used to be the Detroit River (now overflown to the point of now being more like a lake), its commerce is limited within the confines of the city. The main road connects the market, the "slums," Clark's manor, and the rows of houses centered in the upper east side of the city.

    Farmland makes up about 2/3 of the entire city. Farmers usually grow vegetables, wheat, soybeans, cotton, or fruit. There is even a fairly large orchard that is highly valuable. The main fruits grown include apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and even pears. Strawberries and blueberries are the most expensive, followed by pears and peaches. The main vegetables include corn, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage. Corn and potatoes are the most valuable vegetables, followed by onions, carrots, and tomatoes. Wheat and cotton are the most inexpensive items, usually only bought by bakers and clothes makers. Herbs can only be grown by certified doctors.

    The fresh water supply is in abundance, and fish can be caught by anyone with the skill to do so. Trees on the edges of the city, but most of the city is farmland/buildings/roads.

    Currently, the population has reached an all-time high at 8,214. The life expectancy has finally hit at least 60, and the birth rate is slowly increasing. There is no formal currency; instead, everyone trades in goods (or information, if you're part of the Black Market). Taxes are paid with goods, either from what the person has procured from others or what they make themselves.

    The government itself is run by Jason Clark. Standing at 6'4", he is a man who defies all odds. He protects the city from dangers outside the walls. Yes, there are many dangers. His brutality and strength makes him both feared and loved; mostly feared. However, despite his cruelty, he keeps his promises to keep their city standing as long as he lives. Some think he may never die, as he hasn't seemed to age a day over the past ten years.

    The City Guards are Clark's elite force of about three hundred men. They are ruthless, well-trained, and armed with guns. No one dares to oppose them. While Clark makes the laws, they uphold them. Viciously so.











    At first, you only wanted to survive. Now, you have the opportunity to have a family, even hold a job. Life is very slowly becoming normal again, despite all the losses. But as time has gone on, you've begun to notice the tyranny of your "Great Protector." You begin to wonder what's beyond the walls of the city. You begin to wonder why you've always turned a blind eye to the City Guard's cruelty. You begin to wonder if survival is really worth being a slave to a man drunk on his own power.


    ~Wayward Tavern~
    Named for its tendency to pick up stragglers wandering after dark, this tavern is the social hub of the city. Being the only place in the entire city that's allowed to stay open past sunset, its only downside is that if you don't leave by then...well, you don't get to leave until sunrise. Not many people mind, however, as it's got good food, good ale, and a bartender that will gladly help you out in exchange for some good information. The City Guards are on constant watch over this place, though, so you better tread carefully. They don't really care if you were too drunk to realize that you were insulting them or, even worse, Protector Clark.

    ~The Black Market~
    While the black market does not have any specific location, you are bound to find at least one representative at Wayward Tavern. These are the people that deal in illegal items. Even being caught around one of these people will get you a one-way ticket to imprisonment...or death. They don't really care about any sort of rebellion, as long as they get their goods.

    ~Farewell Square~
    Officially named "Protector Square," this place is considered to be almost sacred to the townspeople. This is where people are executed publicly. The family of those being executed are forced to watch the execution. It has been aptly named "Farewell Square," as any man, woman, or child called there will soon be dead.

    The prison Clark uses is structured much like a dungeon, being found underground where the bunker used to be. Anyone condemned there will probably never see their family again, especially if they're a woman.

    ~Widows' Commune~
    Placed just beside Clarke's Manor, the Widows' Commune is a place of shame and tragedy. Those living there are considered to be less than human, and few people in the city think any differently. They've been conditioned to think this way. Those living there must work to earn their keep, and the work is never easy. They are usually the ones seen harvesting crops or working as maids, among other jobs. They receive no help from outsiders, as it is extremely unadvised to do so. Not illegal, per se, but you would likely be killed or arrested all the same. Part of the reason these women are so avoided is because they are often diseased, malnourished, and unsavory in appearance. Those who haven't been widows for long may still be as they were before, but it won't last long.

