Worlds apart

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  1. Blake sighted, once again he had gone to this thing humans called school. He hadn't really planned to keep going for so long when he had started with it, but then he got something to stay for so he didn't want to leave. School was boring but there was more things there than the studies.

    Blake was a demon, he had lived most of his life in the demon kingdom but lately had thought that it was too boring there. He was a high ranked demon respected by many so it was quite a shock for them when he suddenly left for the human world. He wanted to see how it was up on the surface. The sun was just bothersome but except that he didn't complain much abut the human world. At first he were just supposed to stay for a couple of weeks to see how humans lived, but then he met a special human, of some reason he just couldn't leave her alone. They became friends and had now been classmates for four years.

    For a demon though four years was nothing, four years went as fast as the blink of an eye. But there would come a time when the demons would want him back to the demon world, he were an important person after all. But at the moment he could enjoy his stay in the human world.

    Blake (open)
  2. Rachel danced around her bedroom, still wrapped in a towel from her shower. She wore only that and a pair of bright pink headphones, and she was singing along energetically with the song that echoed in her ears. As she danced, she brushed out her long black hair until it fell smoothly to her waist in long layers. She was humming as she plucked out clothes and shimmied them on. It wasn't until she was trying to decide what to eat for breakfast that she looked at the clock and realized she was late. Again.

    "Aw, man!" she groaned to herself, pulling a black jacket over her snug white tank top quickly to avoid breaking dress code. Her jean capris were already pushing it. They weren't technically a uniformed school, but they were trying to make it one. She slipped on her shoes and grabbed her bag and a muffin, racing out the door. Thankfully she didn't live that far away, and managed to finish her breakfast without choking on it.

    She darted in the front doors and was running through the kids in the hallways toward her locker when she suddenly bumped into somebody. At least it wasn't hard enough to fall over this time. She blinked and looked up, her gray eyes lighting up when she recognized him.

    "Oh hi, Blake! I uh.. didn't see you there.." she said, laughing a bit.

    Rachel (open)
    Rachel (open)
  3. Blake almost fell backwards when someone suddenly ran into him. Luckily he were able to get a grip on his balance before he fell but he weren't able to catch the person that had run into him. As he looked down he noticed Rachel, it wasn't that surprising, she was always like that. He smiled a bit when she laughed, just for a second before turning to a stone face again. She was probably the only human that had ever been able to make him smile, no demon had been able to do it so far either. It fascinated him how this little human girl could make him feel so happy just by smiling.

    "What naughty things have you been up to this night that made you become late?" He asked her with a teasing voice even though his face were the one of a big brother that were interrogating his little sister as if she had been dating someone behind his back. He couldn't help it, he just loved to tease her in that way, he always got so interesting reactions from her. She had been the reason he had stayed in the human world. If he hadn't met Rachel he would have left long ago. There wasn't much in the human world that interested Blake enough to stay.
  4. "I was busy planning out how I'm going to dominate the world someday," she replied easily, walking along with him to her locker so that she could shove her extra books inside. "Actually, my main problem was that new music that I got from Jamie yesterday. I just couldn't stop listening to it!" she exclaimed, which would hardly be a surprise. The only time her headphones were more than a foot away from her was when she was in the shower - and she had a tub radio.

    "What about you? Did you get that essay done? Wait, let me guess! No, Rachel, I didn't, because I'm a slacker who never does his homework," she teased, grinning at him as she spun the dial to her lock. Popping it open, she put her extra things in there and grabbed the folders that she needed, sticking them in her bag and slamming the metal door shut again.
  5. "You're no fun these days, before you would blush and be cute when I implied that you were a pervert." He sighted when she didn't show a sign of embarrassment. Of course he didn't mean it, even when she didn't give him those kind of reactions she always made up weird and funny answers. He leaned against the locker beside Rachel's and looked at her like an innocent puppy.

    "I don't understand what you mean, I'm such a good boy who always does his homework in time." He said sarcastic. He didn't do homework and essays that often, the most teachers hated him for that. He just didn't see the point in doing things outside the school, it wasn't like people that had jobs took the work home. But even though he never did any homework he still had very good grades because he got only A's on tests. He were a demon after all and memorizing stuff wasn't hard. He just half listened to what the teacher said and then he knew it. Plus he was fourhundred years old, demons did know a lot about humans even though the most of the never visited the human world. They knew very much about history because they loved war stories.

