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This is a roleplay taking place in the U.S. in the same universe as digimon, you are to create your own people and what digimon they are partnered with (don't create or change digimon, a colour change is fine as it simply makes them unique, but don't go farther then a colour swap) The character that I will play as has a special quirk about him making him unique. Please submit Character submissions before joining in the story. Do note that if your person is a tamer then you will most likely be also playing the role of their digimon as well. Unless someone has agreed to take that role for you

Submit a Character with some details about that character before joining.
There is not to be any explicit language or actions, romance is completely fine.
Try not to deviate too far from the plot. There can be times when you can have a filler moment to better express your character, however there is a time and a place for everything.

My Character is male
15 years old
Has light blue eyes
Is about 5' 11"
Name/ goes by : Jake
He grew up in the Human world.
He can change into a white and blue coloured renamon as well a digivolve (as time goes on). He keeps his ability private so no one knows but him. He still has extremely heightened senses and agility when not in his digimon form, however it is far less potent then when he is in his digimon form
My character's ability to switch forms changes from periodically, to on command. He is capable of digivolution on his own (to higher stages as the story progresses) he also pretends to be his own digimon (once he can control it)
This character is set to be a plot driving character.
In order to have a character with a major quirk (like this one) please submit your character and reasons as to why it should be in the rp as well as how it would fit in and drive plot.
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