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World War Two

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by KAWASUMI ( its Puff ), Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. It’s 1942 and D-Day for the American troops heading to the pacific Islands. All the men are on their boats singing away with not a care in the world. There was a Marin Platoon on the deck out of sight talking to each other about what was to come. They all had different opinions one thought that they were going to have an easy time like the brass said. Some of the others thought that they would be there a bit longer than they thought. Than the rest well all of them keep saying they weren’t ever going to make it back. Because they would have to take the Jap’s at their home. But all these were speculations. Because all these young men were fresh out of training camp all green horns to the guys who had served during the First World War. But all those guys keep saying this would be a cake walk and would have nothing to fear. What they all didn’t know was that they were going to head to a bloody battle at Guadalcanal. Then they still had even worse place to go yet.

    I'm looking for 4 to 16 people I really don't see this getting more than 8 but you never know. but with this role play its going to be my first time doing an action one so id like it to if the people who join me help me out a little on the way to. if you would like to join post it up here along with a character sheet. and I hope you guys don't mind but some of your guys including myself might get killed off. but don't worry you can make a new person if you so do diseare to stay in.

    but with this rp we will be following a random or new platoon that was doing black op missions we will storm the beaches with everyone else but when we get all our men rounded up we will go out and do our missions that we are assigned.
  2. color me interested

    CS parameters?
  3. Sounds pretty interesting to me. I'm in.
Thread Status:
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