    (This list will be updated)


    1. Be respectful.
    2. Maximum of four characters, evenly gendered.
    4. Questions? Feel free to ask.
    5. Intermediate roleplaying level required (i.e. write at least one five-sentence paragraph, preferably more).
    6. No god-modding, meta-gaming, etc.

    7. For the love of all things good and pure in this world, have some damn variety in your characters. No special snowflakes PLEASE.
    8. If I ask you to change something about your character, please respect that. In fact, if you read everything, please place a ♦ in your character sheet somewhere.

    || Yena Malinski || 21 || Healer ||
    Lucas Eugene Graham || 55 || Merchant ||
    || Bexley Annabelle Emerson || 23 || Guardswoman ||
    Alex Provo || 18 || Fisherman ||


    (Realistic Picture)
    . Name .
    First and Last, Middle optional
    . Age .
    . Gender .

    . Sexuality .

    . Appearance .
    Description required

    . Personality .
    At least five sentences
    . Likes .

    . Dislikes .

    . Family .
    Deceased or Alive; Include Name, Age, Relation, Reason for death (if applicable)
    . Current Occupation .

    . Previous Occupation .
    If in school at the time, please put "student"

    . Biography .
    At least two five-sentence paragraphs, preferably more.
    . Darkest Fear .

    Yes, this is relevant.
    . Other Information .

    Gifs, fanciness, pizzazz, etc. are allowed and encouraged when making your character sheets. I much rather enjoy reading sheets with color and creativity than just boring black and white. :) However, this is not a requirement.

    If I "like" your post containing your character sheet, your character is accepted.

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  2. This one likes this. Loves it actually. Count him doubly in. Will submit character tomorrow (this one lives in the Eastern Standard Time Zone so it's about 1:30am here which technically means it will be submitted later today). In any case. Absolutely love it.
  3. Interested.
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Alex Provo
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straighter than you.
    Appearance: 6'0", Slightly muscular build.
    Personality: Alex is very self-reliant, and a fighter. It's tough to break him. Sometimes he comes across as vague and scattered but his mind is very much focused, with a clear goal. He's often suspicious of anyone he doesn't know well. But once you gain his trust, he'll stand by you to the end.

    >That feeling when you peel dried glue off your fingers.

    >Being useless.
    >Protector Clark

    Father: Eric Provo. 54. Dead by natural causes.
    Mother: Marie Provo. 53. Imprisoned for life for unknown reasons.
    Sister: Lois Provo. 20. Executed via firing squad. Reason unknown.

    Current Occupation: Fisherman.

    Previous Occupation:
    Average teenager.

    Biography: Alex was a normal 15 year old kid before the war. His father was a history professor. His family stayed in one piece inside the bunker. There wasn't much to do for three years so his father often told the stories of history to the inhabitants. Alex nearly memorized the 20th century. His father died in the bunker from a heart attack. The body had to be incinerated.

    When the bunker finally opened the world was startlingly different. It didn't take long for someone to rise above the rest. At first things were O.K. Protector Clark protected everyone and ensured a future. Eventually, more and more rights were taken away. Especially, the rule that banned weapons. Alex was disgusted by it. History had shown that dictatorships only stopped when the people revolted. His mother was eventually imprisoned for refusing a guards demands. His sister, Lois, attempted to start a sort of guerrilla resistance. She wasn't careful and was arrested when she mentioned it to a friend. For that, she was shot.

    After his family was taken from him he was forced to work for nothing but rations. The City took everything from him. Now he wants revenge.

    Darkest Fear: The dark. Literally, the dark. Not being able to see is his greatest fear.
    Other Information: He has a pet german shepherd named Sunny. Sunny helps him with his fishing job. The two are very close.
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  5. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bexley Annabelle Emerson

    Bex, Becky, Beck




    Bexley is a Short girl with a pale look against her skin. It is said she never tans,
    and she even cowers to the shade as if she were allergic to the sun. Beginning at
    her toes, her feet are a regular width and length. she usually tends to wear combat
    boots and rarely ever, high heels or flip flops. You'll never see her in runners or
    girly looking shoes. Her legs are short but they're still skinny, like a normal teenagers
    legs, even though she never really uses them. She has barely got the wanted "thigh
    gap". With her legs being like this, she likes to wear ripped black tight jeans when
    off duty or ripped leggings with shorts. She walks with laziness, you barely notice
    her hourglass shaped figure. Bexley doesn't really care about what she looks like,
    as she knows there are other things to worry about.

