Worldbuilding Templates Project: Islands, Castles, Firearms!

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  1. Worldbuilding Templates Project

    We are currently compiling three templates at a time only (for efficiency's sake), you can find links to the compilation threads in this post

    I've been super excited about this project for a while now, and it's finally launching, yay! The Worldbuilding Templates Project is a forum-wide project to develop question sheets for various worldbuilding elements. For those not sure, Worldbuilding is creation or expansion of settings by giving them more depth and detail. Playing in a well rounded setting can add lots of flavour and potential to your story!

    Filling out a questionaire about a character can help you explore parts of them you didin't think of before, and it can do the same for your settings!

    The end goal of this project is to have a huge index of templates/Bios/Character Sheets, but for worldbuilding aspects like houses, space stations, schools, etc. instead of individual people!

    Each subject will get a mini (bare minimum, itty bitty template), Medium (fairly standard questions), and ultra (super detailed novella-length) template

    We'd love to hear your ideas for subjects we could make templates for, so go ahead and post them in this thread! Remember that this is a project for the WORLDBUILDING GUILD, so templates should be focused on setting stuff.

    We're going to be tuning three template compilation threads at a time until all three are full up; a scifi/steampunk-y one, a realistic/modern one, and a fantasy one. Lots of these templates could be used for many different kinds of worlds, so these themes are very loose and basically to make sure we're not compiling for Spells, Magic Items and Fairies and leaving fans of other world types bored at any point :-3

    The links below are the current templates, and are where you can submit questions; once we figure we have every question that could possibly be asked about the subject, I'll sort the questions into the three template types, and post them in the guild for you guys to use!

    Islands Compilation Thread
    Castles Compilation Thread
    Firearms Compilation Thread

    tell your friends! And submit your template subject ideas here! We've got a pretty big list already, but it can still grow!

    Space stations
    Land-based vehicles
    Airborne vehicles
    Seafaring vehicles
    Space vehicles
    Melee weapons
    Projectile weapons
    Power/Energy Sources
    Magic styles
    Spells (suspended pending a reevaluation of magical system/spell templates organization)
    magical items
    Fairy Type Race
    Elf Type Race
    Gnome Type Race
    Orc Type Race
    Dwarf Type Race
    Half-Animal type Race
    Mer-Type Race
    Trade systems
    Air forces
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  2. Sci Fi: spacestation/starship:

    -Crew/living capacities (living spaces, life support)
    -Shape and size
    -Services/stores available (food and else)
    -Size and shape
    -What makes this station/ship interesting? (IE: Mass Effect's Citadel has the core of the galactic government, Omega is a run-down heap of crime with highlights of rust, Discovery One had a highly advanced AI, the Death Star had a huge laser cannon, the Enterprise was, in some of the Star Trek series, the first FTL ship of humanity...)
    -Defensive and offensive capacities
    -Power supply
    -Mobility if it can
    -Atmospheric capabilities in case of ships
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  3. Fantasy: Magic

    1. Who can use it, and how widespread is the ability?
    2. Does it take training to use? Describe the methods commonly used.
    3. How is magic used? Are their incantations, material elements, motions, symbols, or something else? A combination?
    4. How does the majority of the populace view magic?
    5. If there is a magic caste, could you tell me about it?
    6. Is it legal or illegal to use magic?
    7. What is the source of magic?
    8. What cost is there to the magic, if any?
    9. Is magic linked with religion? Please explain?
    10. What limitations are in place to keep players from abusing the magic system?
    11. Name three new possible limitations for your magic system, and explain why they would or would not work, from both a standpoint of player abuse and mechanics.
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  4. I've added a list of current Template ideas; feel free to add yours!
  5. Religion

