Worlds Collide

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  1. Kanji felt the weight of the sun as it rose she stayed crouch on the roof looking for the shadow she knew would soon pass this way the Dwellers being the being that had once been her own kin but had given into the insanity of blood lust. The sun, it seemed, they shunned as if it were a reminder if what they had once been. She tensed seeing the slinking form; it made it's way from shadow to shadow making its way to the warehouse building she resided over. As it lundged into the buliding she slipped inside a feral grin making its way to her face her fangs gleaming in the rising sunlight, her wolven eyes seeing in the little light knowing where the creature huddled. She walked the highbeams with silent confidence knowing it would not feel her presense as it was too young and she far to old to let others who assumed her long dead to know she lived. Almost ontop of it she dropped landing in a crouch before the Shadow Dweller as it screeched, rearing back in fear and anger before lundging at her; its uncontrolled rage and lust not seeing her for the predator that she was to it. With a growl she backhanded the smaller creature to the ground and unsheathed on of the two blades that rested on her back the black an red blade glinted in the light as the fire that dwelled in the blade seemed to pulse with need for death and destruction.
    "Young Dweller you have taken human and immortal life by my hand you will die for their suffering." Her voice was soft and liquid a hypnotic sound that had the creature almost swaying as she raised the sword and sliced its throat open; it would have bleed out if the black flames had not consumed it first turning it to ash as she sheathed the blade with a sad sigh and disappeared into the dark morning.

    Kanji made her way back to her home knowing that the empty house would leave her heavy spirits sinking; her friends having moved on with loved ones and her sons were rarely home anymore both taking time to know one another as if they had not spent two years under the same roof before then. She slowly made her way to the upper floor the tip of her tail brushing the railing and wall as it swayed behind her her wolven ears drooped down in resignation. She'd wanted to give up killing long ago but it seemed the Fates were not kind to her on this choice as she was forced to make rotation every other month to hunt her fallen kin and kill them to keep the people she loved safe from the killing machines. She opened the door to her room and un hooked the straps for her swords, carefully setting them in her closet before striping out of the black clothing that made seeing her almost as impossible as 'feeling' her. She slipped into a sleevless shirt and comfortable pants, the scars on her arms she didnt bother to hide as she was alone.
  2. Sebastrian yawned slightly, floating along a small path. He was looking around slightly before landing on the ground, He looked along the path, holding his arm slightly. He had just had a fight with about three other guards. "Augh.... This sucks..." He uttered quietly to himself, feeling the blood scars on his legs starting to burn from pain. He yelled slightly when he felt a bone click.
  3. Feeling the emptiness of the house starting to strangle her she wandered downstairs to the glass doors that opened from her kitchen. Unlocking them she threw the doors open and breezed outside sighing happily as her bare feet touched the cool dewed grass with a small burst of joy she took off into the woods that stretched out behind her home for miles. her ebony and silver hair whipped behind her at her bluring speed. The scent of blood had her pausing to shift into the wind, following the trail; she slowed when she reached a pathway almost missing the being that lay on the ground bleeding.
    "You there, are you in need?" Sometimes she could never loose the old speech from where she'd been born into.
  4. Sebatrian coughed, pausing and listening to the sound of someone talking to him. "W-What...? Y-Yeah... I-I am..." He coughed, feeling the scars start to bring on their full effect and allowed the pain to seep through his body.
  5. Kanji bushed through the brush and made a face as the scent of blood wafted through her, her eyes flashed before she knelt, "Tell me what has struck you down; you smell of Other but you have yet to heal." She touched his bleeding leg lightly before ripping a rather large portion of the hem of her shirt off to try and put pressure on the wounds as she wrapped them.
  6. Sebastrian paused, not sure if he should tell the truth, he tried to lie before telling the truth. "G-Guards.... A-About three of them... W-With Blood weapons..." He said quietly, His voice shaking slightly.
  7. Kanji tsked at his words starting to mumble under breath about barbaric guards; she finished the tie with a sharp tug and shifted back to face him her crystal blue eyes glowing from the start of anger that they would be so cruel to leave him bleed out as his death. "I'm going to pick you up now, I can treat it to stop bleeding but their back home. I swear by my children I will not harm you if you would let me care for you." She kept her gaze steady so he knew she would keep her word. IT was hard to find an immortal who still would but the time her her soul would never change how she was raised.
  8. Sebastrian nodded, "A-All right. I-I trust you." He said, smiling. He knew she wouldn't intentionally hurt him, he could sense she wasn't that type of person. He watched her changing and wondered if she could be another shifter. But he shook the idea from his head, knowing it was near impossible to find one.
  9. Kanji nodded and stood, gently as she could lifting him into her arms; as if to cradle him from the darkness of the worlds. "I apologize but this is the only way to carry you without your wounds reopening." She gave him a sheepish smile before she took off into a blurring speed that mortals could not track even with a trained eye. Her beloved forest rushed past her as if it knew the importance of her run.

    Breaking out of the line of trees she slowed to a jog before she came to a walk as her foot stepped onto the porch. "This is my home, I welcome you here for a time."
  10. Seb looked around slowly with a small smile. His ears twitched faintly as he took in the surroundings, he took in every little detail, not seeming to mind being carried like this. He'd had much worse.
  11. The door opened with a nudge of her foot as she made her way to the 'hospital' area of her home. It had become the main base of her people, coming to her for help whether it was war, wounded, or hiding she took them in the wards on her grounds keeping malice, chaos, and harm to others from seeing where it lay. The lights flickered on as she stepped through the doorway for the sterile room. The walls painted in blues and silver keeping others from panicking from the usual wash white of a normal surgery room. She laid him out on the 'bed' and paused.
    "Do you have the strength to remove your clothing so that I may look upon your wounds? I have spare clothing but your gear leathers are harder to replace as it would take me a time to make them."
  12. Sebastrian nodded weakly and started to get down to his tanktop of a singlet and boxer shorts. He tinged as he took off his armored leggings. He managed to get them off easily, revealing dark scars covering his legs and arms that were bleeding, then several half-healed scars over his torso, back, arms and back of neck.
  13. Kanji tsked seeing the scars the anger setting at a slow boil, "To use cursed tools and not know how to close the wounds...." She trailed off with a shake of her head "It's been may a year since I've had to heal a wound such as these," She gave him a crooked smile, "at least I can see them this time." She walked to her cabinets searching for the small vials that she'd kept long after her childhood glad she'd been that sore of pack rat. She turned back the black and gold liquid that seemed to fight for domination of the bottle. She paused looking him in the eyes. "This will be painful beyond what you would imagine. It must burn out the curses before it seals the wounds."
  14. Seb frowned slightly, "Just do what you need to do... I'll be able to push through it." He said, "I've experienced Death once before." He muttered to himself, watching the bottle with a small smile.
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