    Along her left arm there is the tattoo of a tiger, in black an white which she got
    before the world went to shit. Her arms are short as well, being not too skinny and
    not too flabby. Bexley's face looks soft, and as pale as the rest of her. The only thing
    different is that she has the look of someone who is either really out of it, or really
    stoned. This is usually, what I call, her 'default look'. She's always looking clueless
    with something even if she isn't. Her eyes are big and a deep, darker brown and look
    quite droopy from time to time (droopy in the super tired/stoned way). Her nose has
    a septum piercing, which she also got done before the war.

    Onto her hair. Bexley's hair, is down past her chest and very bleach blonde looking
    with a brown under highlights. (See pictures) Her hair is the only thing that she's
    proud about, she takes care of it often and is extra careful when on duty, she ties it
    into a bun. When she wears her uniform, she does look like a man in the distance,
    that's how she passes it off - well excluding the fact that her father is highly ranked
    as a guard himself and was able to get her a job. She keeps her shoes as combat boots
    at all times. Bexley doesn't really care about her insecurities, because frankly, she's too
    busy to do anything.

    Personality; Before the war and the disasters and pretty much the end of most of civilisation, Bexley
    was a devoted Christian, She enjoyed attending high school, she was a happy girl.
    She was talented in art and music but she had always liked Gym class the most.
    She loved being active and playing in her school's football team. She was sweet,
    caring, kind, lovable and all things amazing. But, the war, it changed her. A lot.

    These days, Bexley is a reserve, quiet girl, she doesn't like to show her emotions,
    or discuss them for that matter. She's still active, but she has become a lot tougher and
    gained experience and survived trauma. But the trauma did have an effect on her,
    after the death of her sister, she became cold and she was closed off. She spends most
    of her time alone but she does appreciate it when people include her and she becomes
    a slightly happier person when she socialises.

    Due to her career as a guard, she has become quite violent, when she punishes people
    she can sometimes get some sort of kick from it, like she's enjoying it. But, she's just thinking
    about Mr Clarke, since she has eyes for him ever since her father convinced Mr Clarke to
    let her join the guardsmen

    -Men in Uniform
    -Luxury Goods
    -Punishing those
    who deserve it.
    -Making music

    -People disobeying
    the rules
    -The thought of
    outside the walls
    -Her mother
    -Not having
    something to do

    Father; 41, Highly Ranked Guard - Divorced
    Mother; 39, Maid - In a relationship
    Sister; Deceased, died in the bunker, would've been 16
    Brother; Unknown Whereabouts, 19

    Previous Occupation;
    Student and Junior Girls Soccer Player

    Current Occupation;

    For most of Bexley's life, she had lived with her mother, father, brother and
    sister, she had a happy life growing through her teenage life. She grew up playing lots
    of sports, being part of 4 different teams for her high school. She was also part of several
    youth groups around her area that were into activities and badge earning and more. She
    loved sports so much because her father would encourage her to join the US Army, like
    he did, which gave her a purpose and she loved it. However, Bexley's life changed when
    her brother turned fourteen, everything started going wrong, her brother started taking drugs
    and stealing, not only from small town shops but from their parents. Bexley only found out
    when Callum was sent to rehab by their parents. After he left... well... the whole family
    just fell apart. Their parents divorced and got separate lives, she was thrown between
    two homes, the whole time wishing that she was somewhere else. Her sister would
    get drunk, sleep with boys and isolate Bexley from her life. In addition, her parents
    never stopped arguing with her, she was broken, she just wanted her family back. She eventually
    became clinically depressed and tried to kill herself many times, failing more with each
    try. She was so unhappy. She wanted everyone to be back together

    That's when the world went to shit. When she wished to be together with her family
    again, she never anticipated to be in an over crowed bunker with her mother, father
    and sister. Talking, laughing, like before. The end of the world had brought them
    together again. She had spoken to soon. Her sister soon became very ill, weeks later, she
    held her dying body in her arms and she never did stop crying until she realised the body
    had become a corpse. Her parents once again fell out and arguments erupted. She was
    mourning, cold, hunger and tired.