    1. Does the faith have a distinct God figure?
    2. If there is a distinct God figure, is the faith monotheistic or polytheistic? (One God vs Many Gods)
    3. How does the faith refer to their Gods? (IE. simply "God"? Or perhaps, a "Divine", etc.)
    4. How does the faith explain the world's creation?
    5. What is the faith's stance on racial positions?
      • In the case of worlds with multiple intelligent races, do the faith discriminate against specific races?
      • In the case of discrimination (positive or negative), what is the faith's justification for this?
    6. What is the faith's guiding philosophy?
    7. What are some of the rituals and traditions that characterize this faith?
    8. What are some actions/words that constitute blasphemy?
    9. How does the faith respond to blasphemy/heresy?
    10. How does the faith respond to other faith?
    11. Who/What leads the faith?
    12. What is the faith's hierarchical structure like? Is it centralized or decentralized?
    13. Is the faith secular or does it interfere with worldly affairs?
    14. Does the faith have political ties?
    15. Where in the world is the faith dominant? How much of the world is it dominant in?
    16. How much influence does the faith have on the common man?
      • E.G. Can the faith influence opposing nations to sue for peace?
      • E.G. Can the faith determine a person's life chances?
    17. Does the faith have its military arm?
    18. How does the faith fund itself?
      • Does it rely on the charity of its devotees?
      • Does it collect a fee from its devotees?
    19. How rich is the faith?
    20. Bearing the above in mind, is the faith prone to corruption?
    21. In the event of corruption, how will it impact society?
    22. Is the faith being sanctioned (positively or negatively) by any form of authority?
    23. How does society perceive devotees of the faith?
    24. What are stereotypes associated with devotees of the faith?
      • E.G. What are some derogatory labels that a devotee of the faith may see/
    25. What influence does the faith have on the arts?
      • Does it require that its insignia/emblem/symbol be featured in craft pieces?
      • Is there a distinct musical style/genre associated with the faith?
    26. In relation to Question 23, does the faith have any influence on architectural styles?
      • E.G. Are symbols of the faith in architecture restricted to places of worship, or does it feature in most buildings?
    27. In the case the world has magic, what is the faith's stance on magic?
    28. In the case the world has magic, does believers of the faith practice magic?
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  6. Spells:

    0-Which is it name?
    1- Is it element based? If yes, on which?
    2- How antique is it?
    3- Does it needs words to be casted? If yes, which?
    4- Which is it main purpouse?
    5- Who created it?
    6- Is the creator minded to teach it? If yes, in a school? Or to his own pupil?
    7- From where it comes? (Hell? Void? Heaven? Any country?)
    8- Is an specific item needed to cast the spell? If yes, which?
    9- Is it part of a serie of spells? If yes, which?
    10- How does it work?
    11-Which is the story of this spell and it's creation?
    12- Are there any restrictions about the use of this spell? If yes, which?
    13-Is it prohibited the use of this spell? If yes, why?
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  7. A few more things for the list that I don't see, but can't think of good questions for:

    • Holidays/Celebrations
    • Morality
    • Classes/Castes
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  8. Swamps, perhaps? For the Biology part of world building I have a few ones we could go off of as general templates:
    Fel [Demonic]
    Ethereal [Celestial/Heavenly]
    If those work at all. XD
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  9. Been a crazy week on this end, folks! I'll be template-izing the Forest and Space Station templates and opening Islands and Airborne Vehicles for questions tomorrow, so get your questions ready!
  10. I can cover:

    -Half-animal types

    I can do more when life gets less hectic.
  11. What do you mean by 'cover'? O.o
  12. I think it'd be neat to see something involving medicine?

    For example, futuristic/sci-fi plots tend to have "here's a shot, your arm will grow back in a week", or fully-functional android limbs that work like regular hands and feet but without skin and bone

    Maybe some questions like:
    • How does [the world] cure bacterial infections?
      • antibacterial shots? (modern strategy, simple and cheap)
      • antibacterial tablets/pills?
      • antibacterial patch? does it seep into the bloodstream?
      • antibacterial gel? does it seep into the bloodstream, or work more like vics vapor rub, where you're intended to inhale?
      • speaking of inhaling, what about a "steam room" with breathable antibacterial cleanse? (it would be a great fix for pneumonia patients, not to mention a very easy way to get the medicine into the bloodstream, also great for the pores)
      • salts that still disinfect without causing pain? (my grasp on chemistry is novice, but basically salts that don't raise the concentration of ions, if possible)
      • antibacterial food? there are certain foods that can help fight bacteria, but say there was a meal plan your doctor could prescribe for more general, or specific, infections?
      • a liquid antibacterial substance that you can just ingest? easier to swallow than a pill and maybe has flavoring?
      • Say the infection is a disease
        • E. coli/salmonella
          • salmonella normally goes away after a time, but can cause dehydration (so...)
          • what about something you can ingest that completely flushes your digestive system? you would absolutely need water, but you wouldn't have to worry about dehydrating over a period of many days
    There are still viruses to consider, not to mention everyone's favourite, cellular regeneration

