World War Two roleplay.. kinda?



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I've had a concept bouncing around in my head for quite some time to say the least!

I'm looking for someone literate ( able to post at least seven sentences each time ) to roleplay with.

It won't be entirely historically accurate, and the roleplay will involve violence, blood, a bit of gore.. though eventual romance I'd imagine and adventure.

The scene would be in the country of Poland, the Germans just rolled through the city of Lodz and have deployed small groups of ground forces to help contain and suppress a rebellion. Three days into it, the scattered resistance throughout the city continues to put up heavy casualties for the German army, more forces are deployed.

I'd like to play as one of the Polish rebels. Perhaps wounding and eventually capturing a German soldier, only finding herself unable to kill him or her.

I need someone to obviously play the German soldier. Eventually I'd like to imagine him escaping, and perhaps coming back to help her get out of the city before things get really bad.

Post here or PM me if you're interested!

I will be playing a female, however I'm comfortable with my partner playing either.

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I am definitely game for this! That is if you would have me.