    Until they finally were able to return to the surface and they were saved by Mr Clarke.
    To this day, Bexley owes her life to him. If it wasn't for his town, she wouldn't have been
    able to regain herself, well, a persona of herself after all the tragedies.
    Bexley still doesn't know where her brother is to this day.

    Darkest Fear;
    Being killed.

    Other Information;
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  6. [​IMG]

    ♦. Name .♦

    Yena Malinski

    . Age .


    . Gender .


    . Sexuality .


    . Appearance .

    Not particularly tall or big in any way, Yena is about 5'5" or really 5'4" in denial, she has a relatively average Asian, or stereotypical, build, which makes it particularly hard to gain and keep weight on, causing her to have a very petite body. Because of her lightweight, which makes her a horrible drinker, Yena really doesn't have much to look at, both up top and down below. Despite that, being her weight does have a couple of good things, meaning slender limbs that aggrandize how long they really are, and a thigh gap, that just so happens to be the "in" thing currently, or at least before the bombs dropped. Her whole body doesn't really have much muscle tone, given that she didn't really do anything underground, so it makes her entire body seem soft.

    Her face really betrays her age, and she often gets mistaken as a high school aged girl. Like the rest of her body, her face is quite fair, maybe because she had been underground for so long. While Yena's face is small, it is rather oval, tapering to a soft point at the chin. Her ink black hair frames her face, shielding her slightly bigger forehead. Dark straight eyebrows raise above her double creased almond shaped eyes, before dropping further to her small, but round, button nose. True to her nature, her bijou lips are upturned naturally at the corners, as if she is always smiling, which she is. Yena enjoyed wearing heels to boost her small frame before the war started, but now you'll typically find her in black combat boots, skinny jeans, and a simple top underneath a hoodie or jacket, though she had quite the fashion sense before everything happened.


    . Personality .

    To her credit, Yena tries hard to stay happy and upbeat most of the time, being a true optimist at heart. She lives by the motto, "Life is too short for sadness." Quick to forgive, Yena couldn't hold onto a grudge even if she tried her hardest too, and while her anger comes quick and in intense spurts, it doesn't last for very long. Honestly speaking, Yena is a bit like an old friendly grandmother trapped in a young adult's body. Being a human of many contradictions, Yena enjoys company, yet remains introverted, treasures her friends, but lets them go very easily with a short of "oh-well" attitude.

    True to her INTJ nature, Yena is very quiet to strangers and will never initiate a conversation, but she has no problem continuing one. Intuitive, Yena understands and gets patterns very quickly, meaning she is a rather intelligent person, though she can appear quite ditsy as well. Even though Yena tries hard to be nice, but she finds the struggles of many silly, and while she may comfort you at first, she isn't afraid to tell you to move on and forget about it. Empathetic, Yena has virtually no sympathetic side, because she simply cannot bring herself to care. Not that she enjoys keeping tabs on people, Yena has a very bad habit of judging people right after she's met them, and will short of keep track of them within her brain while making false assumptions based on appearances. Like many INTJ's, Yena will not talk to everyone, but rather a more selective group, meaning her friends usually meet a short of set of requirements, giving off the slight impression of arrogance, which she is a touch bit, to some extent.

    Even if she may let go of friends easily, Yena will remain fiercely loyal to them, and can get relatively nasty and cold if you do something bad. I did warn you she was a creature of contradictions. However mean she can get, she can also be very nice, and will always plan ahead, anticipating and calculating the things that one might need throughout certain situations, in other words: she is like a girl scout. She will never think of only herself and will always bring extras of anything in case someone else forgot theirs. Strategic to a fault, Yena enjoys coming up plans and will be at an utter loss if something goes awry, which is ironic, since she did fancy the Emergency Medicine field.