    Even though Blake was very old for a human he was only a child in demon years, he was one of few demons that actually got such a high status he had in only some hundred years. For most demons it took at least one thousand years before they could even call themselves a real demon. The demon council was filled with the oldest demons in the world, the oldest was over tenthousend years old, very few demons could actually reach that age because the most got killed at some point by other demons.

    "Do you think the teacher will get pissed when I tell him that I skipped to do the essay because I rather spend the evening in my couch watching horror movies?" He asked with a smile. The thing he had enjoyed most with the human world except Rachel was horror movies, especially those with a lot of blood. It looked very fake most of the times but if he used his fantasy then he could enjoy it a lot.
  6. "Sorry, but now I'm just too used to you. And why would you want me to blush anyway?! It's embarrassing," she muttered, nearly blushing just from the thought of it. When she was younger, she had always been horribly teased about how easily she would blush. Now she had gotten somewhat of a handle on it, but she knew that if Blake made a comment that was less subtle than the one he just did, she would likely end up resembling a tomato and stuttering like a little idiot.

    "Nah. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear that you're wasting your life away instead of doing useless papers that will never be useful once we graduate," she retorted with a grin, looping her arm through his as they strolled to class. She remembered how he had reacted the first time she did it - it had been hilarious. He didn't seem to even notice anymore, though. So much had changed since they met, it was crazy.

    "Speaking of movies, that new one is coming out tonight. Remember, the one I was telling you about? It's about vampires or something, I dunno. I heard it's supposed to be super scary. Jamie bailed on me and I don't want to go alone. I'll buy you candy if you come with meeeee," she said, looking up at him with a hopeful smile. It wouldn't be the first time she had dragged him along to a movie. Usually she chose chick flicks, and he complained the entire time. Loudly. While still in the theater.
  7. He didn't answer her question on why he wanted her to blush. He would probably just be hit by her anyways if he told her that it was entertaining to watch her turn into a tomato. Even though it didn't really hurt for a demon to be hit by even the strongest human it was still bothersome to be hit in the morning when he was barely awake. He was a demon and was mostly alert during the night, Blake was pretty surprised that he had even survived these early mornings for four years.

    "If it means that I get another bad excuse to why I haven't done my homework then sure, I'll go with you." He said with a laugh. Blake often pretended that the vampires in movies were another type of demon just to make it a bit more interesting for himself. Then he could pretend that he were the one sucking the blood and try to imagine how he got killed by humans, the last one was mostly to try and scare himself but it didn't work anyways. Nothing was scary about humans.

    "But you better hold my hand if I get scared, and if it's too scary then maybe I need you to sleep with me or else I will get nightmares." He tried his best to sound like a scared little boy before he started to giggle at his own words. As if he ever would get scared for such a movie, but if he could get her to sleep in his bed then maybe it was worth it to act as if he were scared.
  8. "Ugh, now you're going to make me feel guilty about keeping you from doing homework. At least I know that you wouldn't do it even if you were home instead," she said, shaking her head. He was hopeless. Back when they had first started really talking, she had been so concerned about his lack of study habits that she had offered to tutor him and do some of his homework for him. She could still remember how frustrated she had been when he declined - until she saw him get a perfect score on a test, that is. That was when she had given up and let him be.

    "What?" she squeaked as he mentioned her sleeping with him. As if on cue, she blushed and glared at him. "You only said that to make me blush, didn't you? If you get scared, go sleep with your mommy," she retorted, pulling her headphones down around her neck with her free hand and hiding them under her hair. There really was no point since all of the teachers knew they were there, but she figured it was nice to at least pretend that she was complying with the rules.

    "See you after class," she said as they reached the classroom. They both had the same class right now, but thanks to a seating chart, she sat over by the window while he sat on the other side of the room.
  9. Blake felt very satisfied when he saw the blush on her face. Sometimes her reactions were really surprising. When he implied that she had done something sexual the other night then she didn't blush but just the thought of sleeping in the same bed as him changed her into a tomato. Rachel was really interesting sometimes.

