World's Hardest Plot Challenge

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  1. Create a Plot that DOES NOT contain conflict of any sort.


    1; You cannot repost any plots posted before your own, or take inspiration from pre existing plots on this page that You are aware of. If you say you didn't know about it, I'll believe you.

    2; Your plot MUST be linear. It must have a beginning middle and end.

    3; Just because I am mean. Your plot must be rated as interesting by the plot below yours. I will post a plot to move start off and make this rule possible.

    A couple get married on a beautiful Island retreat, everything goes as planned and everyone has a Gay ol' Time. They live together in happiness until the end of their days.

    (Rate my plot as INTERESTING (I) or UNINTERSTING (U) if you are the next person to post. IE: The Plot above mine Was U (this is based on your own personal interest in rping within this plot.))

  2. The plot above mine was U, due to lack of conflict. :P I sense that a trend will soon emerge.

    Here is my plot: A young man is sitting beneath a beautiful tree, attended by the animals of the surrounding environment, when he begins to think about the universe. After many years, he reaches a state of consciousness that allows him to shed his earthly bonds. His body ceases to be, while his mind becomes all-encompassing. He has attained enlightenment, and spends eternity knowing and seeing all.
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  3. The plot above mine is I, for an eternity was a story never told yet still succumbing.

    Here is my plot:
    For once there was a man whom needed things done where he did not stand to be.
    So he found himself creating life, in a shape not representative of the miracle for which to it was key.
    Made of stone, and heart just as cold, the Golem stood under the moonlight of Prague, knowing only of its master's whim in the nothing and all that it sees.
    And to the brink of time untold, it serves its master inseparably; for the alchemist found it to be an assistant nearest to a tee.
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  4. Hate to be a spoil sport, but every single story here had conflict... The couple eventually perishes, the man was working against the earthly bonds, and the alchemist solved a "lack of minions" problem. I think you aren't so much making a story without conflict, so much as you are making stories that overlook an otherwise interesting conflict. The reason it is hard to make plot without conflict is because most living things experience conflict, and that conflict makes the story better. The easy trick to writing a good story without conflict is to contain no living things.

    For example. There was a rock. The rock was coal. It was placed in a fiery crucible of magma, and compressed by hundreds of tons of force. Existing in these conditions for many years, it became a diamond.

    Notice how although there isn't any actual conflict, but you were (potentially) still interested in it as though it had conflict. That is because you are transposing emotion onto an object which doesn't actually feel. The rock becomes a symbol for the rewards of hard work. So in other words, to any future posters, in order to make an interesting story without conflict, you have to trick the audience into seeing conflict where there isn't any.
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  5. Oooh, I dislike spoilsports.

    I would like to offer a counter arguement.

    To my own plot first:

    The couple may have perished, but they experienced no conflict between themselves and died in each others arms in absolute bliss. There was never any fighting or dissagreeances between them, and the both of them were happy to travel into death together. Conflict causes a change in emotion/opinions of the characters involved aswell as an evolution to the the plot as a whole. Both of these things must happen in order for conflict to exist. Now, because my characters opinions never changed, nor did their emotions towards the situation at hand. There was no conflict. I will give it to you that the story did evolve when they died. But even when they passed into death their own opinions and emotions did not. Conflict MUST effect both the settings and the characters on some level. Because the characters were unaffected, no conflict existed.

    2: In regards to the second plot. The character did change, yet he went through no hurtles to do so, change simply happened and the setting remained the same. Once more, no conflict.

    3: If the story did not include the Golem's creation no conflict would exist. However the beginning of the plot had conflict, therefor is failed the challenge.
  6. rock story is U for lack of plot and detail.

    This thread horrifies me. as a sociopath and instigator of hard feelings. A lack of conflict is incredibly disconcerting for me. reading these short plotlings is like chinese water torture for me.

    That said. Allow me to post a non sequitur in hopes of raising some manner of Cain.

    "It is a sentient object outside of time and space and all things that are. It is was and ever shall be. It enjoys making formless music on the strings of harmony and tone that tie worlds together. Every day a new song of infinite and perfect essence is made and it rings across the soulless bastion of existence and void. This concludes my telling of The Being that Is."
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  7. I have not read through this thread other than the OP and post above me, but I'll try to be unique! As for the plot above me, U because it isn't my style at all <_<

    "Living in a forest, a horse and her filly run and enjoy the days they have together. Winters are never a struggle thanks to care from their owners, and the two live their lives in wonderful health, watching as the herd goes through it's natural cycles of birth and death, forever flowing in an uninterrupted balance."
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  8. ^ U for horses

