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A sudden flux in the temporal borders between universes causes a permanent joining of Terrae, the "Fantasy" world of elves, dragons, dwarves, and other Fae creatures with Modern Earth, the world of Humans and Non-sentient animals. What happens when these "fantasy" beings are thrust into a world that has never seen them before, except in fiction, and how do they and their modern counterparts react?

As said above, the two worlds are beginning to connect. However, it's lot happening very quickly. Small groups of people and objects seem to be leaping from the fantasy world. As time passes, this process increases in speed and the size of objects moving from one world to the others is growing. Initially, there chaos as fantasy and reality clash. However, eventually someone has to notice that the worlds are cleanly merging, destroying Terrae. This is not a natural event…

Through the highly evil actions of a now dead alchemist, this merging is taking place. It is with great worry that the elves have long prophecies this. Now the World of Fae Magic is fusing with the Modern world and destroying the original planets, creating a new, more frightening one.

The characters now must choose a path in this new world that leads to the betterment of all involved.

What no one could guess, is that, despite anyone's efforts, there is one being that is in control. This being will have the last say, and will use what means necessary to get it done. This is the only omnipotent individual in this story.
This the starting point and the basic premise of the RP. Please note that any characters should be made with these thoughts in mind. OOC's coming soon.
The basic plot itself is great! It will give us lots of interesting stuff to develop on! Lemme know once you have the first IC post made and I will definitely be in on it.. I bet October would enjoy it too if you wanna invite him since you said it's gonna be a private thread..
A Character Explanation

The following are the Sentient Life Forms of Terrae, the Fantasy World. If your character is from this world, He/She must be one of these beings:

Human (Called Hym): This is simple Homo Sapiens. Any Magical ability is learned. Any Skills are learned. The Hym may possess Battle Skills, Builder Skills, or Business Skills. (Skills will be discussed Later.) May possess normal humanoid features, be of any color and size, and may have varying strengths and weaknesses. All speak the Hym language, a language nearly identical to English, with a slight British accent, understandable by English Speakers of Earth

Dwarf (Called Dyrv): This is a typical Dwarven being, all are good at Stone and Metal Manipulation. All are less that four feet/1.2192 meters tall, and are of broad, muscular construction. All Dyrv Men are Bearded, and possess deep, gravelly voices, speaking the basic Hym tongue easily, with a slight (semi-Scottish-like) accent or brogue. It is not easy for the Dyrv to trust other races aside from the Hym.

Elf (Called Eld): Tolkien and Paolini provided a typical elven format. Refer to these authors for an appearance reference. These usually have a very high innate magical ability, and spend years perfecting control of it. They use spells to focus this form of Magic., and usually have an elemental Magical ability that is also innate, but require little training. They possess skills of practically every race, including those of Stone and Metal working, as well as carpentry and Swordsmithing. Of All races, Eldern Weapons are most treasured. They live primarily in the forests, and are usually mistrusted By the Stone-dwelling Dyrv. They are friendly with the Hym, the Drac, and Dracis. The mistrust of Dyrv is mutual. The Eld have an innate understanding and Affinity for the Draconic Races, thus making the two races practically inseparable.

Dragon/Draconic (Called Drac, or Dracis): There are two forms of Draconic beings on Terrae. The first, and most prevalent, is the Dracis. This is a Humanoid Shapeshifter, which has only two forms, the Draconic form, and one similar to elves, but with Skin tinted the color of the scales of the dragon form. The latter is magically induced, but this magic is innate and unlearned. The former is the form they are born with and usually grows to a height of twice the humanoid form. The Humanoid form has a usual height of around 6 feet/1.8288 meters. The Draconic form will be double this height, and will weigh nearly five times the weight of the Humanoid form. The Drac are not shifters, but are very large and are of usual Draconic shapes. It is not unusual for a Drac to have an Eldern or Dracis Rider. This is the Rider-mate. The Dracis are capable of all skills that any Eld is capable of. Draconic Magic is Innate and is Mentat Class (explained Below). Unlike other races, the use of this magic does not require spells, and does not deplete any energy.

Deity: Only one deity exists, though, to hear the Dyrv talk, you'd think there were five thousand or so. This Deity is known to the Eld and Draconic Races as the Creator, and to the Hym as God or Goddess, depending on the preference of the religion in question. This is the overseerer and Creator of all worlds and has definite plans in this joining.

Mating habits: Dyrv Mate only among themselves. The Dracis may mate with Hym, Eld, or Dracis, but refuse to do so with Dyrv. The Drac will only mate with Drac or Dracis. The Eld may at times mate with the Hym, but prefer the Dracis and the Eld. If a Hym and a Dracis mate, a child will not be produced. If a Dracis and an Eld Mate, a child WILL be produced. If a Hym and an Eld mate, a child will be produced. Draconic classes will produce children if mated within the race. There is no problem with any level of Homosexuality or Bisexuality.

Skills: Skills are non magical and come in classes: Building (A wood-based class, including House-building, furniture-creation and other varieties), Stone-cutting, Metal-working, and weaponry (in which the Art of Sword Making is included). Battle skills are a class that is usually assumed.

Abilities: These are Magical in nature and are divide into two classes, Mentat, and Elemental. Elemental magic is the mental manipulation of natural elements to achieve a desired end. The Elements used are as follows: Light, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth. Mentat abilities are strictly Mental magic, the creation of magical phenomena with the mind. For Example, a character may concentrate his/her energy to create a ball of physical energy, and throw that ball at an enemy. The Eld and the Draconic Races are Very adept at Mentat magic, and are famous for Elemental Magic. Hym and Dyrv may learn Elemental Magic, but are not adept at Mentat magic.

All characters from Terrae follow these rules. When drawn into the modern world of Earth, they do not lose their abilities or skills. When playing your character, remember that the original planet is being destroyed and the people pulled to Earth.
There. I have done the dirty work. Took WAAAY too long, but there it is. OOCs coming soon!