    Her fatal flaw is that she often keeps emotions bottled up within her, and tries not to talk about them simply because she doesn't know how to. But, Yena has a hard time getting over things, especially anything animal related. For instance, she still hasn't forgiven herself over the death of her Border Collie, Romeo, who she didn't reach in time during the bombing.


    . Likes .

    Happiness (as cheesy as it is),
    Music, specifically the piano,
    Medicine (as in wanting to be a doctor),
    Rainy days,
    Different languages,

    . Dislikes .
    People who don't have an appreciation for the arts,
    The dark,
    Being alone,
    Breaking rules,

    . Family .
    Kisa Malinski, Mother, 50, Dead, Bomb/War
    Caden Malinski, Father, 54, Dead, Starvation, didn't make it to Safe Hold
    Elisabeth Malinski, Older Sister, 26, Dead, Imprisoned/Lethal Injection

    . Current Occupation .

    Healer and Pianist


    . Previous Occupation .

    College Student

    . Biography .

    The youngest out of a family of four, Yena was always babied as a child. She lead a childhood mostly surrounded by education, since her father was a doctor and her mother was a math teacher. While she wasn't anything exceptional, Yena was certainly a bright pupil and excelled at learning languages and playing piano in between her bouts of sickness. Yena never really had to worry about anything, since her parents did it for her, until the war hit.

    On the day the bombs dropped, her mother was hit and died first, quickly followed by her father who stopped to try and save her and later ended up trampled on the ground. Her older sister, Elisabeth, or Lizzy, as Yena affectionately called her, dragged her along and reached the safe hold. Luckily, both her sister and husband as well as their son, Jack, and soon to be born daughter Margaret made it as well. They spent the next three years trapped underground, really doing absolutely nothing.

    When Jason Clark rose to power, Yena had supported him, thinking that everything would return to their previous state. At first, things settled down and she found joy in being a town healer, however she began to notice how Clark began to slowly take away their personal rights. Her opinion changed officially about him, after her sister gave birth to their third child and was executed, along with the rest of her brood.


    . Darkest Fear .

    Losing those close to her.

    . Other Information .

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  7. images-32.jpg
    Name: Lucas Eugene Graham

    Age: 55

    Gender: Male, Straight

    Appearance: Old beyond his years. He is not very quick to smile, watching the world with a weary gaze of a tired man. But there exists a fire, tucked away inside, that can be seen through his eyes if one looks hard enough.

    Personality: Lucas is a bit of a Pessimist, and a firm believer in Murphy's law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. That being said he displays a calculating and meticulous mindset that is constantly looking for a way to beat the odds, and creating a safety net for when, not if, everything goes wrong. To things and people he cares about, he is passionate, and willing to do whatever he can to protect them, though he prefers to avoid violent confrontations.

    - Intelligence
    - Knowledge
    - The color green
    - Chess and Fanarona
    - Jokes
    - People

    - Ignorance, Stupidity, etc.
    - Bright lights
    - Disrespect
    - Guns
    - Courtesy
    Wife, Abigal, 49, deceased, didn't make it to the shelter.
    Brother, John, 53, alive, works as a farmer somewhere else. Little to no contact.

    Current Occupation: Merchant, sort of a liaison between people looking to trade luxuries with basic necessities, and people who have enough food to trade for other things, makes his living off the commission. eg. "You have five spare apples to trade? I know someone who may be willing to part with a watch." Trades four apples for watch and keeps the fifth. Occasionally deals with the black market but isn't associated with them.