  9. The horse story, U (no offense, I can't think of a single non ocnfrontational plot that will be an I, heh.. )

    Alright alright alright, I'm going go give this a shot

    "There was a police officer by the name of Frank Miller who lived in NY City. Everyday while on patrol, he would visit his local coffee shop and order a double shot espresso. Frank really loved espressos. On most occasions, he would see his lifelong friend there, who happened to run the shop. Rarely, he would be absent. It didn't bother him whether his buddy was there or not though, he came there for the caffeine, not to chit-chat. One day, the coffee shop closes. Frank looks back at all the good years he had in there and counts himself lucky for the experience."
  10. ^My tenses are all fuckered up >.<
  11. You see, this is just cheating :p. You subverted the conflicts. Like, stuff happens to him that is considered conflict, but then he resolves it immediately as it is introduced so it doesn't feel like conflict at all.

    The coin flips. Spiraling and twirling, with no direction of its own, the coin is falling. Nearer and nearer to the ground, it will soon find a state of permanence and ground with which to end this chaos. Heads or tails, forever defined, until the next great event, the coin shall be labeled.
  12. Grrr, you're right. Did it without even the intention of doing so
  13. ^It's cause you've got a Shinji picture.
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  14. (I) for the coin story.

    Paisley Adams decide that she was finally going to adopt a cat. She went to the local shelter and immediately fell in love with a fat gray cat with tiny ears and no tail. She named him Sir Tubbington the Eighth, and took him home.
  15. New York

    Destiny lies within the busy streets; there is a dancer. She dances for freedom, love, strength and death. Born alone in this world for her parents are gone, she is still happy because of dance. She dances and dances forever on never stopping for she lives and breathes to dance. Then destiny's red strings of fate bring her closer to something more than what she ever would have imagined. A prince enters her life and swoons her with love she continues to live in bliss with this prince for within the streets of the city the two dance for life and their bright future of tomorrow. Did I mention these two are dolls that were destined to meet and dance a wonderful ballet of the true meaning of happiness? Did I? What will their happiness bring to you with the busy city streets?
  16. Since you didn’t get rated I will say (U) for cat story from princess but I can picture the cat tearing up the place when they get home which will cause conflicts but if that happened I will give (I)

    For the above post (I) but I would of liked bigger writing instead of me messing with my zoom.

    I probably get U myself but hey

    The life of a box called boxxy (because I can)

    Boxxys first day of life and was given precious metals to hold on to and with the help of the humans over the next few days he made it there safely. Boxxy then was intrusted on holding some personal stuff for the humans because they were moving home. Boxxy was such a good box he was folded away neatly waiting to help those humans once again.
  17. (U for the above story)
    A girl walked into a beautiful forest picnic basket in hand she found the best clearing possible first look and set up her pink picnic blanket and her lunch which was three cucumber sandwiches with white bread which was her favourite. A kitten walked towards the girl and shook her hand the girl was happy and hugged the kitten before picking it up and taking it home to her loving family.
  18. A man looked onto his mirror, and what he saw was good. For he was perfection, and no one could argue this. For he was all alone now that the world was dead. The man looked at what was his only company, and he was happy.

    the end.
  19. U for simplicity.
    He smiled at her as the life liquid gushed from her chest. He had stabbed her. He had finally gotten his wish. She had betrayed him and now she was dead. He looked at her, the light fading from her eyes. He had finally gotten rid of her, his burden, the woman who had used and manipulated him for years and years on end. However, all was to be lost. The familiar flash of red and blue mean the police had found him. He cursed his rotten luck. But there was one saving grace. His girlfriend had an attic with pull down stairs. If he blocked the stairs once in the attic, he could, he could, escape! Or hide it out! He ran up the stairs, leaving the evidence of his crime behind. The cops shouted for him to come out hands up, then saw him running and bust the door down. He jumped, grabbing the cord and pulling the stairs down. They saw him and were running up the stairs to apprehend him. He got to the first stair. A bullet ripped into his ankle. He could not move now. They had him in handcuffs now. He had been arrested.
  20. Uhh, Arcadia? You did the EXACT opposite of this challenge. Also, U, very generic.

    A team of scientists scour the galaxy in search of new scientific discovery. They find a small, hidden colony from the early days of space exploration, and with the help of the local scientists discover a new way to make a fusion reactor that shows a 37% increase in efficiency. They are awarded a prize, and with the subsequent money buy themselves an independent ship to explore the galaxy for a few more years before retiring, donating the ship in question to serve as a research laboratory for the next intrepid science team, and giving lectures in universities once a week until the end of their glorious days.