    It would be great to have a template based on medicine with futuristic/sci-fi elements!
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  13. I can do templates for them, figure of speech
  14. Like, you can help with conpiling the questions? They're all kind of group projects lol
  15. Yeah, whatever I can do to help
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  16. We're close to being able to launch the next set of templates! I feel like we need more detail for the Ultra templates of Islands and Space Stations, although Spells is pretty good for what it is (it can only be so specific without becoming 'magic systems') and is being formatted at the moment.

    @LogicfromLogic if you still want to help, you could submit more questions to those two! Links in the OP
  17. Yes yes! Sorry about that been super busy as of late
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  18. Festivals/Holidays:

    • Who celebrates the holiday?
    • Why?
    • Who doesn't agree with the holiday?
    • Why not?
    • What does the holiday celebrate or promote?
    • What events led to the creation of the holiday?
    • What practices are followed during the holiday? Fasting? Feasting? Praying?
    • What events are held during the holiday?
    • Does one celebrate a holiday alone, with friends, family or even the whole community?
    • Is it a solemn event? Or a loud, joyous one?
    • Is it religious, political or cultural or a mix?
    • What important figures arose because of these celebrations, such as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?
    • How long does the holiday last? A day? A week?
    • Do people prepare heavily long before the holiday arrives? Or do they just forget about it until it comes?
  19. Name of Animal:
    Scientific Name:
    When was this creature discovered?
    What does their diet look like?
    Are they hunter for some kind of wealth?
    Describe what they look like:
    Unique Traits:
  20. Genre:Fantasy- Kingdom

    (I'll throw in some random things in it.. i think?~)

    Name of Kingdom:
    Current King:
    Current Heir of Throne:
    Generations of Kings has been appointed:
    Name of Kingdom's current Religion:
    Kingdom's Ideology:
    Total Population (roughly, currently):
    Population Class Rate:(<---change it into something else, it's like there's the society tier such King>Enoch>General>high merchant>soldier>middle rate class>lower class>slaves)
    Current Area Conquered (if it's a weak kingdom, Kingdom's was ruled by ____ Kingdom:
    Kingdom's Emblem/ Kingdom's color representative:
    Majority Race: (Ex/ Elf, Dark Elf, Dyrad, Manteke, Orc, etc)
    Minority Race:
    Population's Job Majority (The most job that people work):(Ex/ Baker, Adventurer anything apart from the kingdom's imperial system such as soldier or enoch)
    Population's Job Minority (The least job that people work):
    Kingdom's total area (Km2):
    Kingdom's Currency:
    Kingdom's current financial status:
    Kingdom's current Allies:
    Kingdom's current Enemies:
    Birth rate:
    Death rate:
    Race Breed Rate: (ex/ 1/2 Minotaur Human 20% Half Alv 30% 1/3 Dyrad Human Dragon 10% Other 40%)
    State of Origin (History of history):
    Kingdom's specialties: (Ex/ Militaries - State how the military can get to become the kingdom's specialties)
    Kingdom's Weakness: (Ex/ Low food stocks)do the same thing as above____^^
    Facilities: (well you can describe each of the facilities such as Bakery, Blacksmith, and sort of) (ex/ Blacksmith- Most prized weapons)
    Kingdom's Wanted List: (Mercenary or any thief big or small)
    Kingdom's Main Ingredient: (Such as the main things to make their food or equipment, it's like the base thing that they need. Note: so it's like Food- Apple, Equipment- Iron.)
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