    Previous Occupation:
    A writer. Wrote several fiction books, focused on protesting the war via short stories before going out of business.
    Lucas grew up a bit privileged. His family were old money but lived modestly and instilled discipline and respect into Lucas and his brother. Lucas eventually went to Harvard and became a professional writer, with a signature in historical fiction. He lived a quiet life and married his publicist Abby. Never one for politics, Lucas eventually started to take interest once the ongoing war put thousands out of work. Lucas himself was untouched due to his large savings but became an outspoken voice for peace all the same. He and his wife had reserved spots in the shelter, but she was out buying groceries when the evacuation commenced, and it was too late. Lucas grieved inside the shelter, and by the time the doors opened he was ready to scratch out a living, and put his shrewd mind to work, culminating clientele.
    Darkest Fear
    Eternity, unending misery, constant unbroken cycle of monotonous work. Especially that of which is empty.
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    Regarding City Guards

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  9. This looks super exciting. I'm not usually interested in the post-apocalyptic but this one seems very different and I think I could enjoy it a lot :D

    A couple of questions - the rules state that a woman can't have a job unless she works for a male guardian of some sort. What's the case for women who have no such male figure in their life? Is she still unable to have a job? Is there an exception made for someone in this situation? Is she still somehow expected to pay the rent when she has no job?
  10. Wonderful question. The answer is quite simple. She becomes a "ward of the state" and is thus under the protection of Jason Clarke himself. All these women live in a commune of sorts. I'll be adding this location soon. Conditions within the commune are less than satisfactory, but they get by. Illness and slight undernourishment are common. These women are formally shunned from society, and it is not illegal to help them--but it wouldn't be a good idea. After all, the City Guards never do really care for what the law says.
  11. Hmm, alright! That sounds like an interesting concept. I think I'll wait until there's more information about this before I post a character. I'm bouncing around a couple of ideas in my head, so it's not a matter of whether or not I'd like to join, it's just a matter of which character I'll be using :)
  12. Okay, glad to hear it! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me. I'm still fleshing out the final details of this mini-world we're creating, and I'm completely open to any and all ideas. Whether or not I'll accept those ideas is based on if they conflict with what's bumping around in my little mind right now.
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  13. @Everyone

    If I "like" the post containing your character, your character is accepted.
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  14. [​IMG]
    . Name .
    Jason David Clarke
    . Age .
    Unknown; appears to be in his 40s
    . Gender .
    . Sexuality .
    aromantic heterosexual
    . Appearance .

    Standing at 6'4", Clarke is an imposing man who demands respect just by his expression. His smiles are cocky and triumphant, and no one has ever heard him genuinely laugh. Though he does not appear to be overly muscled, no one would doubt his unbelievable strength and agility. No one, not even his most elite of soldiers, would dare fight him directly. His rugged facade of the "Great Protector" still fools many even now into believing that he is their most benevolent leader.

    Though characterized by an unkempt beard and long hair, Clarke is anything but rustic. His striking grey eyes hold a calculating intelligence that strikes fear into the bravest of men, not to mention his physical prowess. He is what some might call the epitome of man.
    . Personality .
    There are varied opinions on the personality of Jason Clarke. There are those who believe his laws are meant to protect them; others know the truth. At the very heart of the matter, Clarke is not a power-hungry man. Instead, he considers himself to be an opportunist. The world was in chaos, and he saved the few people that had survived. Because of this, he has built himself a sense of self-righteousness that is not entirely misguided. No matter his motives, cruelty is his area of expertise. He has no qualms about killing, torturing, etc. He rather enjoys it, actually.

    Above all else, Clarke believes in maintaining order. Any inkling of chaos will shatter the foundation they've built for this city. He will do whatever is necessary to stay in power, as well as to keep the "peace." His intelligence is considered almost extraordinary, and you will find it difficult to find someone who can match his strategies. He gets things done, and that's why there are still those who want to keep him in power.

    Besides his cruelty, Clarke maintains a near-perfect facade of a man who only wants what is best for every individual person. That means making "sacrifices" so as to keep everyone safe from the chaos that had killed everyone before. His charisma and easy smile is almost trustworthy.

    . Family .
    . Current Occupation .
    Great Protector of the Last City
    . Previous Occupation .
    . Biography .
    Rumor is that Jason Clarke was never seen in the bunkers. So how did he survive?
    (Otherwise unknown)
    . Darkest Fear .
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  18. We'll be starting when we have more players. I'm looking for about a cast of six players with approx. 10 characters or more.
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