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The chosen one is dead, yes, it's true. We all thought that Harry Potter had stopped Voldemort ages ago; we thought we could sleep sound at night knowing evil had been driven from this world, but we were wrong. I didn't even know the Death Eaters were still around, let alone how they got ahold of such an old and powerful magic. Secretly, they used that magic to bring Voldemort and his army back from the grave. After that, it didn't take long for everything to fall apart.

Using the element of surprise, Voldemort and his army swiftly sought out Harry Potter and slaughtered him in cold blood...right in front of his family. I couldn't imagine the kind of slow and painful death he must have endured at the Dark Lord's hand. Once Harry had been killed, they moved on to the rest of his family, then on to The Order of the Phoenix; one by one, hunting down and killing the other members of The Order who had helped Potter before.

Once all immediate threats were dealt with, Voldemort set his sights on the Ministry. He wanted complete control of our world, and it didn't take long for him to get it. Minister Fudge quickly gave up control without much of a struggle. Consequently, Death Eaters rose to positions of power, and Mudbloods were hunted down and killed for sport. Voldemort's true goal was to follow his predecessors footsteps and eliminate all Mudbloods from his perfect pureblood world. This is where our story begins.

It is now 25 years into Voldemort's reign as Minister of Magic. Poverty, crime, and disease run rampant through the entire land. All citizens are forced to obey him; those stupid enough to stand against him being killed in horrendous ways. All purebloods are allowed to live their pitiful lives without worry of oppression while the mudbloods are forced to a life of secrecy and shadow. For those few unlucky Mudbloods that are captured, Voldemort doesn't handle them like you would think. Instead of killing them, he gives them a chance for salvation.

Every year, he gathers up 28 Mudbloods that he deems worthy and throws them in an arena together to compete for a small assortment of prizes. The rules for this competition are simple. Rule #1: The last one standing wins. Rule #2: There are no other rules. One by one, the tributes brutally kill one another all in an effort to win Voldemort's favor and rewards. The first reward is complete and total safety from execution or prosecution. The other prize is one wish that will be granted upon victory. A worthy sacrifice for a worthy prize I suppose...This year, I am one of the participants. My name is Daniel Bane, and I'm contestant #13 in the Mudblood Games.
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