World's oldest eel dies in Swedish well

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  1. Ohh... That's so awesome!! @.@

    He was so old, he almost reached 200years old! Holy crap!!:)
  2. the question is, did they eat it?
  3. they are probably cracking the sucker open with knives to study the crap out of it.
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  4. UGH, the fEELS!

    That's pretty damn old.
  5. can i eat it
  6. Life is a little shittier now.
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  7. Maybe a joke will cheer us up.


  8. I'm with you Raz,I'd love to eat that eel.Since eel meat are delicious for me.Maybe a grilled old eel :3
  9. NOOO!
    Not the eel! ;____;

    but that is amazing actually, it reached to be 155 years old holy shit O___O
  10. If only there were MORay eels like it....Oh well. At least that old eel probably had an ELECTRIC life....I'm sort of imagining it with a SPINY personality, actually....Oh, if only it managed to live forELVER....Though I wonder how JELLIED that old well it lived in was....I also wonder what secrets it could've told us abuot the past....Maybe something about the art of antiquated CONGERers?

    Okay, now I'm out of bad eel puns. [Tries to think of a clever lamprey pun to end it all]
  11. Congers was stretching it dude
    A for effort as well as some goon punnery otherwise
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