    "You're so mean, I would never do such a thing. I just want to be close to you when I'm scared." He said as innocently as possible before breaking out in a grin. It would be impossible for him to go and sleep with his mom as Rachel had suggested, mostly because she was a dead demon. Though demons never said that they had parents, they got created by another demon and then they were left alone to survive on their own. If they couldn't survive on their own from their first day then they was worthless and should go and die. That was what made sure that there was only strong demons. Some demons though had created demons in the human world and left them there. It's easier for demons to survive there and because of lack of experience with other demons they often starts to take over humans or haunt places. Those demons were always annoying, like cockroaches.

    He departed from her when they got into the classroom, one hour of boring stuff he already knew about and after the lesson it would be a couple of minutes with a lecture on how he must do his homework in time. They should just stop giving him essays and such things, he won't do them anyways. It would go so much faster if they just gave him a test on what were supposed to be in the essay and then he could answer them correctly.
  10. Rachel settled in to her desk and plopped her bag on the floor after pulling out her history book and binder. She flipped the binder open to a blank sheet of paper and set a pen on it, looking prepared to take notes. Today, though, was just a basic review of the Revolution, which everybody knew since they were little kids. She didn't plan on listening. All she wanted to do was doodle and gaze out the window. So, as soon as the drone of the lecture started, that's what she did.

    She started out by writing a few lines of notes, then mid-word she trailed a tangled line from one of the letters down across the paper. It looked like a big string, and she drew some little people tugging on it so that it looked like they were unraveling the word. Amused, she added more details and things, including a taller person that was obviously scolding them.
  11. The lesson seemed to go on forever, Blake didn't even care to pretend that he listened. He mostly sat in his chair and either looked up in the ceiling or down in the desk. Sometimes he glanced towards Rachel, he really didn't understand why humans went in school for so many years, it was so boring. For a demon those years was nothing, but a human only lived for around 100 years, so why waste it in such a boring place? Humans seemed to thirst after knowledge and put everyone in school so that everyone would have it. In the demon world though everyone had to decide if they wanted to know something or not by themselves. There was no one to teach them.

    After some time the lesson ended. "Finally" Blake breathed but a bit too early. The teacher hit him in the head with a paper that he had folded into a roll. "I hope you have that essay for me" The teacher said and raise his eyebrows. Blake made a cute smile and looked like he were going to say yes, which if he had would give the teacher a heartattack, but in the end he said that he was sorry because he hadn't done it. What a lie, he wasn't sorry at all.

    The teacher sighted and lectured him for a bit while the other students walked out of the classroom. After a minute or maybe two the teacher decided that he shouldn't waste his time on lecturing someone that clearly wouldn't change by it so he gave Blake a warning before also he left.
    "I think I pissed him off really badly today." He laughed as he rose from his seat.
  12. "That's hardly something new for you," Rachel commented as soon as Blake was out of the room. She had waited, leaning up against the wall just outside the door. "Just wanted to make sure you're still in one piece. One of these days he's going to cut you to ribbons. See you at lunch!" she said, smiling at him once before skipping off through the crowd to go to her next class. They had the same lunch period, but none of the same classes again until the last one of the day.

    She sat through Chemistry and Calculus, taking notes and filling out a quiz. Honestly she was barely paying attention in either class since she kept doodling and thinking about how spectacular the movie was going to be. By the time the lunch bell rang, her stomach was growling horribly. She grinned and shoved her books in her bag, running through the halls to the cafeteria.

    She plucked up her usual choice from the line - a chicken sandwich, cookies, and an orange soda. Not the healthiest thing, but she was forcefed salad for almost every meal at home. Blegh. She was so sick of lettuce.. Shaking her head at the thought, she headed to the outdoor section and took a seat along the low wall to wait for Blake as she cracked open the soda bottle.
  13. Blake laughed at her comment and waved goodbye before walking to his own class. It was irritating that they didn't have the same classes all the time, he only went in school to be able to see Rachel more after all. For a moment he found himself a bit angry over leaving, so angry his skin changed color for a second. Luckily no one was there to see it. "Control yourself idiot." He said as he slapped himself before going to the next class.

