Wormhole [Reboot] [Interest Check]

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  1. So a while back I ran a roleplay called "Wormhole."

    The basic plot was that a team of scientists travel into a wormhole in space to study whether or not it has any value as a tool for traveling. The wormhole shoots them out on a foreign planet similar to earth, and in the process damages the ship. They find something there that is very, very sinister.

    Interest in a reboot?
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  2. I might be in. ^^ I want to know more before I commit, though.
  3. What else do you need to know Sabine? There's wormholes and something sinister.

  4. The sort of character(s) I would need to play, the setting they would find themselves in, the actual plot, the level of commitment expected...
    Wormholes and something sinister is cool and all, but figuring out what you're getting into is cooler.
  5. I know, I know. I was just kiddin'. :p
  6. @Lady Sabine
    Its easier to tell you the kind of character not to play:
    • Someone who has a job on the ship that would in any way help the operation
    I don't expect a lot of commitment, either.
  7. Erm... so, like... a janitor? O.o I'm confused as to what kind of person would in no way be helpful.
  8. @Lady Sabine
    Engineers, Cartographers, Astronomers, and maybe a few armed guards.
  9. Ok now I'm really confused. ;_;
  10. @Lady Sabine
    They are on a ship on a mission to explore an unknown area of space. Engineers keep that ship running, Cartographers map it out, astronomers know about space, guards shoot stuff
  11. Yeah... which is why I'm confused as to why they're not helpful / we can't(?) play them. XD
  12. Hold on, I need to smoke some cannabis. Then I'll come back and post my findings on the characters we can play.
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