Worldbuilding Templates Project: Castles (Compiling)

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  1. Castles! Envy of peasants, home of kings, castles are defined as any large building or group of buildings fortified by walls (the fortification is what differentiates a castle from a mansion). Many stories in the medieval ages, or which involve royalty of any kind, will take place at least partly in a castle, so ask lots of questions about castles to help build a template to design your own with!

    I find it helps to think of castles in real life and in fiction, note specifics about them, and work backward from there to generate questions. ie: A castle in Europe = What country is the castle in?

    Bring on the questions!
  2. What are the materials the castle is made of? (Stone, lumber, mud, etc...)
    Who and what lives in the castle?
    How many reside in the castle?
    What language does the inhabitants speak?
    Does the castle have an importance to the people around it historically?
    How high are the walls?
    How many traps or other defenses are there?
    Are there secret entrances or exits to the castle?
    Does it hold a barracks, and if so, how many militia does it hold?
    Where is the store room for lumber as opposed to the storage room for food?
    Does this castle have an armory?
    Does this castle have a fancy floor system in every room, or just the ground floors? (Marble floors with cool patterns)
    Where does the master of the castle sleep?
    Is the castle enchanted, if so, what enchantment?
    Where is the castle, and is it in a good location? (location is important in defenses)
    What floor do the servants sleep in?
    Does the castle represent anything to the inhabitants other then protection?
    If it did get besieged, does the master of the castle have a plan for such the occasion?
    Does this castle have any counter siege weapons like trebuchet of its own?
    How many rooms are inside of the castle?
    What kind of furnishings are common inside the castle?
    Has the castle survived any sieges, and if so, are there still reminders? (Marks of fire on the walls, arrows in the walls, etc...)
    Is there a farm inside the castle walls?
    How big is the castle relatively to other castles?
    Is the castle on earth, if not, where is it?
    Is the castle a part of "Holy" ground?
    Are the inhabitants of the castle happy?
    Can the inhabitants normally use magic?
    Are the walls made of the same materials the castle is, if not, how is it different?
    Is there a prison tower?
    Is there a moat?

    That is all the questions I could think of, sorry.
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  3. Does this castle house a temple/church?

    If so, how big is it? What religion does it follow? Who is allowed into the temple.
    Is the castle there to protect the temple, if so why.

    What style of castle is this.(cliff castle. palace, fortress. Ect.)

    Does this castle have it's own fresh water source or no??? how does this castle get it's water.
    does it have its own aquaduct?

    (ill think of more. I hope. sorry if these questions have already been covered)
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  4. What is the main source of light?
    Oil lamps or torches?

    Is there a barrack in the walls or is the army else where?
    How big of a forge is there, or are the armament and ironworks brought in from outside?

    What about livestock?
    The stables?

    Can the gates withstand a ballista or a battering ram?
    Do the sentries have a specific post or do them move along the walls?
    How many sentries are garrisoned at each post?
    Are the catapults and such in the castle?
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  5. For the biggest question of all that helps decide alot of these is; what race occupies the castle? Human, Elven, Dwarf, Orc, Mages, ect.?
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  6. Where is the treasury if there is one?
    Is there a system in place to regularly switch out the staff if there is enough? (Such as a work schedule)
    Is there a school inside the castle? What does it teach if there is one?
    How thick are the walls?
    Is there a gate, or is there a portcullis? Maybe both?
    Are there any decorations such as gargoyles lining the walls to help instill fear in the enemies? If so, are they actual gargoyles?
    How many walls are there between the inside of the castle and the outside of it?

    I cannot think of anymore at the moment, sorry.
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  7. Is the castle designed to withstand natural disaster like floods and earthquakes? If so how?

    Does the castle have a defense against magic or the above question? If so how does it work.

    How far does this castle owners influence go?
    Are they known within their castle and small region around, or are they renowned far and wide....and why?
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  8. Are there more than one visible entrance to the castle?
    If there are, how are they made/set up to prevent intruders?
    During what era/social setting was the castle originally built? During peace? Golden age? During war?
    Has the castle been through any restorations? Been added onto at a later point?
    How many years/generations has it taken to build the castle?
    Was the materials from the region or especially imported? (Ex: Magical items, high quality stone)
    For what purpose was the castle built? Show of power? Protection? Celebration? Show of wealth?
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  9. If the castle is located near/on the side of a river/lake, does it have a dock/port?
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  10. What rules/security measures are there for entering/exiting the castle?
    Is there a dungeon?
    Where is it?
    Where is the throne room?
    Do staff live in the castle, or come in to work?
    Where are staff quarters?
    Where are animals housed?
    Where do the castle's owners sleep?
    Is the castle as a whole protected by a wall or barrier of some kind?
    Does it fly flags?
    Does it import most supplies or produce many within the castle itself?
  11. What methods of farming does the people being defended use? Crop rotation or otherwise?

    What kinds of food are farmed? Are the livestock allowed inside the castle?

    What kind of a menu would the king have, or would he be given a feast whether he wanted it or not?

    Are public executions a thing here? What reasons are there if yes?
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  12. Is there an egress passage from the castle for emergencies?

    Is there a meat storage room?

    What are the furnishings and decorations like? New and extravagant? Barbaric? Old and tattered?

    Is the castle haunted?

    Does the castle have any legends or mysteries tied to it?

    Are there death rooms designed into the castle for intruders? Other traps?

    How well upkept is the castle?

    Is there a library?

    Is there a barracks?

    Is the castle in the middle of a city?

    Is the castle in the middle of a lake?
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