Worldbuilding Templates Project: Firearms (Compiling)

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  1. Firearms! Guns, laser pistols, RPG guns, missile launchers! Any kind of ranged weapon powered by something other than human strength/gravity (so mechanized, long range weapons; not bows and arrows, slingshots, etc) is what we're compiling here!

    think about your favourite firearms from any medium, and ask questions to help us make templates for our own firearm weapons!
  2. Domain is blocked. We really prefer questions about the topic in this project rather than articles/resources, though you're welcome to post helpful resources separately (eg: in a new thread) :)

    See, what we're doing here is essentially compiling questions to make a big questionnaire/interview/quiz about original firearms. When it's done, people will be able to fill it out and it will help to create their own!
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  3. A couple refs:

    Hmmm, questions. Well, given the above ref about Civil War-era firearms:

    Is your weapon a single-shot or a repeater?

    Is it a muzzle-loader or a breach-loader?

    Flint, cap lock or paper/self-contained metalic cartridge?

    If a breach-loader, bolt, lever, trap-door, falling-block... or some other mechanical means of opening the breach to load?

    If a repeater, box, tube, or what other type of ammo feeding system?

    Were is said feeding system located? Under the barrel, over the barrel, in front of the action (ahead of the trigger), behind the action (rearward of the trigger)? Above the action? Permanently attached (stripper clip) or detachable (box)?

    Materials? Iron, steel... brass... aluminum... titanium... carbon-fiber... wood?

    Sighting system? Open sites, blade or aperture or...? Scope? Laser?

    Yeah, putting in some modern stuff, but I think you get the drift. Can't think of further questions at the moment.

    Oh, video:

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  4. What does it fire?

    What force propels the shot?

    Is it automatic? semi-automatic?

    Is it computerised at all? What kind of interface is the computer equipped with?

    What do the shots look like?

    What, if any, kind of targeting/aiming device is it equipped with?

    How loud are the shots?

    How long is the barrel?

    How ornate/decorative is it?

    What kind of range does it have?

    What kind of spread does it have?

    Can it use multiple kinds of ammo?
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  5. Hmm, these questions are good, but the only ones I can think of is:

    What time period is this weapon made in?
    Was the materials specially treated for the task? (Polished lumber, polished metal)
    How long did it take to manufacture this weapon?
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  6. Ooh! You gave me ideas for more!

    How wide is the barrel?

    Are different parts made of different materials?

    What material makes up each part?

    How was it put together?

    Describe the firing process

    Where does one procure ammo for this weapon?

    Can this weapon be easily home-made?

    How much does it weigh?
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  7. What is this firearm typically used for?
    Is this firearm standard equipment for any job?
    How dangerous us a shot from this weapon?
    How do you reload this weapon?
    How common is this weapon?
    Is there anything this weapon would be a terrible choice for?
    What are the faults/weaknesses of this weapon?
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  8. Can someone make cheaper shells for this gun? Why or why not? Will it still be effective, to what if so?

    What kind of ammunition does this gun use? (Ie, Slugs, Buckshot, Shrapnel, Dragon fire, Rocket, Hollow point, Exploding, etc...)
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  9. Are there any security systems on the weapon to prevent improper use? If so which?
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