    He slept threw the second class and outran his classmates during PE, then finally it was lunch. He never ate lunch, he just pretended that he ate a big breakfast and a big dinner so he didn't need lunch. In reality he just didn't eat human food, he liked feasting on humans instead. Sometimes he felt like drinking human blood because it gave him a kick, but for the most he only ate peoples souls or energy. Blood was more like drugs, while souls and human energy were food. But they could live on the blood too. He usually ate human energy all the time, he stole a bit energy from all people he passed, they didn't even notice it.

    "Are you going to give yourself a heart attack?" He asked when he saw Rachel and her food. "Maybe it's time for a diet, I think you have gotten bigger." He joked as he sat down.
  14. Rachel looked up at Blake when he came out and sat next to her. She crossed her eyes and displayed a lovely mouthful of half chewed chicken to him in retort of his scolding. Honestly, sometimes he was worse than her mother, but she knew that he was kidding. She had already told him all about how her parents thought that eating nothing but fruits and veggies was the way to live forever. Personally, it made her feel as though she was going to an early grave.

    "I bet I still weigh less than you do, fatty. And I've never seen you eat!" she pointed out after she had swallowed and washed it down with soda. She sighed and looked at the sparkling orange beverage. "I think we're having more lettuce-wrapped cucumbers tonight.." she added, shuddering. She used to actually like healthy snacks. One of her favorites was baby carrots in ranch dressing or bananas in peanut butter. She used to carry them everywhere - now she was more inclined to reach for a sleeve of Oreos.

    "So, after school, I'm going to walk home and ditch my bag before we go. You can go home too and ditch yours and then we can just meet up at the theater. I think the showing is at four," she said, offering him a cookie even though she knew he wouldn't eat it.
  15. "You are so mature sometimes." He said as she showed him what she had in her mouth, that was a display he could live without. Even for a demon that felt a bit disgusting. "You would probably be surprised if you knew how much I eat everyday even though I skip lunch." He told her with a teasing smile. Blake ate much more than was required for his survival, mostly because he was a blood addict but had forced himself to not hunt down humans at the moment because he had to control his desires when he were in front of Rachel. Which made him take in much more human energy than was necessary just to suppress his blood desire.

    "I don't have anything important in my bag anyways except for my homework, so I will probably just leave it in my locker. I have to talk to the teacher though before I go so you can go before me and leave your bag and then we'll meet up at the theater." He proposed before shaking his head a bit at the cookie that she offered him. It was a lie that he were going to see the teacher, it was just that sometimes now and then he felt like not only feeding on human energy. A soul made him less hungry for a longer time, so he would just take a bit of his teacher. The soul was only another word for a humans life span for demons, he simply ate a small part of a humans life. Which means that if a person would die at the age of 90 and Blake would eat ten years then the person would die at 80. Of course it wasn't carved in stone, the life span only counted how long the heart could work, they could still get killed earlier by cancer, accidents and other things.
  16. "Another teacher meeting, huh? Who is it this time? I'm honestly surprised they haven't kicked you into a permanent detention at this point, really," she said, munching the cookie herself since he declined. It was almost time for class again, and the thought made her grimace. Health was easy enough, but then she had gym. It was her absolute worst class and she was convinced that the stupid teacher had it out for her since he always picked her to demonstrate things that he knew she couldn't do. Running was simple enough, but anything that required coordination? Not so much. She tended to either miss completely or hit other people. With large objects. Like basketballs to the face.

    "I feel sick. I think I should go see the nurse. I'm too ill to do anything for the next two periods," she said, grinning at Blake. Their last class was Literature, which was both easy and boring. The best part was that they sat next to each other and rarely paid attention since they were toward the back of the room and could either talk or pass notes. Sometimes they even played games, when he was in the mood for it.
  17. He couldn't help but laugh. "They are a bit nice to me because I get perfect score on every test. But my math teacher still thinks I'm cheating so he wants to talk to me again. It's not like I would confess it to him even if I had done it." He said and made a 'they should give up' gesture. He had been called to such meetings before where they wanted to talk to him about his score being too perfect and that he never did any homework. He never went to those meetings if he weren't hungry and wanted some food.

