Worlds Collide Online ♥ A VRMMO Based RP! (For Adept & Higher Level Members)

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Do you wish we had VRMMOs in the world today? ♥

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Worlds Collide Online! ♥

    What you see up there is the first town you start off in while playing an extremely popular VRMMO known as Worlds Collide Online, aka WCO. This is an RP vaguely based off of the popular anime and visual novel series called Sword Art Online. I've taken a few things from there and threw in a few of my own concepts, effectively making it more fun in my eyes and hopefully in the eyes of others. ^^ Think of a mixture between Alfheim, Sword Art Online, and a few of my own original ideas, and you've got this creation right here.

    Here's how I have it laid out~

    Like in Sword Art Online, players end up buying WCO and the equipment for it in expectation of it being one of the best VRMMOs of the generation. All in all, this may be true, but nobody was informed that you'd be stuck in the game until it's been beaten. If you die in this game, you die in the real world, and the only way to return is to beat all 100 floors and clear the game.

    Intense, right?

    Here's where it gets different.

    I have a certain system in this game, and, unlike in SAO, magic will be available for use. I have a certain story line for the basis of the game, and, in summary, the players are there to "save the world."

    Cliche, perhaps, but it gets better. Trust me. ♥

    There are many races in this world, all of which represent their specific elements. There are a total of eight major races, each representing the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Electricity, Metal, Light, and Darkness. I haven't figured out names for them yet, but we won't be playing them. We're going to be playing a race known as the Esseres, human-like beings that are blessed with immense potential and wings (like in Alfheim, only we aren't limited to fairy wings). Because all of the races were fighting among'st themselves in a war to see whose magic was better, the God and Goddess of WCO, Genitor and Genetrix, decided to create a new race in their image. Filled with endless potential and limitless possibilities, they were given the task to unite the races and save the world from chaos. Their own civil wars weren't the only threat in WCO; monsters from another realm were coming and massacring all who crossed their path, so a new race was needed desperately to defeat them. Unlike the other races, who are only able to learn a single type of elemental magic, Esseres have the ability to learn all eight. In the end, the Esseres become godlike beings, resembling the God and Goddess themselves once they're at their full potential. However, worry not. While we may be godlike in the end, our enemies are only going to grow more and more formidable - seemingly stronger than the Gods themselves - as we progress in the game. ♥ So, we won't get bored!

    There's a touch of background and concept. Now, to the system~

    There are going to be 100 floors in the game, and our character's level cap will also be 100. Now, each time we level, we gain two things known as Ability Points, or AP. These points are used to develop skills into one of the eight elemental affinities, blessing you with an ability to your weapon of choice, as well as a possible type of enhancement to your character. Examples could be you putting an AP into Fire, thus giving you extra strength and a fire ability of your choice. Now, to add an extra touch of uniqueness, your ability varies depending on your weapon. ^^ Let's say you have a scepter or staff as a weapon: If you put one of your AP into Fire, you'll gain a basic attack with that elemental affinity. An example could be "Orbs of Lava" or "Fireballs" or whatever you'd like. If you have a melee type weapon, such as a sword or axe, then perhaps you could have a basic attack of "Fiery Strike" or "Flaming Swing." When you first put an AP into an element, all you get is a basic attack. The next point you put in can either level up your basic attack or grant you with another skill, that of which can also be different depending on your weapon. Everyone's development in the game depends solely on where you spend your AP and the weapons you choose to use. You are allowed to use more than one weapon, too. In each element, you're allowed 5 skills, those of which you can level up 5 times. Each time you level them, they grow stronger - either with the damage they deal, the area they effect, or the amount of people you can target.

    If you do the math, you'll realize that, if you're given 2 AP each time you level, you'll have enough AP to max out each and every single one of the elements. That means you can either have a single weapon that can use every single element to its full potential, or various weapons that have their own elements in each maxed out.

    What you choose to do is completely up to you!

    Anyone interested so far?

    Because I have enough people expressing interest, I'll go ahead and list all the various skills you can learn with each elemental major. ♥

    Curses, poisons, necromancy, illusions, etc.

    Healing, blessing, smite ability, barriers, etc.

    Earth element manipulation, extra defense, etc.

    Water element manipulation, extra mana, etc.

    Fire element manipulation, extra strength, etc.

    Air element manipulation, extra agility, etc.

    Metal element manipulation, extra dexterity, etc.

    Electricity element manipulation, extra alertness, etc.

    With magic based weapons, such as scepters, staffs, and the like, when you spend AP in your weapon, you'll gain a more magic based ability. If you choose to use a melee based weapon, though, it won't have as extravagant as skills if you wouldn't like it to. Magic is a choice in this game. If you'd like, you could simply major in an element, and it'll just have a lasting effect or simply buff your weapon. An example could be if you spent your points into fire: if you're using a sword, perhaps, instead of it literally flaming, you could have it simply glow red and hit harder, possibly having a lasting "burn" effect on your target. Same with things like electricity: perhaps you'll shock your enemy upon hits and leave them stunned, or maybe you'll be able to move with the speed of lightning (especially if combined with the element of air). Once again, the possibilities are endless.

