Worlds Collide

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  1. (So this is my first RP exeperience but I've been fiddling around with a idea that's been in my head... This forum has one role... Make it flow... If it doesn't flow I don't want it)

    *a soft breeze blows on a quiet world domanite by cheery trees, massive red oaks, and the scared World Tree. The world tree is 1/4 of the entire world and is the creator of the other regions of the world. In one section you have the smallest of the sections... The Rose Garden*

    This is where I will begin the story. Feel free to jump in
  2. appearance (open)

    Maura Velez opened her eyes, a strange smell was in the air, the smell of... Roses? Where was she? The last thing she could remember before waking up in this strange place was falling asleep, when and where was completely lost to her, it seemed she's lost alot of her memory. Slowly, delicately, she got up and started walking around trying to figure out where she was and how she ended up in this place, it wasn't the worst place to end up in but yet there was nothing familiar about the area she was in, or at least not what she could remember anyways.​
  3. The Rose Garden (description)

    *From north to south, and east to west all the eye can see is roses thousands of them. Each one delicate and pristine. Out of no where a girl pops up from the rose's*

    *Emily sees the woman and starts to approach her* who are you...?

    (Thank you for posting York)
  4. As Maura looked on around her, the thousands of roses that she saw calmed her a little, she's always like flowers, and the color red... Then, all of a sudden a girl appears out of nowhere popping out from the roses making Maura jump back a little, quite clearly she was startled. When she was asked who she was, she responded after regaining her composure "Maura... And you are?" she asked curiously, she wasn't sure how to react to this sudden encounter.
  5. Maura I do like that name... My name is Emily. May I ask what a lady like your self is doing in a dangerous place like this?
  6. "Well... I can't say for certain really." Maura said laughing a little nervously, she was a little uncertain if she wanted to say anymore, but looking at Emily, she didn't seem like such a bad person. "To be honest with you... I'm not even sure how I got here." She added sounding rather sheepish.
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  7. *Sizing the women up she sees the truth in her words* Well... You are in the Rose Garden... There isn't anything as beautiful or as evil as this place in the whole world.

    *Emily standing face to face with Muara* If you know how to use a sword I'll give you one but if you don't you need to follow me and stay close...

    *suddenly a vine starts to grow very rapidly* we need to move now
    *panic rising in Emily's voice*
  8. Maura nods slowly glancing around more cautiously this time... She realized this place might not be as peacefull as she had thought at first, however when Emily mentioned using a sword, Maura looked interested "I could try it out... But don't count on the fact that I can use one." she said; it was odd that she'd be interested in using a sword when she remembered little to nothing about her past, but that wasn't of their immediate concern right now. A vine was growing rapidly, heading towards them and EMily seemed a little panicked by it, without hesitation, she started moving towards the opposite direction of the vines trying to follow Emily's lead.
  9. *The vine rapidly growing giving chase* *grabbing muara's hand she bolted for the opening but knew it to be futile she devised a plan*

    *Emily Stopes and ducked behind her sheild as the vine begins to wrap around it and lurches her torwads the several rose's*
  10. Maura held onto Emily as the vine started to pull her towards those deadly roses... She managed to keep them from moving any further, but not without a struggle, sooner or later they were both going to be pulled towrads those roses if she didn't think of something fast.
  11. *feeling muara's hands holding tightly on as the vines are still tugging Emily tries to pull out her sword as realizes she can't*

    "Muara" I need you to reach around and cut the vine... Quickly... *the vine starts to wrap around you impairing your ability to move much except your arm*
  12. Maura knew she was taking a big risk by loosening her grip just a little, reaching her only free arm down towards the hild of Emilys sword. Drawing it quickly, she realized it was a little top-heavy, but somehow, she knew what to do with it; with a quick slashing motion she brought the sword down onto the vine severing it from them for the time being.
  13. *with the vine now free and movement restored Emily draws her spare sword and charges the giant flower*

    (The flower, you could say is a demonic rose one who combines its natural affintity of nature with the darkness in the world around it, was producing several more vines each of the rushing at the group. Standing about 5ft and as red as blood it readies it self for the meal it will consume.)

    *Emily who has been in this garden for ages knows just what to do* *a slash and a twril keeps Emily's body free from the vines as she works her way too the flower*

    (The orginal Sword still rest in Muara's hands pulsing with energy)
  14. Maura felt a strange feeling come over her as andrenaline started surging through her body, she raised it and charged at the flower, cutting way at it's vines to keep them from touching Emily as she started to work her way towards the flower itself... She wasn't sure how long she was able to keep this up, especially considering how tired she was starting to get from all this exertion at the moment.
  15. *Emily seeing Muara fighting at her side decided she could trust this woman. Slowly she started to move in front of her with her shield raised as if she was trying to protect her*

    Almost there she called back just keep fighting

    *Finally Reaching the rose Emily discards her sheild in an attempt to strike the flower but is quickly grabed and lifted up by vines*

    Eep! ...
  16. "Emily!" Maura called, worried for her well being... Instead of attacking the rose itself, she cut Emily free first starting to feel her arms get sore, but she couldn't stop now. Jumping as high as she could into the air, she aimed her burrowed blade down preparing for a thrust as she fell, blade first aiming for that accursed flower.
  17. *the vines stopped growing and the ones that were moving began to slow. The flower started to wither and Emily began to fall 30ft thoughts of Muara poped into her head 20ft... What a weird thought to be having 10ft...*Emily begins to glow slightly red and her eyes begen to change color as a smaller rose begans to form right where she falls and as quickly as it came and caught her it disappered.*

    Well that was... *blushing as Emily remembered her thought* umm... Fun?
  18. Maura was breathing a little heavily but managed to laugh albiet a little hysterically at what Emily said. "I guess so... Where do we go now?" She asked curiously.
  19. *Emily thinks for a moment and with such a doppy grin* Norris we go to Borris

    *then they go north... Haven't thought out this part*
  20. Maura nodded with a smile, something about the north seemed familiar about her, the mention of it anyways... When it had been mentioned, she got the image of snowy plains, but why was that?