    "Then I guess you're too ill for movies too, it's okay, I'll just find someone else to go with." He teased her, he knew how bad she were at sports, he had skipped a couple of his classes to go and see how she was doing sometimes now and then. She really sucked. Of course he couldn't help teasing her for that either as fast as a good moment came up.
  18. "You're such a butthead," she retorted as he mentioned not going to the movies. There was no way she was missing out on it. Plus, if she didn't go tonight, she'd probably end up having to go alone and that wouldn't be good. As scary as the movie was supposed to be, she had a feeling that walking home in the dark was going to be awful. She finished off her food and set the wrappers aside, then took a sip of her soda and looked around. Some kids were doing homework, but most were chattering. The obviousness of the cliques was appalling. Blonde cheerleaders, a few brunettes. They all sat together near the jocks, of course. She could nearly feel the poorly-done flirting from here. Way off to the side were the nerds - also known as the ones who would be employing the blonde airheads in a few years and giving them jobs cleaning toilets. At least, that's what she liked to believe. The worst part was that she didn't feel as though she fit in anywhere here - except for with Blake. If he wasn't here, she'd probably just be sitting alone.

    "Ugh. I'll see you last period," she said as the bell rang. Joy - health time. She sighed and slid down off the wall, grabbing her bag and wrappers. After tossing the wrappers in a nearby bin and finishing off her soda, she wandered back inside and down the hall. The health room was right across from the gym. Some called it convenient. She called it a reminder of impending torture.
  19. "So that's why there comes so much crap out of my mouth." He joked even though it was one of the lamest jokes he had ever heard himself say. And that came from a demon that had made many crappy jokes during the latest four years. "See ya later then, and good luck with gym class." He said as they were going separate ways, mostly to irritate her a bit.

    He walked to his own classroom and sat down. Math lesson. It wasn't that difficult to make the math teacher angry, sometimes Blake just sat and looked bored and still had been told to stay after school. He was so easily provoked which made Blake a bit pissed because he often was the one provoking Mr. Clay even though he didn't even try to. That's why he often chose to feed on Mr. Clay when he wanted a bit of a soul. He just hated that man.

    As usually Mr. Clay thought that Blake had done something wrong, he probably looked at him a bit funny, so he told Blake to come to the classroom when all classes was over. For the most Blake wouldn't have gone, but today he had looked a bit funny at the teacher on purpose because he wanted to meet him. Or eat him.

    The lesson after that was French class, he could speak french fluently already because he had lived in France for some years when he was young, he mostly seduced women and then killed them because it was fun but he still talked a lot with them before killing them so he learned a lot. The lesson went by fast and he could finally walk to his next and last class where he at least could talk a bit to Rachel.
  20. Rachel made it through health class easily enough. They did nothing but watch a video on a live birth. As expected, all of the guys groaned and made disgusting jokes while the girls all squealed in horror and exclaimed that they didn't think it was like that. Rachel just rolled her eyes. Seriously? What did they think - that it was a video about a stork or a baby floating out through a bellybutton covered in fairy dust? Idiots. She doodled all through the video, then made her way easily through the quiz afterward and packed up her things. Time for a good ol' dose of torture, gym class style.

    She went into the gym locker room and changed into the standard uniform - dark blue shorts, white tee, sneakers. Hair up in a ponytail, of course. That done, she trudged back out and felt her stomach plummet. The rest of the class was cheering. Dodgeball. They rarely got to play. She supposed it could be fun if she wasn't the one who was always one of the last ones left and ended up getting hit ten times at once. Which was, of course, what happened today too. Three times. By the end of it, she was fairly certain there was a bruise on her upper left arm. Oh well, the trials of high school.

    She made it to Literature before Blake and slid into her seat with a sigh. Oh, she was sore now. He'd be teasing her, no doubt. Her hair had been pulled back into a lazy braid after she took a short shower in the locker room, keeping the damp locks out of her face. It exposed the headphones hanging around her neck, but she didn't care and she knew the teacher wouldn't either. It was last period, why bother?