    This is just a vague idea of what each element is capable of.

    Be creative!

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  2. I can't say I'm a huge fan of SAO, but.... The idea of such a game is intriguing none-the-less. You have piqued my interest.
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  3. Words cannot express how glad I am to hear that! ♥

    This isn't meant to be exactly like SAO, anyways. That's why I said it was vaguely based off of it. ^^
  4. I know, and I'm very interested In playing with you, and any others who join. I'm very picky about my rps, but yours seems well thought out, and fun. I hope this becomes a thing!
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  5. Damn, such similarities to SAO...makes me paranoid...

    To clarify's basically something along the lines of...Alfheim as SAO, but with NPC racism added into it? What sort of support/debuff magic is there? Or do those not exist, so that healers don't just save everyone's asses?
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  6. I'm glad, I'm glad! Thank you! ♥

    Heh, it was slightly based off of it. However, the only thing I really took from SAO was the 100 level concept and the fact that they're stuck in the game until it's been cleared. ^^ What I took from Alfheim is the fact that the players are able to fly with wings. If you're curious about that, the wings can vary depending on a character's skills. Example: If they decide to become a blacksmith and major in the element of fire, perhaps their wings could be metallic and flaming. Your creativity is the limit!

    As for the support/debuff magic, that's mainly in the Light elemental category. All those characters who want to play the roles as healers should decide to major in that element. They're the ones who dispel curses or bad effects, give some buffs, can shield themselves or allies, heal, and more. If enough people show interest, I'll edit the elements and what they're capable of in my first post. ♥
  7. Sure, whai not. VRMMORPG RPs are usually fun.
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  8. Thanks for expressing your interest! ♥
  9. Would metals (and plants) count as earth?
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  10. Plants, yes. Metals, no. Because of the elemental balance, I didn't make metal an element people can major in.
  11. Actually, you know what? That could be interesting. I'll just make Ice apart of Water, and I'll add Metal as its own element. ♥

    Thanks for the idea! ^^
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  12. Sounds good to me.
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  13. Thank you! ♥
  14. Wheee, I contributed!
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  15. Indeed! T'was much appreciated. ♥

    Light = Healing? Would that mean that Darknes = Debuffs? Or something else?
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  17. Light is healing and more, yes. I listed some ability ideas and concepts in my first post above. ^^ As for Darkness, they're mainly the type that curse others and poison or slow them. I suppose one could consider those debuffs in a way, assuming someone has a blessing from someone of a Light elemental affinity currently active. However, the Light affinity majors are mainly the ones who remove curses and bad effects, I believe. I suppose Darkness majors could simply remove good ones. ^^

    Light is superior to Darkness, though, so I honestly think that should be highly unlikely. Debuffs to good effects, I mean. Like Fire is weak to Water and whatnot, Darkness is weak to Light. Light would be the counter to Darkness. ^^
  18. So, by combining elements we can customize and create the impression of various classical MMO classes, while inventing new ones.

    I like.
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  19. Alright, and how exactly does magic itself work? I would assume that, for players, they'll just say the spell and things happen, but in the MMO lore, do different races (outside of the player race) have different methods of spell-casting? it possible to do things that the system doesn't allow, such as create your own spells and shizz, by following the laws of the lore, not the system? Gotta break muh database, after all.
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  20. I was thinking of the elements as you listed above, playing into a stat system, possibly, and the uses of such elements.

    Fire: Magic attack

    Fire attacks, Heated elements (I.E. Steel/earth = slag, water= steam, etc.) possibly cooking, and alchemy, burn status, survival in cold climates

    Water: Magic Defense

    Ice attacks, Water attacks, and like fire, cooled elements. (Icy winds to slow foes, possibly making some metals brittle, of course, frozen water), preservation of food, survival in hot climates, ice slide!

    Air: Agility

    Cutting wind, quick steps, or even gliding and flight. Possibly a wind barrier for projectiles...

    Earth: Defense

    Creating earth barriers, creating food, Manipulation of ground to create platforms, possible earth-based teleportation.

    Light: Health Points

    Healing, possible buffing, lighting dark areas, boosting other magics

    Dark: Magic points

    Debuffing, draining health, snuffing out light, creating illusions, teleportation

    Electric: Skill

    Charging atttacks, focusing, powering objects, learning new skills, creating and understanding machines.

    Steel: Attack

    Increasing physical strength, creating hard or sharp edges, forging weapons, Creating heavy metal barriers, or using magnetics.

    I dunno, that's my gather of it all. It's all I've ever wanted to do with the concept of elements... ^v^
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