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  1. Deep in the year of 2014, I had an idea for a resource for all world builders. This idea was about creating templates or Questionnaire sheets for you to fill out when needed. At the time of this proposal, I was not staff and my friend Minibit was. They offered to help me with it and did an amazing job with the templates that have already been made. You can find some of them here:

    Space Stations

    Unfortunately, it seems Minibit has retired to a "gray username" which means they are no longer actively posting on the site at this time. So, I would like to take the idea I blossomed and with your help create an endless index for world builders to use when they have no ideas. These templates will be designed in three different styles:

    Basic - For on the go world building.
    Moderate - For a little more detail
    Complex - Every single detail you can think of.

    Each Template will have a theme that the questions are based off of. This is where you come in! What do you want to world build the most? What topic would you want to explore more? Some examples include:

    Trade systems

    I want to hear Iwaku's opinion of what types of templates the Index should consist of. What areas of world building do you want help with? This project is a place for all world builders to come together and create a resource for future worlds to come! Let's explore new universes together through questions!
  2. EYYYYY I have a few, and can maybe even help compile some of the questions for ya.

    Cuisine (by dish or culture)
    Treaties and Documents
    Weapons (perhaps by tech level?)
    Character Dev (I think we have a few mega character sheets along this vein already, but I haven't taken a good long look at them, myself yet)
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  3. Thank you! These are awesome starts! For compiling questions for these templates I will post a separate thread in this forum for each theme. Probably only three threads a week, so we don 't spam it too much. ^.^ Since you're the first to poke your nose here, I'd love it if you could pick at least one of the first three themes we will do?
  4. HMMMM... Okey! I'd be happy to!

    Maybe the organization/corporation one? It's the one I was desperately looking to find a day or two ago. x)
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  5. Oh, speaking of, I did snag something Minibit put together and added a few sections based on another thing that Storm put together. It's the second post here.
  6. Here is the compiler thread for Organizations | Corporations:
    Click me!
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  7. I'm wanting to create a world of an MMORPG style. It would be my first time and I could really use the help! I'm feeling highly motivated today and could use the help coming up with aspects

    I already have the "Jobs" or "Classes" as most would say! But I'm in need of help with the storyline, monster development, magic ability for the arcane users, ecosystem, culture, trade system and perhaps a form of religion! But I have a slight idea for the religion it has a deity it will be based off of that I came up with.
  8. So what kind of templates would be beneficial for you with your idea? ^.^ Are you looking for questions to help you shape your roleplay?
  9. Well atm my idea is a bit abstract and only has a few parts thoroughly thought out.

    The religion is based around a Goddess named Aurora who is supposed to be the Guardian and Essence of the world in Aegis Online. I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate her disappearing in Aegis Online which causes the world to go into chaos. With the idea it's supposed to be a slight adaptation to SAO & Log Horizon in that the characters get stuck "In The Game" which becomes otherwise 'more realistic' in such a way that the inhabitants are no longer NPC's and more like living breathing people with regular lives.

    For the monster development I need a list of different creatures of like mythology, you know dragons, minotaurs and other normal creatures like wolves and rabbits of different levels and attributes and what not. I was thinking the trade system would be like a free market system in which vendors set up shops and sell off the street or in shops and the prices can be haggled for goods. I also need a name for the currency. Oh and I would like a photo for each thing in an anime-esque style though the monster stats and abilities don't need to be in the photos just a photo of what the creatures look like.
  10. This thread is for requesting templates for certain things. Templates are just a list of questions that you fill out that help stir inspiration. From what I understand of your request; you want someone to collaborate and possibly Co-GM your roleplay? I feel like your request would be better as it's own thread in the "building worlds" forum. If you have themes you want a template on, I am happy to help you there. However, your request seems very extensive and not something this thread is for.
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  11. Oh alright and yes I want to do a collaboration of multiple co-gms to make an extensive detailed world. As for the help, since I'm new at world building I could use help with rules and guidelines to make it organized. I don't know what sort of rules to do for it, have any ideas?
  12. Basically; you want a template for creating a rules and guidelines for your roleplay? I would be glad to do that. However, I am not available to collaborate on other people's projects at this time and help them build their world. Just so we are clear. ^.^
  13. I'm not experienced in world building at all but here's an idea I'd love someone to pick off the ground:

    - Mecha
    - Space
    - Androids
    - Futuristic
    - Military/Government