World War Z (W.W.Z)

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  1. The year is 2029, The infection has taken over 75% of our worlds population. The struggle to survive is harder than most people think, Food supply is at a world low, There is not much live stalk now so you must make anything work. There is so many blood thirsty Hell Spawn down in the streets so stay high or hid underground because well, Thats the best way to survive. Its all up to you friend, Become a bandit and kill every one for supply of food or water or look for friends. [no godmode] If you do end up dead remake your person.

  2. a boy of 18 years old stumbles though and empty basement vault where he has been hiding from the monsters above
  3. Zeke- 23 year old man whispers hopeing to god it isnt a monster "Hello who's there"? the whisper shutters through the darkness
  4. "who is that are you friendly " replies the boy as he readies for the worst that might come .
  5. three doors from zeek and the other guy was a bank .. chris had stocked up on water and canned food. one would he wa lost a bank vault ... but he made a back door in the foundation leading to the sub way. he had been there almost since the outbreak living hiding... on the run ... almost no human contactexcept for a few dead. he rekilled he was armed with military grade guns from the bank... 2 shotguns and shells and 4 machine guns silenced with many extra mags ... he thought today would be the day he moved... opefully he saw someone... he went up to the surface and looked out. the bank was on the corner the cost clear very low movement. he set out looking house to house he approached the third one.
  6. Summer has been in this basement for a while now. She knew Dom was there but there was a new voice. "Hello? Who are you?! I have a scythe and I'm not afraid to kill thieves!" She held her scythe tight and gets in a fighting stance.
  7. ?! I have a scythe and I'm not afraid to kill thieves!" is herd as he steps in the door.. behind him from where he came he sees the creatures moving.. could they smell him .. he pours bleach on the ground infront of the door to mask the smell. .......... hhe hads to where the voice sounded from a open basemen door.. he waits to see if they are alive holding a shotgun up.../ down the stairs
  8. Glitch opens the cellar door of a house and walks down, holding a knife. He speaks quietly. " anyone here...?" He holds a knife like a life line.
  9. (hey glitch are you talking about the celler that the others are in.. cause im at the top of the stairs ..)

    chris stands and watches waiting for the person to speak again
  10. (yes he is, but he is at an outside cellar door. Some houses have that still, right?)
    He continues down the stairs, stumbling a bit and supporting himself with the wall "I need... help. Water.... anything. I'll take dirty water, even."
  11. the boy comes out armed with a shotgun slung over his shoulder and a knife and approaches Zeke and says "hi im Joe ive been hidden down here for weeks do you need any food or water i have lodes in side the others that were in here with left a couple of weeks ago "
  12. Summer walks up to Joe and pushes him back into the basement. "Hi. I'm Summer and that guy was going to kill you!" She says excited with a grin. "Now I have to kill him in order for us to survive! Come on in. Don't worry, I don't bite unless your going to hurt me or my friend down there." She smiles sweetly to Glitch.
  13. Joe gets back out of the cellar and has a crowbar in his hand and yells to summer "hey look what i found a crow bar wow this is like half life "
  14. Summer hold her scythe tight and gets back into her fighting stance. "Go now or die!"
  15. Joe leaves armed with the crowbar and a shot gun in a hazmat suit
  16. I wont hurt anyone. I prefer not to." He turns on his torch. The bright light fills the room. You can see him better now. He is tall and looks malnourished. His soft blue eyes look tired. He wears a leather jacket from the airforce, paintball gloves, and a pair of steel toed work boots. He carries a jackknife in his boot, a baseball back with a bat, and a hand gun. In the bag is survival supplies (minus water.) He has matches, flammable sprays, baseballs, etc.
  17. Joe returns to the basement and hour later to hid with more ammo and a submachine gun he found in a police station
  18. after hearing the voices I step down the stairs " hello im friendly.. ive been alone for a while... " it would be hard to tell he was friendly due to him being so muscular and having a block head.. his gun aimed at the three standing... it was mostly at their feet but it was in their direction...