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  1. W o r m h o l e
    By the year 2257, Earth had accomplished a lot, but perhaps the one accomplishment that many call the most influential, is that of the new leaps in space exploration. Although the general public was not aware of the scientific research being done in wormhole travel, many had pondered the ideals of traveling via interstellar anomaly. The closest pass of a wormhole in relation to Earth was all the government needed to send an expendable team to travel into its depths. They were told it was for the sake of science, and that safety was the chief concern...
    Safety was not of any concern.

    The government sent a team into the Wormhole that day... and soon after lost communications with the ship, and thus dismissed any hope of travelling via Wormhole..
    This is the story of the team that underwent that voyage, for they had not perished upon entry of the Wormhole. They had in-fact been transported to another galaxy millions of light-years away, and what they found their was something for more sinister than they had feared.
    C h a r a c t e r S h e e t
    Job on the Ship:
    Why was I chosen to take part on this Expedition?:
    General History:

  2. Name: Jake Winters
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Job on the Ship: Researcher
    Appearance: images (6).jpg
    Personality: Quiet, Watchful, Kind, and at times Cold
    Why I was chosen to take part on this expedition?: I was chosen because of having years of experience in space.
    General History: Jake Winters was born in the year 2231. He went to Stratford University at the age of seventeen and graduated after four years with a bachelors degree in astronomy. Not long after graduating, he joined NASA during the space age when Earth's technology eventually became good enough to travel through space near light speed. A few years after, he was promoted to a position where he had to study the anomalies of space. He studied nearly every type of space anomaly ranging from black holes to dark matter. By the time Jake was 26, he was placed on a crew that was planned to go through a wormhole. His job was to learn about what was on the other side of the hole.
  3. Jake Winters is: Accepted!
  4. Name: A-X19903 "Axil"
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Robot
    Job on the Ship: Intelligence Bot
    Personality: He is uncaring. He knows everything, and is loaded with speed learning software, meaning he can learn at an insane speed. He is very loyal.
    Why was I chosen to take part on this Expedition?: Each ship has a Robot.
    Misc: Unlike most robots, Axil is not loaded with a combat chip.
  5. Name: 혜지 Hae Ji Kyung, "Haylie"
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Job on the Ship: Journalist / Chronicler
    Personality: Curious and talkative, Haylie walks around with her cellphone in hand, always taking down the things people say or do. She likes to hear different opinions, ask questions, and collaborate information into reports. She's eager to learn new things and always ready to help others.
    Why was I chosen to take part on this Expedition?: Haylie was the winner of a NASA technical writing scholarship. The scholarship asked students to watch an explanatory video on how to repair a space-ship's communication lines. Students were then required to document the repair from memory, while using the same technical jargon as the engineers in the video. Furthermore, they were also asked to send in an essay detailing why they were the best choice for the expedition, a video diary of their week, and a video presentation of what they aspired to accomplish on the journey. Haylie's submissions were by far the best in each category, but the judges were most impressed with her aspirations, "I want to write the history of the future, not just by hearing it from other's, but by experiencing it myself."
    General History: Haylie was an international student from Korea, studying Broadcast Journalism at NYU. After completing her bachelor's degree, she earned a position on CNN, a leading news channel in the United States. During her work for CNN, Haylie traveled across many locations in US, mainly reporting on storm watches or local issues like immigration or gun control. She hoped her experience would, in the future, land her a better job. A superior at CNN sponsored her to apply for the NASA program. Although Haylie never dreamed of going to space, she spent a year reading up articles, watching old footage and keeping up to do with the space programs. She visited the Kennedy Space Center and landed a job as an intern over the summer. When she finally applied to the scholarship, she had her fingers crossed, thinking more technical, engineering students might write technical reports better than her's. She was in for a pleasant surprise when she was chosen as crew for the wormhole expedition.
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  6. Name: Alex Weaver
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Job on the Ship: Engineer
    He's about five foot ten, medium build, with brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. His hair is dark brown and cropped short, as Alex doesn't really see the point of dealing with anything longer. His face is oval in shape and he has a strong nose.
    Personality: Alex is the generally pessimistic, loner type. He's flirtatious with the opposite sex, although he very rarely actually means anything he says. It's an ice breaker, something he does to cope with others. He's strong willed and often sarcastic.
    Why was I chosen to take part on this Expedition?: He's an aerospace engineer, and has been working with NASA for the past three years. When they began planning for the Wormhole expedition, he immediately volunteered.
    General History: Born in 2230, Alex had a pretty normal life. He went to a decent school, had decent parents, and was an only child. Even when he was young, the kid was smart. He graduated high school at seventeen, and was on the road to a good college. His parents wanted him to ditch that dream and work in the family business. He refused and left home, coming out of college six years later with a masters in Aerospace Engineering. He was hired by NASA a few months later and has been working with them since.
  7. Haylie is: Accepted!
    Alex is: Accepted!
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  8. Name: Aaron Riley Sanderson
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Job on the Ship: Military overseer
    Personality: Rather silent and always straight to the point, Aaron looks always serious, measuring his words and his every move. So much detail in his job had brought him a pretty successful career in the army, but a really awful one outside of it. Cynical, sometimes he may prove to be rude because of his seriousness, but above all, he will always look for the well-being of the people around him.
    Why was I chosen to take part on this Expedition?: You wouldn't possibly think the Fifth Echelon would not want to have an eye on this, right?
    General History: Since he was old enough to join the army, he had been serving in the army, which has taken him to many places and trained him in many techniques, some of them quite odd, some others quite obvious. Eventually, he was asked to give even more, and he didn't refused so Aaron ended up as a spy for the unknown information agency, performing all kinds of operations all over the globe; from industrial spying to V.I.P. protection, but always succeeding in his mission no matter the difficulty. With such a record, it wasn't surprising that he was chosen to be part of the crew that was to get into a wormhole.
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  9. Aaron is: Accepted!
    However, I would like you to improve on your sheet just a tad bit. First, you should change your job title to Military Overseer, because the ship doesn't need guards. Secondly, I don't think that the army would be involved, but more than likely, someone from a higher echelon of the military, like the CIA or the FBI. Or you could make up some kind of Space Military that is dedicated to protecting earth a whole ( PLEASE DO THIS! I WOULD LOVE YOU). If you make the space protection, you don't have to explain it...

    But for now, just get going on the IC, I'm not going to rush you to change anything, just make sure it happens.

    IC: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/w-o-r-m-h-o-l-e.29136/
  10. Mphf.... Mmmmkay... When I have a minute I'll get it fixed... But I'm keeping the suit! ^^

    Tweaked it a bit. Hope you like it better now. ; )
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