World War Three



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The year is 2020

Everything is basically the same, aside from a few advancements in militaristic technology. This includes robotic suit that can be controlled from the inside.

However, these advancements weren't as good as you may think. 

The U.S was strongly criticized for their advancements. Rumors roamed around the U.N that the Americans were planning an attack against another country. Eventually, the diplomatic talks weren't enough to keep things under control. China and the U.S isolated themselves, soon becoming allies. 

Eventually, American troops began a small offensive on British territories, the very first sign of aggression. 

Allies did not hesitate and soon the world found itself enveloped in another World War. World War Three.

Civillians in major cities across the world found themselves fearing for their lives. No one was safe. Rioting broke out. Looters surfaced, breaking into stores and taking whatever they could. People not only feared bombings, but they were fearing their own neighbors. These cities were submerged in chaos, the government only spared a few troops to go in and try to calm the people.

Bombs were dropping almost constantly. Soon, civillians began shipping their children off, like in the other World Wars, to small towns in the country-side. 

Needless to say, in 2025, five years after the first attack on Britain, every country is looking for a quick and easy way out of the war. 

The worst part? Countries are sending out spies. 

Everyone's greatest fear is that another country will be developing a weapon of mass destruction, much like the Atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With the technology of these years, who knows what the other countries are planning. 

~Character Sheets~


City, Country:

Country*- Preferably United States or China (If you want to be from a different country, ask or PM me :) )
Military*- What I mean is: Navy, Army, Air Force, Special OPs, Robos (Military unit that wears the robotic suits, preferably only five of these), etc.

Any other questions, feel free to ask :) 
Name: Mina Gonzalez
Age: 24
Country: North America

Specialty: Combat, scouting
Inventory: M4 Carbine, silencer, (forgot what that gun was called, but it's a S&W, I like teh S&W), binoculars w/night vision
Military: Army
History: Born into a military family, with a mother and father who had both been in the Army. Her older brother joined the Air Force.
Name: Staff Serg. Graham Aker
Age: 25
Country: United States

Specialty: Flying, Robosuit Piloting.
Items he carries: L I T L E Pistol:

Items inside of his Transrobotic: First Aid kit, Katana, Radio
History: Rebel turned Trans-robotic pilot during 3rd year of war. For the past seven years he was trained in the elite art of piloting.
Transrobotic: A robosuit that has the ability to morph into a full-fledged Stratospher Capable fighter jet.

Which side is Australia on...Australia has loyalty to both USA and UK so they could go either way.
It's US+China v.s Just about everyone else, so Australia would most likely be on the U.K's side :)
Name:He Chi Long
Age: 24
Country*: Vietnam
Specialty: Assault, guerrilla warfare.
Inventory: Any weapon that he is required to use.
Military*: Army
History:He Chi was born onto a small, poor family that could barely survive off the rice they grew. When He Chi Long was old enough, he joined the Vietnamese army. Due to Chinese occupation of nearly all of Vietnam, he has joined the biggest resistance group in the north of vietnam.
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Name: Lindy Graze

Age: 23

Country: North America


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Specialty: Stealth, assassination, tracking

Inventory: Sniper Rifle, combat knife, 10mm pistol

Military: Spec Ops

History: After her parent's death when she was very young, she was raised by her grandfather in the wilderness of the northern United States. While growing up, she learned how to hunt the various wildlife that lived in the area while remaining unseen and in any kind of conditions, such as time of day or weather. When she was old enough, she made the decision to put her skills to use and joined the army. She was later assigned to Spec Ops.
Name: Sarah Shift (Jinx Stain)


Country: United Kingdom



Specialty: Marksman, martial arts and stealth.

Inventory: Sniper rifel and five knives that she caries on her belt.

Military: Undercover spy from the UK that works in the USA army

History: Sarah Shift (Her real name) was born in the UK, from a little girl her parents trained, they were in the military. But when the war started her parents were killed and she entered the UK's military as a spy, she was trained in martial arts, marksman and other stuff. She was then send in the USA military undercover as Jinx Stain, she now works in the USA army and is sending information for there weapons, armor and other stuff to the UK.
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Name: Archer J. Williams

Age: 26

Country*: North America


Specialty: Stealth, Explosives, VMAG- Pilot


MB-R Assault Rifle

HUD Equipment

Suit Active Camo

Shoulder Mounted Rocket Launcher


The VMAG, is one of a kind suit made as a secret weapon when needed. It was made to make the best soldier into the ultimate soldier. It enhances strength, speed, reflexes, brain capacity, and physical endurance. It has several accessories of shoulder thrusters for flight, self deployed EMP, motion tracker, and an over-shield for maximum protection. The suit was built to be almost skin tight, so it fits the user perfectly. Being the only suit in creation and Archer being it's only pilot, the suit only recognizes Archer's shape and identification of voice activation.

Military*: Advanced Special Ops

History: Archer was born and raised to fight for himself and his family. His father past on when he was younger, leaving him, his mother, and his sister to live without him. Archer eventually brought his family back to their feet, but was soon taken from home by law to fight in the war. He received the highest amount of training and the greatest of respect from his trainers and piers, making him the strong silent type.
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